3rd World Foreigners NOT Likely To Start A Real Business

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by Ricardo Duchesne


  Robin V. Sears (photo) — an NDP strategist for 20 years — says in an article pasted in Century Initiative, without offering any evidence, that

newcomers (Foreigners) arrive with ambition, creativity, and a hunger to succeed, that far outstrips most of the rest of us.

Sears is supposed to be a friend of Canadian workers. Some might say he is a cuckolded White male who wallows in false claims to the point of self-deception. He is not alone: the entire Canadian establishment enjoys mocking their own workers while praising foreign workers.

You can be sure no elite member in the non-Western world, in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, you name it — would trash their own citizens this way.

This backstabbing claim is inscribed into Century Initiative as a statement of beliefs intended to persuade Indigenous Eurocanadians that they should be glad immigrants with superior skills and higher racial qualities are taking charge of their nation.

Entry-level jobs once reserved for Canadian teenagers — not for imported Foreigners!

According to Century Initiative:

Immigrants to Canada are more likely to start and own businesses than those born in Canada.

CI does not offer any evidence, nor any study validating this claim. As a fair-minded person, however, I will bring up the most recent and most lauded study by StatsCan making this claim. This study, Immigration, Business Ownership and Employment in Canada, was released in 2016, authored by David Green, Huju Liu, Yuri Ostrovsky and Garnett Picot (Statistics Canada: Analytical Studies Branch Research Paper Series, March 2016).

This study was celebrated by our lying press with gusto. Global News thus announced on March 2016:

Immigrants more likely to start businesses than the Canadian-born: study.

CBC News:

At creating new businesses, immigrants outpace Canadian-born people, StatsCan finds

What The Data REALLY Says About Immigrant “Businesses”

I will demonstrate below that the data in this study actually says something substantially different from what the media want us to believe, and what the authors of this study would have liked the data to say.  >>con’t to FULL ARTICLE


Canadian Nationalist Party

Canada, Politics, White People

by Donald Doucette

I  would like to introduce Travis Patron the founder/ leader of the Canadian Nationalist Party.

Travis Patron

Born in Redvers, Saskatchewan Mr. Patron studied at the University of Saskatchewan where he earned a Bachelor of Commerce and Arts. At (age) 21 Mr. Patron cut his teeth into the crypto-currency world and founded his company Diginomics, which focuses on the once burgeoning and now booming crypto-currency market. At the age of 25, Travis founded the Canadian Nationalist Party which will be the topic of this interview.

Donald Doucette: What was the impetus for your founding of a nationalist party?

Travis Patron: I sensed there was a demand for a nationalist political narrative in Canada. I’ve always been one to challenge the status quo and I hate living by other people’s expectations, so it was a natural fit.

One of the biggest drivers for me was seeing how European Canadians have lost their sense of identity. Every other ethnic group promotes their interests and protects their traditions. European Canadians have been intimidated into thinking if they do the same …  it is somehow immoral.

I grew up in Saskatchewan. My entire childhood and early adult years were spent surrounded by people of the same lineage as me. When people of a different background would move into our communities, we would always welcome them. However, when I moved to Eastern Canada, and experienced Toronto and Montreal specifically, it became clear to me that this treatment was often a one-way street. Our culture, our laws, and our way of life have changed to appease (foreign) newcomers and they have no intention of returning the favor.   …con’t HERE.


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