CANADA – We Built It, THEY Destroy It

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Population by Race

WORLD Population: 7,500,000,000  (Only 8% White)




“The Pot Calling the Kettle Black”

Media Relations, Racial Diversity, Racial Minorities

The Ring of Fire Network

Oh, the irony! The folks above … complain about the folks below.

White House So WHITE: Photo of White House Interns Reveal Startling Lack of Diversity

[ELN Editor‘s Note: It was once referred to as meritocracy. You remember don’t you? Talent, intelligence, aptitude and abilities, and all that other stuff before political-correctness hijacked common sense and critical analyses.]


Clueless Commie Leftists Shut Down Faith Goldy On University Campus

Anti-White, Free Speech, Multi-Culti, Politics, Race, Racial Minorities, Red Pill / Blue Pill, White Genocide

August, 2017

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Down To 8%, But Worth Saving

World’s Smallest Racial Minority – Just 8%

Australia – If Not Broken, Don’t Fix It (Umm … too late!)

Australia, Black People, Immigration, Multi-Culti, Racial Minorities, White People




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Blacks LESS Intelligent?

Australia’s Imported African Violence Continues

Australia, Black People, Multi-Culti, Racial Minorities, White People

Original Porridge Pals was “murdered” by YouTube

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Professor Andrew Fraser WARNED us in 2005:
“Experience — practically everywhere in the World — tells us that an expanding BLACK population is a sure-fire recipe for increases in CRIME, VIOLENCE and a wide range of other SOCIAL PROBLEMS!”

Update: Feb. 28, 2018 >> This will NEVER end!!

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Australia Fails To Heed A Proven Trend

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Blacks LESS Intelligent

… and in CANADA 

Toronto Skyline
TORONTO, Ontario

 Importing Black Violence

Importing Jamaican “Culture”

German Feminist Regrets Migrant Decision – Relocating To Poland

Europe, Germany, Illegal Migration, Islam, Leftists, Racial Minorities, Red Pill / Blue Pill, Women Issues

Very Naïve, Gullible White Girls

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RAPE of Cologne, Germany (Over 1000 German Women Sexually Assaulted in 1 night!)

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Say “NO” To Foreign Invaders (CANADA)



No Time To Lose!

Britain, Multi-Culti, Racial Diversity, Racial Minorities, White People


[…] In recent years a little under 700,000 [babies] have been born in England and Wales each year. Of those, 436,000 (63%) were classified as White British in 2014 … 432,000 (62%) in 2015 … (and) 422,000 (60.6%) in 2016. (Now reduced to 59% White babies in 2017 – Editor)


Let me say that last one again in case you missed it – just 60.6% of the children born in England and Wales last year (2016)  were White British, down from well over 90% (98%?) when the thirdworld immigration began in 1948. (After Britain‘s 1000 years of White racial homogeneity – Editor)

Circa 1948

The decline — both in numbers and as a proportion of the whole — is startling and accelerating. I have seen these figures reported nowhere else, perhaps because they have to be dug out of the depths of the reports of the Office for National Statistics, and the O.N.S. does not draw attention to them.


The other unpalatable reality, and it is a bitter one, is that the White Britain for which so many have fought for so long … no longer exists. Most of our people have no memory of a Britain in which non-white ethnic minorities were an unwelcome novelty.

Early 1970s

Most now have non-white friends, colleagues and even relatives and cannot imagine a Britain from which they are absent. Even the Royal Family is soon to include a non-white relative as it does what it always does and bends to the times – do not imagine that the forthcoming Royal Wedding is just about “two young people in love”, it is what Royal Marriages always are; political. The very considerable abatement in recent decades of overt “racism” is not due solely to the great engines of state repression and media propaganda which have been brought to bear on popular attitudes; it is due at least as much to this process of familiarisation.

So do we give up? Of course not! The plight of our country and our folk outlined above demands that we redouble our efforts to forge a racially conscious and committed community of White British people dedicated, firstly, to saving our racial and cultural identity, and then to achieve what  must be our ultimate goal – an all White, all British Britain.  …cont to FULL ARTICLE

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Are Canadians Going To Confront These Anti-White Forces in 2018??

Canada, Free Speech, political correctness, Politics, Racial Diversity, Racial Minorities, Toronto, White Genocide, White People

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TOP Police Ranks

Choosing TORONTO’s Next Police Chief

Toronto POLICE – 1 BLACK Chief (foreign-born), 1 CHINESE Deputy-Chief (foreign-born), Two FEMALE Deputy-Chiefs (one a Lesbian) and ALL chosen on “meritocracy” … Race, Gender and Sexual orientation are just “coincidences”.
(4th Deputy-Chief a token White male not shown)

“First They Came To Remove Old, White Guy”

LOWER Police Ranks

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Police Surrender to Diversity

TORONTO Police Losing “Face”

White Males Need Not Apply

WHITE Woman Faces Job Discrimination

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