New Zealand Police – WHITE Men Need NOT Apply

Under New Ownership!

Diversity“…  settling for 2nd Best!
The New Zealand Police Brand
3 Minutes

 “SURRENDER, White Man … This is OUR country now!”

… and in Britain where British White men seem to be in short supply!
Cops, Cressida Dick Passing Out

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“First, They Came To Remove Old WHITE Guy”

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WHITE Males Need NOT Apply!

Police Surrender to Diversity


A Racial Program for the 20th Century

Man-Up To The Invasion

European Pioneers Built Canada and 3rd-World Peoples Reduce It to Sh*thole Status

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DID YOU KNOW the yearly COST of all immigrants residing in Canada is $35,000,000,000 (BILLION) …  or $95,890,000 (Million) PER DAY!?   (Source)

Thanks for all this FREE money, Canada.


TENS of THOUSANDS of 3rd-World FOREIGNERS Invade Canada Through the U.S.


“You help us, and we’ll help you out when we become medical doctors, smart lawyers, engineers, scientists, college professors, renowned philosophers, concert pianists, etc. BUT, that can only happen if you allow free passage into your racist, White nations filled to the brim with all your free welfare money. Is it a deal?”


Importing Jamaican “Culture”

Re-Colonizing CANADA

Multi-cultural Madness

Duped By Multiculturalism

Immigrants PROFIT From Gullible Canadians


Recipe For New “CANADIANS

“The Pot Calling the Kettle Black”

The Ring of Fire Network

Oh, the irony!
The White folks above (except one) … complain about the White folks below of being “too White“.

White House SO WHITE: Photo of White House Interns Reveal Startling Lack of Diversity

[ELN Editor‘s Note: It was once referred to as meritocracy. You remember don’t you? Talent, intelligence, aptitudeabilities, measured higher IQ and all that other stuff BEFORE “political-correctness” hijacked common sense and critical analyses.]


Clueless Commie Leftists Shut Down Faith Goldy On University Campus

August, 2017

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Down To 8%, But Worth Saving

World’s Smallest Racial Minority – Just 8%

Australia – If Not Broken, Don’t Fix It (Umm … too late?!)

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14 minutes

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