Are Canadians Going To Confront These Anti-White Forces in 2018??

Also read: TOP Police Ranks Choosing TORONTO's Next Police Chief Toronto POLICE - 1 BLACK Chief (foreign-born), 1 CHINESE Deputy-Chief (foreign-born), Two FEMALE Deputy-Chiefs (one a Lesbian) and ALL chosen on "meritocracy" ... Race, Gender and Sexual orientation are just "coincidences". (4th Deputy-Chief a token White male not shown) “First They Came To Remove Old,... Continue Reading →


I AM An Englishman

***** About 50 years ago ... British Parliamentarian ENOCH POWEL 1912 – 1998 Also read: Britain Destroys Itself With Multi-Racialism London Riots – 2011 ***** Enoch Powell Was Right! Canadian City Abhors "White Privilege"

Only In Canada, Eh!

"At least 90% of Syrians pretending to be "refugees" in Canada are on WELFARE, which includes about $600 per month for shelter, an additional $275 per adult, and $133 per child each month, ....." > (Do the math) PLUS Free health care, Free education, E.S.L., Free time, etc. (Just the "bare bones" of FREE stuff... Continue Reading →

Canada Abolishes Itself

CANADA's diminishing WHITE-majority population is down to 72% for 2017. That's a HUGE and unnatural reduction from our once-held 95% Majority-White in 1981. (Over 300,000 added FOREIGNERS take up residence in our nation ... EVERY YEAR.) The term "Visible-Minority" in Canadian parlance refers to NON-white people. Native Indians are EXCLUDED from this designation, and account... Continue Reading →

CANADA: No Country For WHITE Men

 "Surrender, Whitey ... This is OUR country now!" (Click centre-arrow to begin video) Also read: WHITE Males Need NOT Apply! ANTI-white Police Hiring White Woman Faces Job Discrimination Canadians DUPED On Multiculturalism Canadian City Abhors "White Privileges" ***** “Useful Idiots“ People Prefer Their OWN Race ***** ...a reminder of 97% Majority White CANADA in 1967... Continue Reading →

U.S. Fake News

From: Woodpile Report The Associated Press news service, as policy, does not specify the race of a perp(etrator) unless he's White. When there is no description at all, we're supposed to believe none is available, which has become something of a wink-wink in itself. Recently the AP used an inventive dodge, "police did not release... Continue Reading →

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