“The Road to Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions”

Immigrants Immediately Eligible for WELFARE … Displacing [American] seniors and the needy [Folks].

by Brendan Kirby

[The U.S. state of] Maine’s Somali community is adding more diversity to the state — and huge new costs … according to a top state official.

Maine’s huge number of refugees and asylum-seekers are heavy welfare users and are putting significant economic strain on the state, Health and Human Services Commissioner Mary Mayhew.

Speaking on “The Laura Ingraham Show,” Mayhew rejected an argument by a local media outlet that the state’s Somalia community could be Maine’s savior.  [LOL – ELN Editor]

“Overall, we have seen an increased burden to the infrastructure and the welfare programs in the face of other significant competing priorities for this state, especially related to our rapidly aging [AMERICAN] population, our [AMERICAN] elderly,” she said.

Maine has been a popular destination for refugees (“refugees” – editor) in recent years, mostly from Somalia and other African countries. [The cities of] Lewiston and Portland have taken the most, with Lewiston’s mayor recently speaking out about the fiscal impact on his city.  …con’t HERE.

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The same altruistic madness in EUROPE.


One American Woman’s Opinion On This Topic

Polish Citizens Against 3rd-World Invaders

Ordinary Polish citizens wanting to preserve their heritage and their culture in their OWN nation … what a marvelous new concept! (sarcasm)

Język polski Polish language with ENGLISH subtitles. (pause video to read)

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Over-rated “Hate” Crime

By Vanishing American II

‘Hate Crime’ in Canada

A mosque was set afire in Peterborough (Ontario) Canada.

A local Moslem spokesman says it is clearly a ‘hate crime.’

The way the media treat incidents like this … stands in sharp contrast to the way they treat incidents targeting the native populations of Western countries.

If Moslems do something violent, it is downplayed as being unrepresentative of ‘true Islam‘, only the act of a few ‘radical extremists’ or ‘fringe groups‘. Then we are told that we must not judge Islam or Moslems by the violent acts (which are ever more frequent, it seems) but by the supposed ‘peaceful majority‘ of Moslems — who seem rather elusive, to be honest.

Judging by the way the media treat incidents like this mosque fire — in which no people were harmed, by the way — one would be led to think that damaging a building is more shocking and heinous than what happened in Paris on Friday (Nov. 13/2015), an attack in which hundreds of human beings were killed or injured. I guess it all depends on who is doing what to whom, not on the actual nature of the ‘crime’ itself.

And, of course, the term ‘hate crime‘ is only ever applicable to acts carried out by White people. When the actors are not White, and especially if they are members of other protected groups (Moslems, non-heterosexuals, etc.), then the media warn against judging the group by the actions of certain individuals; the group as a whole is never indicted … as with White people. …con’t HERE.

A real hate crime (warning on the photo) is seen HERE.

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Are Canadian taxpayers prepared to pay Billion$ for a “feel-good” dose of altruism and impose these frightening realities on OUR towns and cities?? (click video)

Just Say “NO” To Foreign Invaders

Will Canada become an extension of Islamic EU and beyond?

By Richard Courtemanche

Dear Minister (John) McCallum,
(Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship)

You have been in politics for a long time. I trust you are a strong Canadian and very fond of our democracy and values, as most Canadians do.

You’re about to go to work to bring in 25,000 of the millions refugees(?) chaotically invading the EU. First, and although you must be well briefed by our security authorities, I want to stress that these “refugees” cannot be screened, not before December … not ever.

The EU (European Union) is likely doomed … and it`s coming here.

[Has DENMARK Learned A Lesson?]

As we should all understand what Islam has been up to, Canada hasn’t been immune to terrorism and radical ideologies as you know, and there could be significant threats emerging in a not-too-distant future. In spite of much advice by experts and prominent Muslim scholars, Western leaders have been unexplainably and shamefully pusillanimous by failing to take actions to stop an eventual caliphate. The EU is likely doomed and it`s coming here.

So, minister, will you be able to pick out the peacefully deserving “refugees” from the economic and possibly rambunctious, ungrateful and risky migrants? Some experts including Muslim elites have recommended a moratorium on Muslim immigration. Sounds drastic but certainly not inappropriate. It’s not the type of decision that Chamberlain would have made but Churchill could. After all, what better humanitarian deed by Canada than saving Christians from the massacre by Muslims. Otherwise, the whole endeavour is primarily a political exercise rather than genuine compassion. Unfortunately, I suspect that, like a loyal bureaucrat, you’re full speed ahead on quantity versus quality.

Compare to other nations, our financial and other benefits for immigrants and refugees have been excessively generous, not to mention incessant abuse and fraud which continue to be condoned by our financial Samaritans, when our (own) homeless, and many veterans get a trifle, and our health-care and social and educational, and other resources are stretched beyond limits. Canadian taxpayers deserve more respect.  …con’t HERE.

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Europe Is Destroying Itself

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Italians Fight Against Foreign Invaders

Beginning of An Italian Civil War Against Immigration

By Enza Ferreri

For once we have riots that are not by anti-white black protesters — to whose violence (in) Ferguson (Missouri, USA), among others, has accustomed us — but by indigenous Europeans defending their land against invaders.

In Rome, on the night of 10–11 November, a group of residents of the Tor Sapienza suburb living in public housing attempted to assault the local centre for refugees and asylum seekers incongruously named “Il sorriso” (The Smile), throwing stones and bottles and setting dumpsters on fire, amidst broken glass and screams of “We want to burn you”.

The reception centre houses over 40 youths — Gambians, Congolese, Ethiopians and other Africans, plus Afghans and Syrians — rescued from their boats crossing the Mediterranean.

The local residents have long been concerned about health and crime issues associated with Il sorriso and, after their complaints to the authorities went unheeded … they took matters into their own hands.

The tension” said Tommaso Ippoliti, president of the Tor Sapienza Committee, “is skyrocketing. For years this neighbourhood has been abandoned, you cannot go out at night, and lately assaults and thefts have increased. A few days ago a girl walking her dog was molested in the park in mid-afternoon. As a committee we distance ourselves from the violence of last night, but people are rightly exasperated. We demand more security.”

Police are scarce and the city has not responded to requests for more security and better controls of the migrant centres,” he added.

Burglaries, thefts from cars, physical attacks are of concern, but so is the deterioration of the area, including the poor lighting in the local park.

That’s why on 10 November about 150 people took to the streets for a spontaneous demonstration for “greater security in a neighbourhood overrun by immigrants,” and then the protest degenerated into incidents of urban warfare.

Subsequently, a rally of over 400 people representing more than a thousand local families was held on 11 November, leading to another protest outside the shelter. In the evening, 50 people launched cherry bombs, firecrackers and other objects — according to some witnesses even tear gas — against both the refugee centre and the police in riot gear permanently guarding the reception centre from the night before. Some cars were torched to stem the charge of the police aimed at dispersing the protesters. Two people, including a policeman, were taken to hospital with minor injuries.

Guests (foreign invaders) of the immigrant centre responded by throwing objects from their windows.

It was a spontaneous action of some exasperated residents. It is not a question of racism, we’re just tired, we can’t take it anymore. In recent days there have been muggings, attempted rape and burgled apartments”, Ippoliti explains. “We are not extremists.”

There are at least three reception centres in the area, and a great number of immigrant squats and Roma camps.   >>to full article: http://enzaferreri.blogspot.com/2014/12/beginning-of-italian-civil-war-against.html#ixzz3qlWLNTTH
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Italian Town EJECTS All Blacks

Italian Parents REVOLT Against “Diversity”


…so, What is CasaPound?

Mass Migrant Assault On Europe


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