Canadians – A Nation of DUPED Cowards

invade my country, accept our free welfare, beat up my children … BUT please, please — I BEG you not to call me a RACIST.

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Brampton Flyer denouncing replacement of European founding people


Europe’s Foreign Invaders Unopposed

Ezra Levant from Canada

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“Meanwhile in Canada, a dangerous mixture of pathological altruism combined with a dose of gullibility and naïveté are impelling ordinary Canadians to foolishly welcome 50,000  Syrian so-called “refugees” into our communities that will cost BILLION$ of tax dollars we can’t afford!”

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FINLAND “You Can’t Fix Stupid”

Finland’s Flag


By Lime Lite

Well … thank goodness the government-controlled YTE media group in FINLAND has finally decided to spill the beans on how women CAN STOP BEING RAPED! 

If only they’d released this video years ago, millions of women could have prevented this! You see … according to the video below, women only have to hold up their hands in a stop gesture. Or — even better — use two hands. And if they’re really genius — use a bag to fend off the attacker/s! Who knew it was this simple?? If only women had known …

You have to hand it to the Liberal media. They are THAT delusional that they think putting this cutesy video together is going to stop:

1. Finnish females from being targeted by Muslims and 3rd world NON-whites for rape;
2. And, subtly blame White Finnish males for the RAPE CRISIS by using a White male in the video.  Why not use a Muslim or a NON-white, you know … those (actually) responsible for RAPE in the country?

Firstly, I am no expert, but having women hold their arms out straight while making the stop sign, only allows the attacker to put a woman in a wrist-lock.

Secondly, the video fails to explain what a woman is supposed to do if she is tackled to the ground from behind, holding her down, instead of meekly grabbing her arm??

Now the reality! Real Life ATTACK in Italy.

Or what should a woman do if there’s a gang of men attacking her? Maybe that’s in the follow-up video, which is yet to be completed. After all, it can’t be easy having the Lefty media twits decide how best to instruct women to protect themselves from the same “refugees” and “immigrants” the media worship on a daily basis.

Reality is a b*tch.

I guess when you live on the Liberal planet known as Planet Cuckoo, all the criminals are nice people who are very respectful when they attack – as shown in the video. I mean, which other criminal, apart from those living on Planet Cuckoo would back off so sheepishly when a woman uses a ‘stop‘ gesture?

This video reminds me of the stupid Liberals in America suggesting that there should be signed “safe zone’s” all over, where women can run if they’re being attacked. Because, somehow, jumping into a marked ‘safe zone‘ stops an attack.

You can’t fix stupid. You can only point and laugh at it – loudly.   >Source

…plus, it gets even crazier!? (Update: April 2016)

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Sweden Lays Out Red Carpet For Foreigner Invaders

SWEDEN forced to hire luxury cruise liner with theatre, a gym and swimming pool to house 2,000 “REFUGEES” at a cost of £65,000 ($129,000 CDN) PER DAY!!



Have my berth ready … BEFORE I arrive, if you please“.


“Having a theatre sounds really nice. Those who are going to stay at the ship will probably have to do that for quite a bit of time while their applications are being processed. So they need every encouragement they can get.”    Swedish Migration Board

[…]  Willis Åberg, head of housing issues at the Swedish Migration Board, boasted that the organisation was ‘thinking outside the box’.


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Canadians Duped Again!

REVEALED: Liberals refugee rush didn’t help the most vulnerable

By Brian Lilley

That’s right. These so-called “refugees” were NOT  living in camps, or “living in squalor” as we had been told … and this was NOT about helping the “most vulnerable”.

If you’ve been following our coverage of this story, this should CONFIRM that the Liberal government do not know what they’re doing … other than rushing people (foreign migrants) through the door as fast as they can, then warehousing them in hotels at tremendous expense to Canadian taxpayers.

This Syrian “refugee” project has been a disaster from beginning to end … and this latest revelation that we’re not bringing in people from squalid camps, just gives more proof to what we’ve been saying all along – that this whole co$tly exerci$e was just a vanity project for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau … and a way to create future voters for his liberal party.  > Source     (Slightly edited for minor grammatical changes with added emphasis by ELN Editor)

Some selected comments:

commented:   Yes, this whole “Syrian refugee” debacle is a “vanity project” for that vainglorious peacock Emperor Justpoleon to show off as he struts across the world stage! These people were NOT in dire straits! These people were NOT starving! These people took their valuables with them, fled Syria when the going got tough, and then seized this opportunity to double up on their good fortune by taking advantage of all that this Boy Blunder had to offer. The Canadian public certainly has been duped big time.


Think anyone with half a brain knew this already. Just watching them arrive, perfectly coiffed hair, cell phones at the ready, very well dressed… was obvious none of these people were “fleeing for their lives”. They are using Canada as a ‘stopover’ and for the freebies given to them. Not the first time this has happened and won’t be the last. Started with TruDOPE’s father and he is just carrying on the tradition. Makes me sick how many Canadians are falling for this ‘poor refugee’ crap. What a bunch of mugs we are.



After seeing these “refugees” at a stay in a Montreal airport, They were very well dressed with gold bangles and jewelry, Versachi and Guccie bags with kids running around trashing the place with no supervision. These are NOT refugees, but scammers taking advantage of a stupid P.M. And why are they granted citizenship when they land? If they were refugees … fine, house them until their country stabilizes … then bye bye. Why instant citizenship — makes no sense. Before you rent a motel, make sure these leaches are not being housed there — they destroy and dominate the place.



Canada’s poor and vulnerable citizens should be shaking in their boots now. I’m one of them, since I’m disabled. People like us already have a hard time accessing social services like housing and health care. My clinic was converted to “Muslim Only” just like many public housing projects in Toronto. Now whom do you think the Liberals will be taking social services funding from? I’ve been waiting years for housing, living in a building that’s surrounded by public projects. Now I can count on waiting at least twice as long, since affluent Syrians get a pass to the head of the wait list. Every day now, I see Canadian tenants being thrown out and replaced with well-off Muslims. Those recipients of our largesse, repay our generosity by looking down their noses and sneering at us lowly Canadian kaffir. No wonder, after all they are the new royalty in Canada! That’s the real reason why our disgusting sellout leadership took down the Queen’s portrait.

The well-dressed women in their headgear push $1000 triple decker SUV strollers while texting into costly new cell phones “donated” by companies like Wind Mobile. Where was Wind Mobile when poor Canadians couldn’t afford a phone? They all drive new luxury SUVs and sedans, parked in front of their rent-free townhouses. I guess the local Audi and BMW dealers feel sorry for them. I hobble down the street past those houses on my cane because I can’t afford bus fare. My rent is three quarters of my income. Can’t afford my meds either —  Ontario cut my pharma assistance – but Syrians get free drugs. Those of you who aren’t poor will be hit as well. Prepare for huge payroll deduction increases for CPP and EI. Prepare for massive tax hikes. Get ready for deep service cuts. All to provide a free VIP lifestyle for affluent, hostile invaders.

Since these people are clearly not refugees, they should be stripped of their special status and made to repay the handouts like any ordinary immigrant. No more VIP handouts and free rides. Send them back to their comfortable cities, and make them follow the same process as the rest of the immigrants.

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Calais (France) and Open Borders

By Vanishing American II

At Oz ConservativeMark Richardson posts a video of a speech given by a resident of Calais, France, describing the horrible conditions that exist in that once-pleasant city — now unhappily the home of the ‘Calais Junglemigrant camp.

I encourage you to watch the video. I had some idea of how things were there, but it’s worse that what I had imagined, and many cities in former Christendom are experiencing similar fates — and more will undergo similar disasters as long as there are treasonous globalists in charge everywhere in the West.

And to think there is at least one blog written by leftists who claim ‘solidarity’ with the marauding ‘clandestins’, and according to the woman speaking in the video, it’s such home-grown leftists who act in concert with the ”migrants” aiding and abetting their crimes … and in essence betraying their own kinsmen and country.

How long will this be allowed to go on? All the while, the local ‘police’ in Calais refuse to act against the ‘migrants’ — instead arresting patriotic French people — including General Piquemal whose troubling story has been featured on the Gallia Watch blog.   >Source

Aristotle: “Tolerance is the last virtue of a dying society.”


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