Swedish Police – Traitors To Their Own People

Average Swedish I.Q. –  101

Average Afghan I.Q. – 83

Average Syrian I.Q. – 87

Average Somalian I.Q. – 68

Source: World I.Q. Figures

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Good Bye Sweden!

Class Photo – Elementary School in SWEDEN Today!
“Multiculturalism” code for White-ethnic cleansing!



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Before & After SWEDEN


Respectful, grateful BLACK AFRICANS fitting seamlessly into Swedish Society. These low-IQ, illiterate, BLACK FOREIGNERS with plenty of FREE welfare time on their greedy hands are hardly noticeable at all!


“When well-meaning Scandinavians generously hold out food and medicine and money to totally unrelated peoples — and even invite them to move in and share their countries — these foreigners, who have NEVER been given anything free in their lives, must think the Scandinavians are totally mad.

But they will gladly take advantage of the fools’ offer. Why not? And then, they will walk all over their hosts and take everything they can get, even their country some day, having no respect for lunatics or Christian charity, which is totally foreign to them.

Primitive people like Arabs and Somalis have no respect for anything but POWER. For them, kindness and generosity are a sign of weakness! Even sheer lunacy. (In Scandinavia’s case, maybe they’re right.)

But if you want to give away your wealth, your daughters, and your country … the foreign invaders will be happy to take it. Just don’t expect a thank you.”


Good-Bye Sweden!It was nice knowing you.”

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The EUROPE of Old – Honour Your Heritage

Honour (noun/verb) – (‘honor’ in American English) is an abstract concept entailing a perceived quality of worthiness and respectability that affects the self-evaluation of an individual or nation … among other designations.


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Nothing To See Here, Move On!

Western Sports and Entertainment media are designed to distract your attention from the real issues of the day. The controlled, mainstream media outlets (newspapers & Television) prioritize at keeping you asleep & IGNORANT of truthful facts that should inform and educate the masses! One such example is this story involving a young Swedish woman  brutally gang-raped by foreign “refugees”, and one that should grab your undivided attention. Above all, this is only 1 such sex crime that is repeated THOUSANDS of times every year in Sweden.

Dateline: SWEDEN in the 21st Century

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Europe’s Foreign Invaders Unopposed

Ezra Levant from Canada

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“Meanwhile in Canada, a dangerous mixture of pathological altruism combined with a dose of gullibility and naïveté are impelling ordinary Canadians to foolishly welcome 50,000  Syrian so-called “refugees” into our communities that will cost BILLION$ of tax dollars we can’t afford!”

Canadian Soldiers Out – Foreign Migrants In

CANADA to Welcome 50,000 Unknown Syrian Strangers


The CBC – A Traitorous Organization?

Sweden Lays Out Red Carpet For Foreigner Invaders

SWEDEN forced to hire luxury cruise liner with theatre, a gym and swimming pool to house 2,000 “REFUGEES” at a cost of £65,000 ($129,000 CDN) PER DAY!!



Have my berth ready … BEFORE I arrive, if you please“.


“Having a theatre sounds really nice. Those who are going to stay at the ship will probably have to do that for quite a bit of time while their applications are being processed. So they need every encouragement they can get.”    Swedish Migration Board

[…]  Willis Åberg, head of housing issues at the Swedish Migration Board, boasted that the organisation was ‘thinking outside the box’.

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