Faith Goldy Polling 3rd Place In Toronto’s Mayoralty Race DENIED A Debating Position

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OBSERVE the overlyaggressive manhandling by the “affirmativeaction” cop, who suddenly and without warning, grabs Mayoralty candidate FaithGoldy from behind and forcibly frog-marches her off the podium and down the stairs.

The correctpoliceprotocol would be to approach the intended subject face to face and simply ask them to accompany the police away from the platform.  Undoubtedly Ms. Goldy would have willingly complied, but Mr. “WrongHire” was perhaps trying to impress the current sitting mayor (John Tory) with this abrasive conduct that’s usually reserved for violent criminals resisting arrest, and notfor politicalopponents who are seeking a legitimate public platform to address a wrong. Furthermore, if the race-reversal role was applied here (White cop, Black Candidate), there would be public outbursts crying out “racist police brutality” with BLM leading the charge in the streets.

Nevertheless, before…

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Toronto’s Mayoralty Campaign Strikes A New Low

NOTE the top two mayoralty candidates, PLUS the three relatively UNKNOWN candidates (including the obligatory TOKEN Black) who all polled an insignificant COMBINED fraction of Faith Goldy’s THIRDplace position of 6%.

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European Pioneers Built Canada and 3rd-World Peoples Reduce It to Sh*thole Status

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DID YOU KNOW the yearly COST of all immigrants residing in Canada is $35,000,000,000 (BILLION) …  or $95,890,000 (Million) PER DAY!?   (Source)

Thanks for all this FREE money, Canada.


TENS of THOUSANDS of 3rd-World FOREIGNERS Invade Canada Through the U.S.


“You help us, and we’ll help you out when we become medical doctors, smart lawyers, engineers, scientists, college professors, renowned philosophers, concert pianists, etc. BUT, that can only happen if you allow free passage into your racist, White nations filled to the brim with all your free welfare money. Is it a deal?”


Importing Jamaican “Culture”

Re-Colonizing CANADA

Multi-cultural Madness

Duped By Multiculturalism

Immigrants PROFIT From Gullible Canadians


Recipe For New “CANADIANS

Are Canadians Going To Confront These Anti-White Forces in 2019?

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