Only In Canada, Eh!
“At least 90% of Syrians pretending to be “refugeesin Canada are on WELFARE, which includes about $600 per month for shelter, an additional $275 per adult, and $133 per child each month, …..” > (Do the math) PLUS Free health care, Free education, E.S.L., Free time, etc. (Just the “bare bones” of FREE stuff for FOREIGNERS!)  >more HERE

Multiculturalism Is A FRAUD


Hire Canadians First!

Labour Shortage MYTH

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Emboldened Foreign Invaders At Ryerson University

 In 1948, just three years after the end of World War II, the Ryerson Institute of Technology was born into existence.
Public research university located in TORONTO, Canada
Ryerson Students' Union
Now, flash-forward to the 21st century’s “Welcome Image of the Ryerson Students’ Union… a place for “everybody” on campus — EXCEPT White Canadians.

These emboldened foreigners must be reminded just who actually designed, built and founded this university in OUR NATION where these Black Africans have planted their feet. Where would they be today … WITHOUT Canadians?   Check out their own “progressive” origins from back home:

Blacks Less Intelligent?

In our modern Canadian society we have become so tolerant that we actually tolerate the intolerance of others … such as 3rd world foreigners invading our corner of the world and ruining it for us.  Click> “Racial Diversity is Bullshit”

“So yesteryear!”  Pay no attention to these upstanding Canadians; theyre only the brains behind the 1949 faculty staff that helped establish Ryerson in the early years.  SHOCKER – 100% WHITE!

Fourth largest city in North America.

TODAY at Ryersonwe find the following RACEoriented unions:

  1. African Students’ Association
  2. United Black Students Ryerson
  3. Caribbean Students’ Association
  4. Afghan Students’ Association
  5. East African Students’ Association
  6. Indian Students’ Association
  7. Chinese Students’ Association
  8. Indigenous Students Association
  9. Organization of Latin American Students
  10. South Asian Alliance
  11. Sri Lankan Student Alliance

 … one group of students were overlooked. WHO would they be??

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Minority Whites Fighting Back

Anti-white Group says Whites Taking Up Space

One in Five Canadians is Immigrant, Highest in 95 Years

 A Dying Breed

CANADA is “browningout“!
22% of the population are visible-minorities PLUS another 5% for Native Indians .


Canada‘s largest city is now reportedly MINORITYWhite, (repeat) MINORITYWhite and the C.B.C. gloats with smug satisfaction.



Like the U.S., Canada is fuxating itself. Unlike the U.S., there’s no immigration realist in Canada willing to say that after a certain point immigration becomes extremely harmful.

Canada needs its own Donald Trump, Victor Orban, or the like.


Canada is growing increasingly diverse and its share of immigrants is the highest in almost a century.

New census figures show over one in five Canadians report being immigrant, some with permanent residency.

Over 1.2m people settled permanently in Canada between 2011 and 2016, most coming in as skilled economic immigrants.

The proportion of visible minorities has also grown and is now over 22% of the population.

Figures released by Canada’s statistics agency on Wednesday give a snapshot from the 2016 national census of the country’s increasing diversity and growing share of newcomers.

The country is also becoming more culturally diverse, with immigrants increasingly coming…

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CANADA: No Country For WHITE Men

 “Surrender, Whitey … This is OUR country now!”

Lying Press on

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White Woman Faces Job Discrimination

Canadians DUPED On Multiculturalism

Canadian City Abhors “White Privileges”


“Useful Idiots“

People Prefer Their OWN Race


…a reminder of 97% Majority White CANADA in 1967

(Down to 73% White in 2017)

Dissolving White Canadians

Changing Canada

In 2015  —  271,660 new (foreign) residents landed in Canada —  a 4.4 % increase compared to 260,265 in 2014.   … from more than 190 countries*.

From 2005 to 2015, 2,828,365 new permanent residents landed in Canada.

Editor’s note:  That huge import figure is equivalent to Canada’s largest city, TORONTO … and only in ten years!   If “refugees”, temporary foreign workers, foreign “students”, and illegals are included, that number is easily DOUBLED.

For a second year in a row, the Philippines, India, China, Iran, and Pakistan were the largest sources of immigrants to Canada. In fact, immigration from these countries accounted for 49% of the total intake in 2015.

Editor’s Note: Each of these immigrant-source nations have massive populations of a BILLION++ or HUNDRED MILLION+ people of their own races. So why is Canada [a mere 35 Million people – 75% WHITE European (was 95% in 1981)] continuing to accommodate these 3rd-World countries by importing THEIR masses of NON-white peoples only to destroy our own hard-won national and culture identity??

“Canadian” High School in Markham (just outside of Toronto)

 Spot the WHITE Students – Just 2 or 3 in this High School photo??

In the past 11 years, China, India and the Philippines have been the top THREE sources of immigration to Canada. […]

During the same period, Pakistan, the United States of America and the United Kingdom have also been in the top TEN sources of immigration to Canada. In 2015, Syria made it to the top 10 sources of immigrants to Canada. Most of them (73%) landed in the country in the fourth quarter of 2015.

Syria, USA, France, UK, Nigeria, South Korea, Iraq, Egypt, Jamaica, Bangladesh, Mexico, Algeria, Morocco, Haiti, and Viet Nam were also in the top 20 sources of immigration to Canada in 2011.

In 2015, the following countries were also sources of more than 1,000 immigrants to Canada:   Lebanon (2,1234), Israel (2,132) Ireland (2,081), Federal Republic of Cameroon (2,032), Sri Lanka (1,794), Brazil (1,749), Republic Dem. of Congo (1,712), Nepal (1,499), Australia (1,412), Ethiopia (1,364), Ivory Coast (1,359), Tunisia (1,283), Germany (1,245), Romania (1,183), Somalia (1,156) and Jordan (1,112).  >Source
Euro-White people are much LESS … probably between 600 – 700 million (just 8%) out of today’s
7, 500,000,000 (BILLION) people on planet Earth.

Brave White American Woman Speaks Up!

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Radio Show on White Europeans

Canada’s Newest TEN DOLLAR Bill

Blatant TOKENISM is now found on (soon-to-be) Canada’s newest $10 Bill

Previous portraits of notable Kings, Queens, or a Prime Minister have always graced Canada‘s Ten Dollar bill since confederation in 1867. Sir John A. MacDonald, who became Canada’s 1st Prime Minister only after years of political battles, helped to align competing colonies into a viable nation-state named CANADA.

Now, the former prime minister’s portrait on Canada’s $10 note is being REPLACED by an unknown, indistinguishable, disgruntled Black woman named Viola Desmond, whose first notoriety became known when she refused to sit in the balcony section designated exclusively for Negroes in Nova Scotia’s segregated Roseland Theatre in 1946.


… and now Viola Desmond in 2018
In 1946, Canada’s Negro (black) population was a mere .001% (one-tenth of 1%) of Canada’s entire population.  Today, Blacks account for 3% due to recent mass immigration from the Caribbean Islands and Africa.

To protest, simply BOYCOTT the new $10 notes! Two “fivers” will suffice.

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Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Is Not Playing Fair

Canadian tax-funded C.B.C. promotes ANTI-white Propaganda video.


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Media Discrimination Against White Europeans

The C.B.C. – A Traitorous Organization?

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Joe Warmington >>


“Evalion” Meeting Shut Down

Not that “anti-racists” (antiracism IS antiWhite) or Social Justice Warriors (SJW) are any strangers to violence, but they have become downright hysterical since the (president-elect Donald) Trump Phenomenon.
The Alternative Forum and the Canadian Association for Free Expression (C.A.F.E.) had arranged for a meeting with “Evalion.” The meeting was to be hosted at the offices of YOUR WARD NEWS.  “Evalion” is a 19-year-old YouTube videographer.
Active for the past eight months, she has accumulated over 2 million hits on her sassy, opinionated videos. She has taken shots at the so-called holocaust, the Third World immigration, and other forbidden subjects.
In early October, Canadas thought police (Canadian Border Services Agency branch)  held her for over eight hours and stole (uh, “detained”) her laptop, power cord, computer case and several personal diaries and notebooks.
(((Bnai Brith))) — among Canada’s most fanatical thought-control groups — is on her case and is demanding a police investigation and prosecution under Canada’s notorious “hate” law.
She has also been the victim of serious Internet stalking and harassment. At the last minute, she was so pressured (she is still a teenager) that she cancelled her engagement. C.A.F.E. meetings never cancel.
However — when folks showed up tonight — they discovered that the offices of YOUR WARD NEWS had been the object of terrorist vandalism. The locks on both front and rear doors had been vandalized. The manager of YOUR WARD NEWS was unable to gain entry. And, as usual, there was the retarded sloganeering and tagging defacing the front of the building. YOUR WARD NEWS has had its windows smashed so often that they are permanently boarded over.]  >con’t HERE.

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