When Brainwashing Fails, Throw Her In Jail: The Canadian Violinist Monika Schaefer Who Dared Apologize To Her Deceased Mom in a Heartfelt Video

WEARS WAR on the Lies, Liars & WW2

Editor’s Comment: Alfred Schaefer’s recent interview on the Daily Kenn Show was so powerful we had to feature it. We can all contribute by publicizing the unfolding events to let our Governments know we are watching, do not approve and will continue to publicize their actions every step of the way.

As Alfred mentions, They Have Gone Too Far! We are fed up with people, even 88-year-old women and 96 year-old-men, who are a threat to no one being sentenced to jail terms that amount to death sentences. We are fed up with the hypocrisy – the absence of any justice and reparations for Holodomor victims and their descendants is but one example. That the Holodomor perpetrators were largely Jewish does not give them a free pass.

By Alfred Schaefer

Monika Schaefer was arrested on January 3, 2018 in the very heart of “Holocaust country” while attending, as an…

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Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society lawyers “save” Somali from deportation

Ann, perhaps a new category labeled “Sob-story ALERT” should be implemented. Canada’s largest city and its local Toronto (Red) Star newspaper has a minimum of one sob story per day that highlights the fairy-tale plight of some 3r-world migrant now comfortably ensconced on Canadian soil.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

In a touching tale, HIAS (Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society), bragged on its blog yesterday that, in a Baltimore, MD court, it saved Somali illegal alien Yaasir from deportation back to Somalia.

Screenshot (130) Only one retweet in 19 hours? You can see how much people like this story!

The tale goes from one touching scene to another, in Yaasir’s 22-years, all written (and told by Yaasir) to elicit sympathy from the reader, and is likely what they presented to the court in Baltimore.

Read it here, then let me take the story to its bare bones (stripping it of all the fluffy feel-good language):

~There were bombs and fighting, but Yaasir’s family was not directly targeted.

~His big problem was because he was in a lowly clan and the more powerful clans were always out to get them.  (Clans are central to Somali culture and we have admitted…

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Media hush up brutal Somali stabbing attack on Minneapolis woman


Morgan Evenson Morgan Evenson, 26, was stabbed 14 times by a Somali man while walking home from work Dec. 13, 2017

While disturbing in itself, the article below should not be read as an isolated incident. Mainstream media outlets have been bending over backwards for years to cover up Islamic crime, especially in Western cities receiving large numbers of Muslim migrants. Pakistani sex-grooming gangs operate across the UK, raping little English girls with impunity, and the official UK media response has been silence. It was only by a stroke of luck, which I write about in my book ‘Stealth Invasion,’ that the grooming gangs were exposed in one city, Rotherham, and after it could no longer deny the horrific reports of abuse and coverup the British media tried to convince the public that the problem was contained to that one city. In fact, the Pakistanis continue to operate their disgusting grooming gangs…

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Twitter Ban

Wife With A Purpose

Myself and my children sing Jingle Bells in one of my recent YouTube videos.

At approximately noon, PST, Twitter permanently suspended my account @apurposefulwife. I have joyfully used this account since 2009 and had over 34 thousand beloved followers.

No reason or warning was given for the suspension. As of 5:00 pm, PST, Twitter has not sent me any email notification of the suspension, I only know of the suspension because of the pop up that occurs if I try to log into my account.

I did not violate any of Twitter’s rules nor did I engage in hateful, violent or harmful behavior on their platform or anyone else’s.

I will continue my happy work through my many other pleasantly active platforms (listed below) and continue to talk about God’s love for all His people and all the beautiful races He created, including my race, the white race.

I will…

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Diversity Is Mediocrity

TORONTO News & Views

By PaxCanadiana

We don’t need a self-promoting blowhard telling us how mediocre (Prime Minister) Justin Trudeau’s cabinet is.  I think it does a pretty good job of speaking for itself.

BLACK AFRICAN (Somali-born), Muslim REFUGEE being sworn-in as Canada’s IMMIGRATIONMINISTER?!?

When you have a former ski instructor and substitute drama teacher of generational wealth possessing an undeserved sense of self-importance acting as the effective “leader” of your country what can you expect?

So… What is this guy’s agenda?? finger-pointing-down-animation-gif copy.gif


CANADA’s Prime Minister – Justin Trudeau

… same agenda for White EUROPEANS in Europe.

We’re not talking Winston Churchill here.  More like KimJong Un (North Korea) minus all that evil stuff.  However, it’s worth noting his reason for saying it which is to pursue diversity for diversity sake, you sacrifice competency and inevitably quality, producing an inferior outcome to what you could have had. When diversity is your…

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