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mike_quinsey_new_52A new Mike Quinsey. Some of this, which I’ve bolded below, is part of this video message which came through during yesterday’s 111 mission. The answers are within. Always.

Particularly I use caution and discernment regarding all data about “deliveries”, “packages”, “resets”, “RVs”, and all that. I like to remember that everything we need is within ourselves, and whatever we need is supplied as we need it, and intend it.

“The timing of events is not rigid but quite flexible, and based on the best opportunity to bring the changes about. They will come without any doubt so do not be concerned if the timing does not match your expectations. Those who have planned your end times have the power and authority to do whatever is necessary to ensure completion in accordance with the end of this cycle. You are already experiencing yet another period of time speeding up…

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“Elliot Lake News” Blog Has Changed Direction

For 10 years (except for a 20 month hiatus and 12 month hiatus) we have focused our attention on alternative news, articles, and educational information primarily related to White identity politics, White Genocide, 3rd world immigration, “multi-culti”, race and other taboo topics not suitable for discussion in “polite company”. Those posts will remain intact for review, research and re-blogging (without permission), and are easily accessible under “categories”, “archives” or “search” in our right sidebar.

Beginning in 2017, however, we started posting a different form of content/videos primarily (but not exclusively) related to UFOs, alien beings and other extraordinary phenomena kept hidden from the general public for decades. Credible sources originate from people of all professions including civilian pilots,  government whistle-blowers, scientists, ex-military personnel, contactees, abuctees, etc. etc.

For readers unfamiliar with these topics, your mind will undoubtedly reject much of the topical information presented here, and that’s OK.

Nevertheless, use your discernment skills while maintaining an open mind . Our intent is not to convince you of anything; we simply post the material for your perusal and allow you to determine its own authenticity or not.

First up … is Alex Collier a “contactee”. This short video segment is part 8 of a 12-part series compiled from different years of presentations.


We Are Changing Our Focus

Elliot Lake News is not closing-up shop, nor have we had a “change of heart” in the “political incorrect” material we have posted these past 10 years.

Many excellent blogs carry similar messages for the intrepid reader/explorer, and we encourage you to check out their websites located in our sidebar.

Happy New Year to all our readers!

Stay tuned!

What IQ Researchers Really Think About Race and Intelligence

Remember The 14 Words

So, what do intelligence researchers think about racial differences in intelligence?
Invitations were emailed to 1237 persons and at the end only 228 (18 %) participants completed the process (70 fully and 158 partially). As far as the authors could make it out, “lefties” and “righties” turned down the offer in equal numbers, complaining that the questions were not good enough, the selection of experts would not be good or that they did not want to participate in a process which suggested that the truth could be found by majority decisions. In fact, the authors just wanted to find out what expert opinion was, in all its variety, and were not intending to come to any conclusions of a majority sort. (Perhaps climate research has poisoned the academic atmosphere, and no-one wants to be involved with anything which smacks of consensus science). As many pointed out, one good study can…

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