WE Will Stay and YOU Will Pay

Austrians Pay Invaders More than Own Workers

The Austrian government pays NON-white invader families more in cash handouts than what many working-class Austrians earn after tax in that country,  […] has revealed.

The “conservative”-controlled government of the state of Upper Austria has announced a “lowering” of the monthly cash handout it pays to nonwhite invaders from €914 (US $1,030) per month to a “mere” €520 (US $581) per month.

we are here

However, a report in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) on the reduction also revealed that this move does NOT affect the payments to invader families, which are set at €1257 per couple, and an additional €150 per child. With two or three children in tow, this will easily come out to more than a working-class Austrian makes in take-home pay.
(e.g. 1707 euros = $2472 CDN per month or a whopping $28,664 CDN per year for a non-working foreign family of five. FREE money given to “functionally illiterate” foreigners who don’t speak the language, have no marketable job skills and who will cost taxpayers BILLION$ to support them!)


[Population of Austria 8,592,000]

Austria took in over 100,000 NON-white invaders pretending to be “refugees” last year, and the resultant crime, chaos, terrorism, and violence has caused a major backlash which has propelled the anti-invasion Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ) into becoming the single largest party.  >Source: http://newobserveronline.com/austrians-pay-invaders-workers/#comments

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Another $hakedown Organization?

Black Daddies Club” wants advice on child-raising.. (!?)

By Jeff Goodall

“The theme for this year’s picnic is ‘How do we support black children and their parents in the Greater Toronto Area?’ The Black Daddies Club will be partnering with agencies and businesses that provide support to black parents and their children, and identify effective strategies that black parents can employ in order to support their children.” (1).

know his daddy

Well, good grief!!!  Black fathers don’t know how to “support” their own children? The less charitable among us could be excused for wondering why should they, when welfare and public housing does the job for them

Let’s look back a few years at high Black crime rates in Canada, (mostly Jamaican, we are told), and the reasons why. A Toronto Star article from 2002, (2) is quite informative:

Referencing “an ethno-racial inequality report prepared by Michael Ornstein, director of the Institute for Social Research at York University”, the Star tells us that “Jamaican Canadians are frequently from families with many children, but with fewer adults to care for them…”, and that “On the job front, Jamaican Canadian men were at a significant disadvantage. Ornstein found that many were in low-skill, lower-paying positions…”

The report also found that the unemployment rate for Jamaican-born Canadians, at the time the report was published, was nearly twice Toronto’s overall rate of 11 per cent – Valarie Steele, president of the Jamaican Canadian Association, is quoted as saying that “poverty, along with feelings of helplessness, begets violence”.


But what I find particularly offensive is this quote from Steele: “Let’s talk about some impoverished communities where the children have nowhere to go. People do stupid things when they have nothing to lose. And when people feel there is no hope, they think, ‘This is what we have to do to survive’.

These people have “nowhere to go” and “nothing to lose”?  In Canada?

Of course, nothing has changed since 2002, despite all our efforts. And in my humble opinion, this is because some types and classes of people are incapable of benefitting from being allowed into advanced societies, primarily because of low intelligence.


When such people are moved en masse into highly-developed Western “welfare states”, they can reproduce as much as they want, with subsidised housing and welfare payments removing any consequences of laziness and irresponsibility.

These benefits create a situation requiring even less effort and mental acuity on the part of Black fathers, as the burden then falls onto the shoulders of the overwhelmingly White taxpayers.


And yet White taxpayers, many unable to see reality because of “political correctness”, are increasingly puzzled as to why their generosity results in Blacks declining even further, rather than being uplifted and benefiting from their association with Western society.

Because of low intelligence — the ability to advance is, in the majority of cases — quite simply not there. And yet, we keep bashing our heads against the wall, and throwing our tax money into a bottomless pit trying to help them (3 & 4).

Refugees from Sudan's Darfur RegionObviously, they are utterly unsuitable to benefit Canada as immigrants, and should not be allowed here, and yet now we see this almost comical caricature of Black males getting together to ask what more an already overburdened White society can do to accommodate their inability and failure to function effectively as parents.

And if you want to know who is doing this to us, just see how loudly Jewish groups will scream “racism!” at any White person protesting the destruction of his country by Jewish-promoted immigration policies.

And yet, entry to Israel is governed by the Law of Return, which grants the right to live in Israel, and access to Israeli citizenship, only to those able to prove Jewish ancestry…

We are living in very dangerous times indeed.

Wake up, White people, before it is too late. The longer we wait, the harder it will be to free ourselves and to regain our territory.   Jeff Goodall – Source: http://www.jeff-goodall.com/?p=17923#more-17923

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DO NOT DONATE To 3rd-World Nations

Evalion is a young, intelligent 18 yr. old Canadian researcher having the capacity for thought and reasoning abilities usually demonstrated by those much older than herself. She boldly speaks her mind on a variety of political-incorrect topics which may inspire other young people to break away from destructive patterns that lead to nowhere.

Happiness is not the goal of existence, but the byproduct of a life well lived … and the PURPOSE of LIFE is TRUTH … not pleasure“.

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Getting FREE Stuff

The folks who are getting free stuff don’t like the folks who are paying for the free stuff because the folks who are paying for the free stuff can no longer afford to pay for both the free stuff and their own stuff.

And, the folks who are paying for the free stuff want the free stuff to stop. And the folks who are getting the free stuff want even MORE free stuff on top of the free stuff they’re already receiving!

Now, the people who are forcing the people who PAY for the free stuff have told the people who are RECEIVING the free stuff that the people who are PAYING for the free stuff are being … mean, bigoted, prejudiced and racist.

So … the people who are GETTING the free stuff have been convinced they need to HATE the people who are PAYING for the free stuff by the people who are forcing the people who are PAYING for the free stuff and GIVING them the free stuff in the first place.

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Immigrants Immediately Eligible for WELFARE … Displacing [American] seniors and the needy [Folks].

by Brendan Kirby

[The U.S. state of] Maine’s Somali community is adding more diversity to the state — and huge new costs … according to a top state official.

Maine’s huge number of refugees and asylum-seekers are heavy welfare users and are putting significant economic strain on the state, Health and Human Services Commissioner Mary Mayhew.

Speaking on “The Laura Ingraham Show,” Mayhew rejected an argument by a local media outlet that the state’s Somalia community could be Maine’s savior.  [LOL – ELN Editor]

“Overall, we have seen an increased burden to the infrastructure and the welfare programs in the face of other significant competing priorities for this state, especially related to our rapidly aging [AMERICAN] population, our [AMERICAN] elderly,” she said.

Maine has been a popular destination for refugees (“refugees” – editor) in recent years, mostly from Somalia and other African countries. [The cities of] Lewiston and Portland have taken the most, with Lewiston’s mayor recently speaking out about the fiscal impact on his city.  …con’t HERE.

[For added emphasis, Bold, underlined and italicized words by ELN Editor]

The same altruistic madness in EUROPE.


One American Woman’s Opinion On This Topic

Immigrants Profit From Gullible Canadians

From Immigration Watch Canada

Exploiting Canada All The Way To The Bank [Full Article]


[…] 25 organizations to which Citizenship and Immigration has given grants or contributions in the name of multiculturalism. The grants (FREE Taxpayer Money) are probably close to $1 Billion per year ($1,000,000,000) […]

[…] In Canada, immigration has become a large industry which feeds off government and the majority population.The people who get these grants want to perpetuate the current grants by maintaining current immigration levels, or to increase their grants substantially by increasing immigration. A significant number of recent immigrants are employed in the immigration industry—often because the unnecessary competition they have created has resulted in them being unable to find jobs in legitimate industries. […]

[…] It is extremely obvious that Ottawa (Canada’s capital city) pays no attention to the consequences of its immigration policies on Canada’s majority (White-Euro) population. The total of these grants pale in comparison with the huge amounts that Ottawa throws away to subsidize immigrants. That total is now up to a phenomenal $35 Billion per year!!! ($35,000,000,000) Together, the subsidies demonstrate the point that Canada’s high immigration intake is not only extremely costly and foolish … but shamelessly treacherous. […]

[See: The Lifeboat Is Full]

[…] For example, in the list of groups that received the largest grants are groups from B.C., Alberta, and Saskatchewan as well as groups from Atlantic Canada. But, because Ontario has taken about half of Canada’s unnecessary immigration intake, over half of the 25 listed groups that have exploited the immigration system — the most are located in Ontario … particularly around Toronto. For example, the Newcomer Centre of Peel (Brampton, Mississauga and Caledon, population about 1.4 million) received $75 Million (the largest grant) and is home to a large number of new immigrants (Sikhs and others) who now outnumber the former population of (Region of) Peel. […]

The Toronto District School Board, which is notorious for its “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy of providing illegal (foreign) students access to schools, received over $55 Million, the second largest total of grants. This group claims to be merely implementing Ontario immigration law, but it ignores the point that immigration law in general exists to protect Canadians not to benefit immigration lobby groups. […]

[See:  Report ILLEGAL Immigrants]

The grants also show that organizations like post-secondary institutions (for instance, Bow Valley College in Calgary which placed fourth in the amount of grants) and many churches have either been duped into participating in this grasping for grants, or have willingly participated in the widespread corruption that surrounds the entire immigration issue.

S.U.C.C.E.S.S., a Chinese immigration advocacy group located primarily in Metro Vancouver, is sixth on this list for federal grants. It depends heavily on Ottawa’s grants, but it is also receives grants from the other two levels of government. Those grants are not included in the figures below. In fact, S.U.C.C.E.S.S. has acquired so much government money that it operates 20 offices in Metro Vancouver !!! Despite its claims, S.U.C.C.E.S.S. is notorious for being Chinese ethno-centric and for promoting high levels of immigration from Chinese source areas.  …con’t HERE.


1. NET COST of Immigration to Canada: >>>$35 BILLION per year. That amounts to $95,890,000 per day!   Source: www.immigrationwatchcanada.org/


(For added emphasis, Bold, Underlined, Italicized words, (some parentheses) and links by ELN Editor)

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The Lifeboat Is Full

Herbert Grubel: Canada should NOT open its doors to the world.

The refugee crisis in Europe has prompted many Canadians to demand that the government admit large numbers of refugees for permanent resettlement. Most of these demands are motivated by humanitarian sentiments, but they are also supported by libertarians who argue for unlimited immigration on the grounds that it would benefit all Canadians, just like it has in the past, creating a country of social harmony, high incomes and a quality of life that is one of the best in the world.

A sampling of African invaders who will now “benefit” Germany and “create a country of social harmony”. Only gullible fools believe in those naive sentiments. White European nations already HAD countries of social harmony BEFORE the arrival of these incongruent foreigners.

The [National] Post’s Terence Corcoran recently made this argument (‘Open our doors to the world,’ Sept. 11).

[ELN Editor – “Open our doors to the world”, eh!  Has Corcoran left his door open for the millions of ECONOMIC foreign migrants on the march??]

However, the libertarian analysis is no longer valid in today’s world. First, there is no more fertile empty land on the (Canadian) prairies that requires immigrants to cultivate. In fact, technology used by farmers now is so efficient and labour-saving that people are leaving the land to settle in towns and cities.

[Canadians may learn something here!> ELN Editor]

An influx of new immigrants could bankrupt our welfare state.

Second, the cost and risk of travel are so much lower, while the pool of potential immigrants and the economic gains they can expect are so much larger than ever before in Canada’s history, meaning that an open border would result in a tsunami of immigrants.

Third, immigrants would no longer come from Europe, where populations are declining, but from Asia, Africa and Latin America. […]

[Read: Is Racial Diversity Good for Canada?]

Fourth, many immigrants will be Muslims. Most of them are peaceful and tolerant, but an unknown, potentially large number will be militant jihadists and present a serious threat to Canadian security. […]

[Read: Muslim Violence in Canada]

Fifth, the most important difference between modern Canada and when previous waves of immigrants entered this country is the existence of the welfare state. In the absence of its universal social benefits in the past, only healthy immigrants with strong work ethics, drive and skills came to Canada. Under present conditions, potentially many immigrants would not possess these qualities and impose heavy fiscal burdens on our welfare programs and ultimately bankrupt them. It is for this reason that Milton Friedman, one of the world’s most ardent advocates for human and economic freedom concluded that, “The welfare state and free immigration are incompatible.”

[Read: White Men Need Not Apply]

[…] The difference between the taxes paid and services consumed by (one) average recent immigrant equals about $6,000 annually. Given the total number of these immigrants, the annual fiscal burden on Canadian taxpayers comes to about $30 billion.   >continue to Full Article

(ELN Editor: $30,000,000,000 !! Imagine how, we Canadians, could improve our infrastructure (roads, bridges, hospitals, etc.) with our OWN money every year!]

Herbert Grubel is professor of economics (emeritus) at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia. (For added emphasis, Bold, Italicized, and underlined words are by ELN Editor)

Solution: “complete and total immigration shutdown NOW. A national movement to stop all immigration. Either join in the effort or watch your kids’ future spiral into the multicultural hellhole of the future”. – See more at: http://rense.com/general96/1965tedkenn.html#sthash.MgNK6rZq.dpuf  – Editor).

P.S. >Young American TV newscaster has a few words for the U.S. President. (Imagine a CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) spokesperson speaking on air with the same passion and truth-telling as this young woman did. That won’t happen, so stop dreaming, Canada! Wide-awake Canadians are well aware that the CBC will gushingly favour almost ANY foreign immigrant/refugee over the rights or plights of 2nd place “old stock” Canadians. Read: Truth is Hateful )  We need more TV personalities of this calibre:

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Canada’s Misplaced Altruism Cost Billion$

Immigration Watch Canada


From “Abusing Canada’s Generosity and Ignoring Genuine Refugees
Published By Frontier Centre for Public Policy

By James Bissett

It is estimated that roughly 800,000 asylum seekers entered Canada (between 1985 and 2010). [Those numbers of unknown foreigners who were foolishly allowed to enter OUR country without hardly a whimper, actually EXCEED the entire population of Winnipeg, Manitoba >ELN Editor]

Refugees from Sudan's Darfur Region

In the years 2008 to 2010, over 70,000 claims were registered. This is almost 3,000 per month, and considering there is already a backlog of approximately 60,000 claims before the IRB, it is not alarmist to think that the system is out of control.

(Editor’s Note : IRB (Immigration and Refugee Board), is a group of lay people (not having specialized or professional knowledge of a subject, and even former “refugees” themselves) who determine whether a person is eligible to be given refugee status)

In 2009, Canada became the 3rd largest receiver of asylum seekers (33,000) in the Western world after the United States (49,000) and France (42,000). On a per capita basis, however, we rank number one with one claim for every 1,000 people compared with the United States with one claim per 11,000 people.

In BRITAIN … a bogus “refugee” easily scams his way into the country with unsolicited advice/help by an enabling female border control officer. View this video:

[Amateur foreign actors must play their best performance when …  Playing The “Refugee” Game]

Perhaps the most insidious feature of Canada’s asylum system has been its enormous financial cost and the naïve presumption that the sums involved are justified because we are, in fact, “helping refugees“.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to determine the actual costs because they are spread over three levels of government—federal, provincial and local — and involve a wide variety of activities such as housing, welfare, legal fees, medical care and, of course, the operational cost of the IRB itself, which (amounted to) just over $117-million in 2010).

The chameleon-like character of asylum seekers also makes it difficult to determine costs. These people undergo a transformation of status after arriving in Canada.

If the IRB refuses their claim, they become a “failed asylum seeker” and are subject to removal pending any appeals submitted.

However, if their claim is accepted, they are given refugee status. Then, as a refugee, they are eligible to apply for permanent residence (PR) status, and if accepted, their status changes (again) to that of “immigrant”. Different costs are involved at each stage of the transformation of status.

[ELN Editor’s Note:  Thousands of skilled and qualified European peoples — at their own expense — must wait in line for years to have their immigrant documents vetted and approved BEFORE setting foot on Canadian soil to take up residence in our country. Yet, an equal number of un-vetted FOREIGNERS from any 3rd-world hellhole can simply waltz into our country by SELF-PROCLAIMING to be a “refugee”. The government large$$e (read: Canadian Taxpayer) then kicks into immediate action to help feed, clothe and shelter these unknown foreigners on the mere strength of uttering that magic password! How gullible can one be??

To add flavour to this absurd scenario, we’ve adopted another term to describe these liars and cheats who deserve no sympathy from Canadians. We now refer to these bogus “refugees” as Backdoor Uninvited Migrants … or simply B.U.M.(s).

One additional note — from a MSM source — signaling that Canadians are finally waking up to this monumental fraud: Toronto Sun Newspaper]

In 2008, Canada received 37,000 asylum seekers and approximately 60% of these will be refused refugee status by the IRB. Since the government estimates each failed asylum seeker costs $50,000, we can calculate that in 2008 the taxpayers faced a bill of approximately $1.11-billion just to deal with the number of refused cases in the 2008 flow.

Added to the costs are those required to deal with the existing backlog (of 60,000). Even if the costs of the 2008 failed cases are subtracted from the backlog, its numbers have been supplemented by the 33,000 new asylum arrivals in 2009 so the back-log figure of 60,000 would remain at approximately the current level. The costs of dealing with its failure rate of approximately 60 percent would be close to $1.8-billion.

Unfortunately, we are not told if the $50,000 cost figure for (each) failed case is an annual cost, or if it is the total cost involved from refusal of the claimant to eventual removal from Canada. Nor are we informed of the costs of those asylum seekers who are given refugee status by the IRB. The costs do not end when the asylum seeker becomes a “refugee”.

Although it may never be possible to determine the true cost of our asylum system, it is obvious that the current system is terribly expensive and cries out for reform.

(North Korean family try their luck with easy access to our welfare money … read HERE.)

John L. Manion, who was a senior bureaucrat experienced in government financing, a former Deputy Minister of Immigration, Secretary of the Treasury Board, and Associate Clerk of the Privy Council, thought the costs of Canada’s dysfunctional asylum system were in the billions of dollars.

(Editor’s Note:  Manion estimated the cost of the refugee system to be a significant part of the total of $4 Billion ($4,000,000,000) spent per year on immigration and refugee programs.)

[Read: http://news.nationalpost.com/2011/05/17/immigrants-cost-23b-a-year-fraser-institute-report/]

After his retirement, he wrote letters to two immigration ministers, Sergio Marchi and Elinor Caplan, urging them to initiate reform of the system, even if it meant using the notwithstanding clause of the Charter. He did not even get an acknowledgement to his letters.

The Department of Citizenship and Immigration has a lavish grants program that gives money to organizations, agencies and community groups that help immigrants and refugees become settled, and that assist them in finding employment, language training and housing. The money is often channelled through agreements with the provinces or given directly to specific agencies. The allocation for 2010-2011 for Alberta was $60,000,000; British Columbia, $114,000,000; Ontario, $408,000,000; and Quebec, $253,700,000. The remaining provinces and territories received $57.7-million, for a total of $893.4-million. Asylum seekers are the beneficiaries of some of this funding.

[Imagine how those Billion$ of OUR tax dollars could benefit Canadian towns and cities by re-surfacing paved roads, repairing bridges and other needed infrastructure requirements, or building new libraries, or sports facilities for our own people!!  >ELN Editor]

Asylum seekers also receive services from organizations and groups that are given direct financial grants from Citizenship and Immigration. In the period from October 1 to December 31, 2009, almost 200 agencies across Canada received grants of more than $25,000. Sixty of those agencies were awarded contributions in excess of $1-million. For example, the South Asian Family Support Services of Toronto received $13-million, the Settlement and Integration Services of Hamilton received $9-million, and nine Ottawa-area groups received $9.5-million (Disclosure, 2010).

The total allotted for contributions to the settlement program in the Main Estimates for 2010-2011 was $651,749,278.

English: Asylum seekers to Sweden 1984-2007 by...
Asylum seekers to Sweden 1984-2007 by area of origin. Asylsökande till Sverige 1984-2007 efter ursprungsområde

Canadians pay a high price for an asylum system that finds 60% of those assisted to be false refugees. (ELN Editor suggests it’s more likely 98% are bogus refugees.)

It becomes even more scandalous when compared with the cost of other organizations or programs. One can only surmise what an injection of $2 Billion to $3 Billion more would do if directed at improving Canada’s [own] health or educational programs, or reducing the deficit. In a time of alleged austerity and government deficits, it would seem there is no shortage of funding for refugees and immigrants.

Prior to the 1990s, it was expected that the immigrants selected to join the labour force would become established within a year and those sponsored by their relatives in Canada would be looked after by the “sponsoring family” and would not be eligible for government assistance. Even refugees selected from camps abroad were expected to be on their own within a year, and they could expect only minimal financial help during their first year in Canada.

Why is it now assumed that immigrants and “refugees” require massive injections of [our] tax dollars to help them become established in their new country? Could it be that government funding to ethnic and other groups dedicated to helping “refugees” and immigrants is designed more to enlist the political support of these groups than it is to provide help to needy newcomers?

These handouts are not widely publicized by government, and few Canadians are aware of the millions (BILLION$ ??) of dollars devoted to these programs.  >Source

[Daily coverage on the “refugee” game is found at: http://refugeeresettlementwatch.wordpress.com/

plus a story from the province of Saskatchewan]


James Bissett is a former Canadian ambassador with 36 years of service in the government of Canada. He was the Canadian ambassador to Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, and Albania, and the High Commissioner to Trinidad and Tobago. From 1985 to 1990, he was the executive director of the Canadian Immigration Service.


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