Naïve Lib/Leftists Are Easy Targets For Death & Destruction

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 U.S. Black Population 12.5%  (Black Males 15 yrs. – 49 yrs. about 3% of TOTAL U.S. Population.


Canadians Duped By Multiculturalism


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Three Lionesses Of TRUTH

From: Glaring Hypocrisy (no longer available)

I awoke Sunday morning with the image of these three courageous women immediately in mind: Ursula Haverbeck, Sylvia Stolz and Monika Schaefer, and decided to write up a brief tribute to these three lionesses of truth in one GLARING Hypocrisy post to share with our regular readers, as well as with the world at large, as a means to get their respective stories even further afield. As you can see for yourself, each of these three women are simultaneously gentle as lambs and as courageous as lions.

And they’re all whipsmart.

flag  Ursula Haverbeck, 89 yrs. old (Sentenced to ten months in prison for “holocaust denial“)

  flag  Sylvia Stolz, 54 yr. old German Lawyer (JAILED over 3 years for “holocaust denial” and NOW charged again for using “illegal words” in another country!?)

  flag Monika Schaefer, 58 yr. old Canadian ARRESTED January 3, 2018 in a German court house for violating “hate crime” laws.   See > HERE.   

UPDATE: Released after 10 months where she returned to her native Canada.  Her website:

Their individual stories have helped to inspire and encourage countless awakened or fast-awakening folk, worldwide. So please share this post widely as a powerful means to continue to awaken the 99.8 percent of nonJew humanity that is — by and large — still fast asleepAnd let’s take back our world!

One of my earliest personal YouTube videos was recorded in response to Ursula Haverbeck’s sentencing on November 12, 2015 for “Holocaust denial”.  I was both saddened and outraged then about this satanic Jew World Order-controlled world in which we’re living. And I remain just as saddened and outraged today … more than two years later.

A month-and-a-half after Ursula’s above-mentioned sentencing — that is, on Christmas Eve 2015 — I registered the domain, after uttering the underlying phrase during a post-dinner conversation with Mufidah about the GLARING Hypocrisy of Barbara Lerner Spectre’s on-screen admission of Jew-led forced miscegenation throughout Europe, juxtaposed with Netanyahu’s promises to keep “infiltrators” and “predatory animals” (or “refugees”) OUT of Israel.
(…and INTO Sweden!)

You can read more about our decision to positively channel our long-held anger and frustration into GLARING Hypocrisy via our opening post. 


Monika Schaefer UNJUSTLY Arrested In Germany

Brittany Pettibone – New Website

By Brittany Pettibone

Up until the end of 2016, I had no active role in politics. I was a science-fiction author who co-wrote a book called “Hatred Day” with my twin sister. While I had always had an obsessive interest in politics, I didn’t feel the need to speak out publicly until I started following the U.S. Presidential Elections.

Now, a year later, I am a full-time political activist and commentator. I’ve interviewed people from all across the right, including politicians and popular political activists and commentators, and I’ve traveled to several locations in America and Europe for the purpose of independent journalism.

Thank you so much to all those who have supported or simply taken an interest in my work. I hope you will remain interested in following me as I, and many others, continue the fight to preserve the Western World.