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White Canadians Becoming 2nd-Class Citizens

Christina Blizzard
Toronto Sun Newspaper

Ontario Government Wants to Help “Refugees” — But Not Young (Canadian-born) Girl

TORONTO – Little Madi Vanstone is one beautiful child — with a major health problem.

The 12-year-old has a rare form of Cystic Fibrosis (CF) and requires a life-saving drug, Kalydeco, to keep her breathing. The big problem is the drug costs $348,000 a year — and it’s not covered by OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan).

Madi’s mom, Beth, gave up work when her daughter was diagnosed with CF at eight months of age. “You can’t hold down a job and have a baby in Sick Kids,” Beth told me recently. “We made some lifestyle changes.”

Madi’s dad, Glen, a pipefitter, has insurance benefits that pay for 50% of her drug bill. The drug manufacturer picks up 30% — but that leaves the family paying $5,770 a month to keep their daughter alive. Folks in their small community near Bradford have rallied around Madi.

Local kids walked dogs all summer to raise money. A fund raising gala made $21,000. Celtic tenor John McDermott put on a concert. The local church held a soup kitchen. They did what Canadians have done for generations — pulled together to help a child in need.

[Read: Oldsters Making Me Sick]

That’s what makes Monday’s announcement by the provincial health ministry so galling. This province (Ontario) is trying to shame the feds (Federal Government) into reinstating care for refugee claimants.


We can’t even afford life-saving drugs for a child who has lived in this province all her life. Whose family has paid taxes for generations. But in a foot-stamping, blame-the-feds act of cynicism, apparently we have enough money to pay for health care for refugee claimants.

View of Toronto skyline from Toronto Harbour. ...

View of Toronto, Ontario

When I came here (from England), I was just glad to be accepted into a country that is full of so much hope and promise. This is the land that was built on the sweat of can-do people who came looking for work — not handouts.

At a time when our health-care system is failing children like Madi … there’s no way we should be expanding coverage for refugee claimants.

Madi is battling a deadly disease. Within 30 days of going on the drug, she was negative for symptoms and her lung capacity had improved 100%. Without the drug, Madi’s lung function was declining. She’d probably need a lung transplant by her mid-teens — and that would only give her another five years. “The thought of having to take her off it … you don’t know how terrifying that is,” Beth said, her voice trailing off. “It’s saving her life — saving her lungs.”

Madi made remarkable progress with the drug. Within 30 days, diagnostic tests for CF were negative as the drug corrects the defect in her body. Her lung function increased from 78% of expected value to 111% of expected value. But the province adamantly won’t pay.

But we do have enough money to pay the very generous Ontario Drug Benefit Plan (O.D.B.P.) for people here as refugee claimants, and those awaiting deportation.

Are we nuts?

In her news release, Health Minister Deb Matthews said she will send the bill to the feds (Canada’s Federal Government in Ottawa). That’s nervy, but out of line. If the feds decide to cut spending, then the province shouldn’t shame them into changing their mind.

Let refugee claimants hold bake sales for their (own) health care… as Madi’s family has done.

In that release, Dr. Phillip Berger, of St. Michael’s Hospital and a member of Canadian Doctors for Refugee Care, said sick children and pregnant women can’t get care, and cancer patients are denied chemotherapy.

If doctors care that much, they can treat refugees for free.

Madi and other patients needing coverage for their care will be at Queen’s Park (in Ontario’s capital city of Toronto) (on) Tuesday making their case.

The argument that “we can’t afford it” no longer holds water — not as long as our government is throwing money at refugee claimants. We can pay for refugee health care when our $13-Billion deficit is erased — and when our $250-Billion accumulated debt has disappeared.

Until then, let them bake cakes.  >Source

(For added emphasis, links and all bolded, underlined, and italicized words by ELN Editor)

[ELN Editor’s Note: As reported in the above story, apparently no money is available to help save a young Canadian-born girl in her “hour of need”.  However, a Canadian-funded organization is able to come to the immediate rescue of a Toronto-born Somaliananchor baby” wounded in Africa at a Kenyan shopping mall, and have her transported several thousands of miles to a bed in a Toronto hospital … AFTER being absent from Canada for 4 years! Try calculating the enormous cost of air-lifting an injured patient out of the dark continent and flying her to Canada for hospital treatment at our expense!

Furthermore, racially-reverse the roles of these two young girls, and be assured the outcome in our new “politically-correct” nation would be entirely different.

In yet another scenario from a few years ago, Canadian taxpayers came to the rescue of some 15,000 “passport Canadians” trapped in war-torn Lebanon — that cost Canadians almost $100,000,000 – (that’s $100 MILLION) yet the authorities balk at paying a tiny fraction of that amount to save a real Canadian girl … by the name of Madi Vanstone.]

P.S. The once proud, United States of America, seem to have their own brewing problems.


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“Useful Idiots”

Did YOU Know?

A Black family born in a white-ruled nation is forced to live in poverty-stricken conditions because:

1) … the unemployed father is DENIED his sovereign right to lawfully seek employment in the nation’s job market because of his swarthy complexion. “Employment-equity/affirmative action” exists to serve only the White majority population … not the Black minority.

2)… the Black family is DENIED access to social welfare benefits and forced to live “rough” on city streets, or in makeshift, unsanitary squatter camps without running water, nor with proper toilet facilities, or they’re forced to live in rural barns alongside pigs and other farm animals.

Additionally, and further out into the country’s expanse of rural farmland, hard-working Black farmers and their families are systematically being slaughtered to death without remorse by marauding, blood-thirsty White murderers plundering their isolated homes. The Black Women and children are often raped and tortured in the most gruesome, gut-wrenching manner.

Now, you’d be correct to ask … something is not quite right here?!

That’s because NONE of this described scenario is true!

But — reverse the racial components — and you’ll discover the events described … are actually occurring to White people in today’s Black-run South Africa.

In fact, many North American and European household pets (cats and dogs) are treated better, and enjoy a higher standard of living than what impoverished White people receive in South Africa.

You will not find these noteworthy stories reported in western newspapers, or by listening to your television news reader … so read on and validate this deliberately suppressed news for yourself.

WARNING: Gruesome photos of MURDERED White South Africans.




(Note: The term “Afrikaners” (Boer) refers to WHITE PEOPLE born, raised, or living in South Africa … whose first language is Afrikaans and whose original ancestors were Dutch Europeans … the very White people responsible for inventing, building and successfully establishing the country itself.)

White South Africans Fighting Back!


South African Killing Fields

“Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer”

South African Child SEX-SLAVES


White South Africans DENIED Jobs


White GENOCIDE In South Africa

South Africa – GENOCIDAL Slaughter-House


South African BLACK Empowerment

… other South African news items
are found in the “Category” link
in the right side-bar, or click HERE.

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news items on this subject
matter, check out:


Italian Parents Revolt Against “Diversity”

Michael Day

Italians removing children from racially-mixed schools.

Italy’s racial tensions are now manifesting themselves in the country’s schools, with evidence that Italian parents are removing their children from classrooms that they consider contain too many immigrants.

In perhaps the most clear cut case so far, in the village of Corti, near the northern city of Bergamo, all seven Italian children have been withdrawn from a first-year elementary school class where they were outnumbered by NON-Italian  pupils. The remaining 14 children are mainly Africans (mostly Moroccans) with some Albanians and Romanians.

Heiwa elementary school %u5E73%u548C%u5C0F%u5B...

Marinella Ducoli Bertoni, 57, the school’s head teacher, said: “Until July, the parents assured me that they were going to send their children to the school. Then one by one the families changed their minds. I’ve returned to school and I found that they’re all gone.”

It started with “little things, such as the fear of not being able to celebrate Christmas. It was a feeling of uncertainty that spread slowly and changed the minds even of those who’d had their other children with us for five years,” she told La Repubblica newspaper.

[Italian Town Ejects All Black Africans]

I don’t think you can talk of racism,” she said. “In all these years there’s never been a problem with the holidays of different religions. The Arab families never complained if we spoke about Christmas; they understood that at school it’s a cultural thing, not a religious one.”  >read MORE.

Read:   http://whitegenocideproject.com/italian-mother-complains-her-daughter-is-the-only-italian-in-pre-school/


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More Illegal Aliens to ITALY

Muslim Rape Violence in France

English: Les Vallées station, in La Garenne-Co...

Les Vallées station, in La Garenne-Colombes, Hauts-de-Seine, France 

From: Gallia Watch

The month of August — theoretically, a time for vacation and repose — was a time of intense activity for certain criminals residing in France.

On August 7, a Muslim named Sofiane, under the influence of alcohol, savagely attacked two young women in two (2) separate incidents in the city of la Garenne-Colombes.

Paris-Match (newspaper) relates the story of this ritualistic assault on French innocents, who — despite all that has happened in recent years — remain naively unaware of the dangers that stalk them at every turn. The following is an abridged version:

The first girl, named Priscilla, 31, got off the train at la Garenne-Colombes at 9:49 p.m. and headed for her apartment, an ordinary building on a deserted small street. No doorman. The building was protected by a mediocre fence and an electric door, equipped with a digital lock.

She keyed in her code all the while talking on her cell phone with a friend and colleague named Yannick. She was completely unaware of being followed. She entered, walked past the trash room with its half-open door, reached the dark lobby and the mail box… It was there that he seized her. Yannick heard a cry — muffled sounds — then silence. Unable to contact her, he called the police at 10:00 p.m.  …con’t HERE.

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FRANCE Is Falling Fast

Diversity Disaster – Racial GANG RAPES

Destroying FRANCE Through Hybridization

Immigrant Women Outbreeding Whites

By Douglas Todd

New immigrants to Canada are much more likely to have babies than their native-born counterparts.

Romania, Germany, Canada, Hungary

Immigrant women who have spent five (5) years in Canada “have almost TWICE as many children of preschool age (as) the average Canadian-born woman,” according to an extensive study by two noted economists.

The University of Waterloo‘s Ana Ferrer and Princeton University’s Alicia Adsera pored over two decades of Statistics Canada census data to reach their conclusion.

Country of birth of "immigrants and non-p...

Country of birth of “immigrants and non-permanent residents” in Canada in 2001 Census

There are major birthrate differences, depending on newcomers’ country of origin: The [immigrant] women who have the highest birthrates tend to be from Africa, Pakistan and India.

The study by Ferrer and Adsera – which explores how childbirth rates affect a family’s “economic assimilation” and other aspects of integration – aims to help governments and businesses respond to demographic changes in Canada, track the availability of workers of both sexes and adjust taxpayer-support services.

While many Canadians welcome more babies, seeing them as future contributors to economic expansion, children can be expensive for both families and taxpayer, who pay for health care, child-tax subsidies and education through Grade 12.

The study goes into detail about the child-birth patterns of the roughly 125,000 women who arrive each year in Canada, which has the highest per-capita immigration rate of any major country.

African and South Asian women show a substantially higher fraction of children under five than similar native-born women,” write Ferrer and Adsera.

They note that women from the Middle East quickly start out having babies after arriving in Canada, but eventually slow down to closer to the national norm.

The authors speculate that women between ages 18 and 45 from European and East Asian countries may worry more about what economists call the “opportunity costs of children,” since having children often reduces chances to increase income.

The authors surmise that women from Europe, China and other East Asian countries could place a different value on the “two-earner family model” than those from India, Africa, the Middle East and elsewhere.

national Flag of Canada

The findings of Ferrer and Adsera dovetail with earlier data from Statistics Canada, which showed that, based on ethnicity, the lowest fertility rates in Canada are among White, Chinese and South Korean women, all of whom fall below the national birthrate average of 1.6 babies per woman.   >Source

[The LOW percentage (%) of WHITE PEOPLE in the World? ANSWER.]

[For emphasis, all Underlined, bold print and italicized words are by ELN Editor.]

And the long-term implications are:

Importing JAMAICAN “Culture”

Blacks LESS Intelligent?

Importing BLACK Crime


Canada’s ANCHOR Babies

Foreign “Visitors” As “Birth Tourists”


Muslim Violence in Canada

Duped By Multiculturalism

Toronto Police Losing “Face”


Emboldened Minorities EYE Canada

Is Racial Diversity “Good” for Canada?


… other Western Nations

U.S.  WHITES Outnumbered  in 30+ Years


Last Call for WHITE Britain

Dangerous Reality of “Diversity”

H/T http://www.nationalprotectionism.com/

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TRUTH or Consequences

None Dare Say White Genocide

Retract Canada’s “Nanny” Program

By Martin Collacott,
Guest Columnist,
The Province

H/T to Immigration Watch Canada

Recent reports on the abuse suffered by live-in caregivers from overseas, and in particular the case of Leticia Sarmiento, underline the need to protect the rights and ensure decent working conditions for such workers.

The live-in caregiver program itself, however, also requires a thorough review and overhaul in view of the questionable premises on which it is based.

[Read:  Sikh Men Seek Nanny Jobs]

Live-in caregivers are the only “temporary” foreign workers who are virtually guaranteed permanent residence in Canada … if they can stick it out for two (2) years in the jobs for which they are hired.

In effect, the program ensures that the caregiver will be able to stay here permanently, and bring in their family members without having to meet the usual requirements for those coming here as members of the economic class.

English: A map of Canada exhibiting its ten pr...Who benefits from this arrangement, and who do not?

While the caregivers may have to work long hours at low pay – and some employers are obviously better than others in this regard – they are usually prepared to do almost any of the work demanded of them in order to gain permanent status without having the qualifications normally required.

Their employers are also happy with the arrangement since the prospect of being granted permanent residence (P.R.) here spurs on the caregivers to put in long hours at low pay when necessary.

Who does not benefit? The answer to this is … Canadians, in general.

While the program is popular with a limited number of households – in many cases upscale working couples with young children (or wealthy immigrants, themselves), who can afford to bring in help from overseas – it is quite likely to be costly to Canadian taxpayers since the latter have to pay for the social services and other benefits accruing to caregivers and their families … after they get permanent status.

And since they did not have to meet the requirements of economic immigrants, there is a good chance their earnings will be low enough that the benefits they receive from the public purse … will be greater than what they pay in taxes. As one government document wryly noted, the economic benefits (for Canada) are “marginal.”

[It’s much, much worse than “marginal”… simply read this report.  >Editor]

In the circumstances, the program has been increasingly popular, with a seven-fold (700%) increase in the number of “caregivers”, who along with their family members, have in recent years been able to use it to obtain permanent status in Canada. They increased from just under 2,000 in 2002 to nearly 14,000 in 2010 … with another 29,000 awaiting processing of their applications in that year.

[Imagine what those high numbers must be in 2014! The “word” has now spread to every 3rd-world economic basket-case that Canada’s back-door is left wide open to unskilled, illiterate non-white foreigners. Meanwhile, educated and skilled P.R. applicants and their families from Britain and other 1st world nations are waiting up to 4 or 5 years to gain entry through Canada’s front door?!  >Editor]

Apart from the cost of the program to Canadian taxpayers, other serious problems have been identified. According to internal government documents obtained through access to information requests, two of the immigration offices where many of the applications are made – Manila (the Philippines) and Chandigarh (India) – have seen a major proliferation of local caregiver “schools” that exist, either in name only, or have questionable standards. Many appear to have been created solely for the purpose of men – which is odd in societies where care-giving is seen as “women’s work”.

[Obviously, these overseas foreigners are only scamming a system that’s only asking to be abused. It’s the only option left open to unqualified foreigners living half way around the world who seek every possible loophole to land on Canadian soil.

When free tickets to Canada’s social welfare net are offered up without hardly a whimper of protest, only fools would not take advantage of such  generous offers, hence we attract foreign schemers from 3rd-world countries who are only eager to take advantage of this giant loophole.

Canada has a population of 35 million people and suffers from a real unemployment rate of about 12% to 15%, yet we need(?) to import hundreds of thousands of “temporary” foreign workers, care-giver workers, plus the never-ending 5,000 legal immigrants arriving EVERY WEEK for the past 24 years!? Something is WRONG with this picture.  >Editor]

Yet, another problem noted by Ottawa is that between 40% and 70% of the “caregivers” come to work for (their own) family members already ensconced in Canada, which means, in effect, that it functions to a large extent, as a back-door family reunification program. This is underlined by the fact that many caregivers apparently leave the “profession” once they obtain permanent status [in Canada].

This, in turn, raises questions as to whether the program is really meeting an ongoing labour-market need or simply functioning as a means of immigration to Canada by individuals who wouldn’t otherwise qualify. The fact that there are sufficient (numbers of) Canadian caregivers willing and able to meet the demand for live-out home care, also raises doubts about the extent to which the program is needed.

All things considered, the live-in caregivers program should be strictly a temporary-worker program, and not a channel to permanent residence. It makes no sense to allow people to (remain in Canada) permanently and have their families join them when they cannot meet normal immigration requirements.

Canadian passport (1993-2002).

The abused, battered and dumbed-downed Canadian passport.

[During the 1950s and 1960s when a Canadian passport held exceptional value, European immigrants were expected to meet with high standards before being allowed into Canada.

Today, our country’s debased entry standards have become a joke around the world, leading us away from much higher living standards enjoyed by those of the 1960s. >Editor]

By the same token, it is important that the government put in place explicit standards and guidelines to ensure that live-in caregivers receive reasonable treatment from their employers in Canada and that they have clear recourse in the event they do not.


Martin Collacott, a former Canadian ambassador who lives in Vancouver, is a spokesman for the Centre for Immigration Policy Reform.

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Racial Diversity – A CON Game

“If You’re Black, Go Back!”

Illegal, Low IQ AFRICAN Migrants Storm into SPAIN.  Destination: Northern Europe

By Christopher Zara 

An outspoken Estonian politician has a message for would-be immigrants:

“If you’re BLACK … GO BACK!”  

Flag of Estonia

Flag of Estonia

Martin Helme, a board member for the Conservative People’s Party, was speaking about immigration policies on a television show in Tallinn, when he said he wants Estonia to remain a “White country,” (Population: 1,286,540) and that an influx of immigrants would lead to the “pillaging and raping” of Estonian towns.  (U.S. example – Somali Refugee!)

BS406 Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn, Estonia

The English-language ERR, an Estonian public broadcasting service, reported the story on Wednesday, stating that Helme’s comments stemmed from concerns that Estonia could see civil unrest similar to elsewhere in Europe, where migration from African nations such as Algeria, Morocco and Cameroon has skyrocketed over the past four decades.

Tensions between immigrants and authorities have increased in the wake of Europe’s economic downturn, which has lessened prospects for the thousands of Africans who migrate to Europe each year in search of “a better life” (for them, only).

In Sweden last week, (race) riots broke out in Stockholm. It was the 3rd time that (race) riots have broken out in the country in the last five years. Helme – ERR reports — wants to avoid similar problems in Estonia BEFORE they start.
SWEDEN, today!

“ESTONIA should NOT allow things to go as far as in England,  France and Sweden,” Helme reportedly said. 

ONE Town in SWEDEN (Pop. 32,000) FOREIGN PARASITES Make Their Demands!

[LEARN a few lessons from other nation’s experiences:



https://elliotlakenews.wordpress.com/2012/06/12/importation-of-black-violence/  (CANADA)

“Our (Estonian) immigration policy should have one simple rule:

If you’re BLACK … GO BACK!

As simple as that. We shouldn’t allow this problem to emerge in the first place.”

[Australia’s Professor Andrew Fraser WARNED us in 2005:

“Experience — practically everywhere in the world — tells us that an expanding BLACK population is a sure-fire recipe for increases in crime, violence and a wide range of other social problems.]

[See: Italian Town EJECTS All Blacks

ITALIAN Parents REVOLT Against “Diversity”

SWISS Advertisement “STAY HOME”]

[…] Helme formerly worked for the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Open Estonia Foundation, according to his profile on the conservative Brussels Journal, where he kept a right-leaning blog on social and economic issues facing Europe. In Estonia, he has a reputation for xenophobic viewpoints … at least based on Twitter responses to his latest comments.

[What’s the percentage (%) of WHITE people on Earth? ANSWER.]

Formerly known as the People’s Union — a center-right, pro-business party in the 1990s — the Eesti Konservatiivne Rahvaerakond  (Conservative People’s Party) once had the largest membership in Estonia.  However, support for the party waned significantly following a series of leadership scandals. Today the party is supported by only about 3% of the country and is not even represented in Estonia’s parliament… according to ERR.

Song Celebration in Tallinn, Estonia

Song Celebration in Tallinn, Estonia

Meanwhile, Helme is not backing down from his stance.

Asked about his comments by the Estonian newspaper Postimees, the politician said he should be free to discuss his beliefs on immigration without “political correctness” getting in the way. >Source

UNSAFE for Black people: http://cms.horus.be/files/99935/MediaArchive/Racist%20Violence%20Report%20Estonia%20-%20online.pdf

To add emphasis, all Boldface underlined words are by ELN Editor

Let’s hope this tiny White European country can remain ONE People, ONE Race, ONE Culture, ONE Nation, and ONE Language United in Song

Europe’s Future in 2029? (Only 15 years from now!)

Black/White Race Relations in the U.S.A.  (It’s NOT positive!)

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Swedish Liberalism On Fire

From Cavatus

(Cavatus’ Blog) is not often updated nowadays. It won’t be henceforth.

My work — in order to try to save this country — is restricted to flyer campaigns and (talking) with people. But, I cannot withhold this video clip from you.

Sweden has disgraced itself internationally because of the riots last week. But don’t believe that it all has ceased by now. Every night there are cars on fire and other subversive mischief in the immigration suburbs. In the wake of the first riots, in all 70 suburbs and places have been struck so far by the consequences of Sweden’s downright failed immigration policy.

A politician — a member of one of the ruling parties (Olle Engström in Borås) — had a letter-to-the-editor published yesterday in the newspaper Borås Tidning, in which he rejected the uncontrolled immigration policy, and dreaded that Sweden would shortly fall into a religious civil war if nothing is done … like Lebanon and such countries.

Today, (Engström) was excluded from his party, Moderaterna (“the Moderates”). Today, a fellow party member had a letter-to-the-editor published in the same newspaper, where he maintained that “it is not the immigration that gives frightening consquences for the society; it is the blind criticism without nuances of it”.

I mention this just to show you how completely impossible it is to talk about the quantity of immigrants that Sweden can embrace, and the results of the quantities received so far. So despite nationwide riots, we are still not allowed or able to talk about it, unless we want to be labelled “racists”, foremost by the media and the journalists. This is, in fact, an indication of Sweden’s severe predicament.  >Source

Cambria Will Not Yield says “The liberals tell us straight out that White people have no rights as a people, except the right to be exterminated. The second materialist flaw in the “I’ll respect your culture and you respect mine” is that the colored tribesmen do not believe in respecting other cultures. Their idea of culture is, “We shall destroy your culture.” This is true of every colored tribe: red, yellow, black, and brown. An awareness of the spiritual battle will allow the European to see that he cannot compromise with the colored barbarians, or the liberals.” … more

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Sweden“, for example.

Temporary Foreign Workers Vs Canadian Citizens

Recent events involving temporary” foreign workers point to serious deficiencies, not only in Canada´s Temporary Foreign Worker Program, but to deficiencies in how federal and provincial governments are failing to reconcile immigration policy with Canada´s employment needs.

Royal Bank of Canada's previous logo (the crow...

Most recently, these events involved Canadian IT jobs at RBC (Royal Bank of Canada) Investor Services.

[Boycott: Royal Bank of Canada and pls. sign this petition.]

Before then, it was a controversy that is now before Federal Courts, regarding the importation of Chinese workers by a British Columbia mining company.

Not to be forgotten is Tim Hortons, among other iconic Canadian corporations — employing thousands of temporary foreign workers.

English: A photo of a Tim Horton's cup of coff...

[Boycott: Tim Horton’s Restaurants>  ELN Editor]

In the first instance — no foreign worker — whether temporary or permanent, should be used by employers as a vehicle to force Canadian workers out of their jobs, or to depress their wages. Yet a federal provision that permits a 15% reduction in pay — by Canadian employers to foreign workers — clearly encourages such practices.

[Read:  http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/mcdonald-s-foreign-worker-practices-face-growing-investigation-1.2607365 ]

Secondly, and at a time when significant numbers of Canadians are unemployed, it is clearly unacceptable that additional numbers of workers and immigrants be admitted. Many, including TFWs, will remain in Canada and eventually join the ranks of the unemployed themselves.

That such problems should exist at all, speaks to the failure of provincial and federal governments to produce a national labour force policy that includes skills training and related infrastructure. It also speaks to their failure to address questions about globalization where comparative advantages has favoured low-wage labour working in suboptimal conditions to whom many jobs at all levels from western economies have been outsourced (exported).

It is too late to plug loopholes in out-of-date and out-of-control policies. Citizenship and Immigration Canada and related government departments,
must instead, seek comprehensive solutions that fully address today´s economic and immigration realities.

[See: Nanny Loophole]

Accordingly, the CIPR is calling for the creation of an independent Task Force to carry out a thorough-going review of the TFWP in order to:

a) make recommendations for the reform and/or dismantlement of the program and

b) to determine the implications of such changes for other aspects of
immigration policy.

For more information please see www.immigrationreform.ca
Contact: Martin Collacott (604) 602-1548 or Margret Kopala (613) 230-3611

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