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Readers may be unaware of several female bloggers who post/write valued material on their own blogs that contribute to the knowledge-base of those seeking intelligent and alternative sources of information, as opposed to much of the mind-numbing, spoon-fed gibberish dispensed by your highly-controlled newspaper and television organizations.

I (a White male) want to highlight a few blogs operated by women (that I’m aware) who deserve greater attention, and to encourage you to bookmark the following links for future reading references. If you know of other female bloggers who carry similar memes, please leave their links in the comment section for further evaluation. So … in no particular order, the following links are all found in my right sidebar:  (Note: the country suffix found in the URL does not always reflect their actual base location.)

Vanishing American II (USA)

Canadian Immigration Reform (Canada)

Ozzie Saffa (Australia)

Radio3Fourteen (Sweden?)

Aryan Street (USA)

White Wraithe (USA)

Refugee Resettlement WATCH (USA)

Enza Ferreri (UK)

Sarah, Maid of Albion (Britain) No longer active, but still valued.

Issues & Views (USA) No longer active, but still valued.

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Nothing To See Here, Move On!

Western Sports and Entertainment media are designed to distract your attention from the real issues of the day. The controlled, mainstream media outlets (newspapers & Television) prioritize at keeping you asleep & IGNORANT of truthful facts that should inform and educate the masses! One such example is this story involving a young Swedish woman  brutally gang-raped by foreign “refugees”, and one that should grab your undivided attention. Above all, this is only 1 such sex crime that is repeated THOUSANDS of times every year in Sweden.

Dateline: SWEDEN in the 21st Century

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You Can’t Fix Stupid

Finland’s Flag


By Lime Lite

Well … thank goodness the government-controlled YTE media group in FINLAND has finally decided to spill the beans on how women CAN STOP BEING RAPED! 

If only they’d released this video years ago, millions of women could have prevented this! You see … according to the video below, women only have to hold up their hands in a stop gesture. Or — even better — use two hands. And if they’re really genius — use a bag to fend off the attacker/s! Who knew it was this simple?? If only women had known …

You have to hand it to the Liberal media. They are THAT delusional that they think putting this cutesy video together is going to stop:

1. Finnish females from being targeted by Muslims and 3rd world NON-whites for rape;
2. And, subtly blame White Finnish males for the RAPE CRISIS by using a White male in the video.  Why not use a Muslim or a NON-white, you know … those (actually) responsible for RAPE in the country?

Firstly, I am no expert, but having women hold their arms out straight while making the stop sign, only allows the attacker to put a woman in a wrist-lock.

Secondly, the video fails to explain what a woman is supposed to do if she is tackled to the ground from behind, holding her down, instead of meekly grabbing her arm??

Now the reality! Real Life ATTACK in Italy.

Or what should a woman do if there’s a gang of men attacking her? Maybe that’s in the follow-up video, which is yet to be completed. After all, it can’t be easy having the Lefty media twits decide how best to instruct women to protect themselves from the same “refugees” and “immigrants” the media worship on a daily basis.

Reality is a b*tch.

I guess when you live on the Liberal planet known as Planet Cuckoo, all the criminals are nice people who are very respectful when they attack – as shown in the video. I mean, which other criminal, apart from those living on Planet Cuckoo would back off so sheepishly when a woman uses a ‘stop‘ gesture?

This video reminds me of the stupid Liberals in America suggesting that there should be signed “safe zone’s” all over, where women can run if they’re being attacked. Because, somehow, jumping into a marked ‘safe zone‘ stops an attack.

You can’t fix stupid. You can only point and laugh at it – loudly.   >Source

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Women’s Right To Vote

By Irish Savant

WITHDRAW Women’s Right to Vote

Let me be clear here. When I refer to women’s right to vote, I mean voting on affairs of state — not on The X Factor or Big Brother — contests for which they’re eminently suited. But … my suggestion is probably futile anyway — because that particular “boat” has long sailed and won’t be returning to port any time soon. Our best hope is that it founders on the rocky shoals of reality with all aboard perishing in a watery grave.

Open Source = Communism

Why the animus? Because it’s clear that everything which besets and torments us today, can be traced back to the entry of women into politics with their strings expertly pulled by Cultural Marxist nation-wreckers, such as those of the Frankfurt School. Their success can be judged by the pitiful state of the White male today.

[See: ANTI-White Brainwashing]

Discriminated against at every turn — the butt of every joke in the media — walking on eggshells lest an innocuous comment offends some protected group — edged out of jobs, college places and promotions, while the Government seizes at least half of his income which then ends up with the very groups who dispossess him.

[See: “A Racial Program for the 20th Century”]

Should he succeed against the odds in getting into a good university, he’ll discover to his horror that they’re no longer elite intellectual forums.  No … he’ll find that (universities) are virtual daycare centres for delicate “snowflakes” protected from upsetting contrarian opinion (and) Cultural Marxist brainwashing laboratories with academic courses dumbed-down to accommodate minorities admitted under AA quotas. (Sociology degrees? Here, take one.)

[See: 45 Declared Communist Goals]

Should he decide to start a business, he’ll find himself swamped with equal employment, health and safety, environmental and legal requirements and a government bureaucracy which works at every hand-turn to frustrate him and drain away his earnings. And woe betide him should he marry — his house and children forfeit … should his wife decide to up and leave.

And there are deeper economic and social implications. The bogus ‘fairness‘ and ‘equality‘ doctrines have created a huge and growing welfare-class, one where the state replaces the traditional roles of fathers and husband roles by enthusiastically catering for baby mamas’ bastard spawn.

The replacement of merit by (bogus) “fairness” has had catastrophic impact on standards everywhere as women and other “suffering” minorities get shoehorned into positions beyond their capabilities. Say goodbye to bridges that don’t collapse and the economic wonders that women and other minorities take for granted.

And women succumb to the worst forms of xenophilia, leading the welcome for the swarthy hordes of invaders currently swarming across our borders. (Female support is massively under-represented – by orders of magnitude – for Europe’s “far-right” (ha!) parties, and similarly over-represented for kumbayaparties like the Greens). trudeau-obamaCanadian PM Trudeau & U.S President Obama (2016)

It’s no surprise that women vote disproportionately for such liberal, left-wing and kumbaya-style policies, and the politicians that espouse them. (Obama would not have been elected had voting been confined to men.)

Betty Naomi Goldstein Friedan
Friedan (Betty Naomi Goldstein)

Because, despite the claims of man-jawed feminists (and their snivelling ‘male’ acolytes pretending to enjoy their cultural annihilation) — women are different. Very different. I mean, have you ever heard of a man who gave birth to a baby? And those differences render [women] unsuitable for deciding on important matters of state.  >Source

Man-Up, White Man

Marcus Follin, Justin Garcia & Paul Waggener – Man Up to the Invasion – Hour 1

[…] In this roundtable, Marcus, Justin, Paul and Henrik address some key issues currently facing the men of Western civilization. We begin with a look into the recent Cologne (Germany) sex attacks and the numerous other assaults that have been perpetrated by foreign “rapefugees across Europe.

Marcus gives his perspective on the dangerous mix brewing within Sweden, as culturally incompatible invaders bring with them a set of rules that starkly opposes the moral codes and sense of honor of high-trust societies. The overarching strategy for managing this kind of violent threat to the social order is through man’s commitment to physical fitness and intimate relationships with warrior ethos, tribalism and violence.

We consider the ideas of self-sacrifice and staying within the bounds of the system as we grapple with the task of returning our societal standards to the highest good. Paul says that we must act with pure hearts, strong limbs and actions matching words. Then, we get into what it takes to create strong networks and tribes, defend our borders, women and children…and combat the dividing forces of 3rd wave feminism and cultural Marxism. […]

                                                Listen >>>>> HERE.

… also this music video:



Ruled By Women & Children

By Vanishing American II

At the Council of European Canadians blog … there is a piece by Ricardo Duchesne, describing efforts by something called the Canadian Race Relations Foundation to address troublesome dissent against the ‘diversity’ agenda in Vancouver (British Columbia). The dissenter is a Canadian woman named Kerry Starchuk, who has simply objected to the growing use of Chinese-only business signs in that community.

City of Vancouver, CANADA
Clockwise from top: Downtown Vancouver as seen from the southern shore of False Creek, The University of British Columbia, Lions Gate Bridge, a view from the Granville Street Bridge, Burrard Bridge, The Millennium Gate (Chinatown), and totem poles in Stanley Park

It’s a familiar story to us now: a once-White, English-speaking community is gradually (or suddenly, as elsewhere) transformed into a polyglot, multiracial community with long-time, generational residents being increasingly brushed aside to make way for Diversity. The message from the powers-that-be is: adapt or else. Things have changed and will change, regardless of your wishes. Resistance — as the saying goes — is futile.

Kerry Starchuk and other such citizens are the target of these ‘events’, meant to try to re-educate the original community members, conform them to the agenda, get them to adopt the proper politically correct attitudes — and platitudes.

Platitudes are the lingua franca of these kinds of officially-sponsored ‘symposia’ or ‘community dialogues’ as they are often euphemistically called in this country.  A dialogue, however, is usually defined as a two-way exchange, and these PC-fests are never two-way exchanges. They are one-way only, with those in charge, plus their minority ‘clients’…  talking down to the dissenting White English-speakers.

So the story here is not a novel one, but it’s something that happens all over this country (U.S.A.)  … as well as in proudly multicultural Canada. But one thing I can’t help noticing as I read the article … is the language, the verbiage, used by the PC commissars who put these things together.

“There is an “artistic rendition of workshop discussion,” which is even more revealing in capturing all the central tenets, feelings, and cliches of the diversity regimen. This work of “art” is the front image for this article, which can be found here.  According to this artist, “community harmony” was agreed upon by the participants, and by this they meant “multiple sounds”, “empathy”, “inclusive”, “capacity for difference”, “understanding before judgment”, “addressing racism”, “multiculturalism”. These values are inherently inclusive and everyone agrees that they are good; capacity for difference does mean a capacity to think whether diversity may be entailing the radical dissolution of Eurocanadian communities, whether Richmond was already harmonious and democratic before the Asian invasion. ”

The tone of all of this reeks of sociological/psychological jargon, and it also has a scent of School of Education pablum, of the condescending way many elementary grade teachers are taught to talk to their classes. I have always found this ‘talking-down’ to actual children distasteful; even actual children can be spoken to in a less dumbed-down way, and minus all the whiny ‘feel-good’ cant about “getting along”, “being good neighbors”… and so on.

What I see more and more in our politically correct Western regimes — with their scolding PC ‘schoolmarm’ leaders — is that the whole thing is redolent of the feminist/feminine influence that has been on the ascendant since the 1960s.

Teaching and educational administration have been dominated by women for some decades now, and as such they are increasingly concerned with fostering ”cooperation” as opposed to healthy competitiveness, and on emphasizing “getting along” at the expense of open discussion, and on ”fairness” at the expense of justice. People’s subjective feelings and emotions are valued over objectivity and truth.

And it’s not just in the educational system, but the society at large is steeped in this kind of thing. The media, both our so-called ‘entertainment’ and our ‘news’ media are rife with pop psychology and sociology, with all the vacuous platitudes about ‘self-esteem’ and ‘loving ourselves’, ‘teaching peace’, ‘reaching out’ … and all the rest of it.

Look (if you can stand it) at the ”social media”, at the memes coming from FB, Tumblr, and the others: every smarmy left-wing cliche is represented there. It’s all characterized by the ”social science” platitudes, plus every trite New Age trope.

The influence of women is very obvious here. Women, specifically feminist schoolmarms, seem to be in charge. And even in the political world, look at many of the women ”leading” European countries. Dowdy, scolding schoolmarms … most of them.

Even the liberal men who are part of this crazy Reign of Lies are feminized and … continue reading HERE.

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Photo Credit > https://fuhrerious88blog.wordpress.com/

THE reality!

18 yr. old Swedish RAPE Victim (Unknown)



Elin Krantz
AFTER:   Elin Krantz crime scene image. Warning: GRAPHIC
Ephrem Tadele Yohannes  (AFRICAN “refugee”)   Source:   http://www.wvwnews.net/content/index.php?/news_story/who_was_ellen_krantz.html

“It is not as wrong raping a Swedish girl as raping an Arab girl,” says Hamid, in an interview about a gang rape involving a Swedish girl and (Non-white) foreign immigrants . “The Swedish girl gets a lot of help afterwards, and she had probably f**ked before, anyway.  But the Arab girl will get problems with her family. For her … being raped is a source of shame. It is important that she (Arab girl) retain her virginity. It is far too easy to get a Swedish whore … errr, girl, I mean” says Hamid, and laughs over his own choice of words. “I don’t have too much respect for Swedish girls. I guess you can say they get f**ked to pieces.”

GERMANY (Deutschland)


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