Man-Up, White Man

Marcus Follin, Justin Garcia & Paul Waggener – Man Up to the Invasion – Hour 1

[…] In this roundtable, Marcus, Justin, Paul and Henrik address some key issues currently facing the men of Western civilization. We begin with a look into the recent Cologne (Germany) sex attacks and the numerous other assaults that have been perpetrated by foreign “rapefugees across Europe.

Marcus gives his perspective on the dangerous mix brewing within Sweden, as culturally incompatible invaders bring with them a set of rules that starkly opposes the moral codes and sense of honor of high-trust societies. The overarching strategy for managing this kind of violent threat to the social order is through man’s commitment to physical fitness and intimate relationships with warrior ethos, tribalism and violence.

We consider the ideas of self-sacrifice and staying within the bounds of the system as we grapple with the task of returning our societal standards to the highest good. Paul says that we must act with pure hearts, strong limbs and actions matching words. Then, we get into what it takes to create strong networks and tribes, defend our borders, women and children…and combat the dividing forces of 3rd wave feminism and cultural Marxism. […]

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Ruled By Women & Children

By Vanishing American II

At the Council of European Canadians blog … there is a piece by Ricardo Duchesne, describing efforts by something called the Canadian Race Relations Foundation to address troublesome dissent against the ‘diversity’ agenda in Vancouver (British Columbia). The dissenter is a Canadian woman named Kerry Starchuk, who has simply objected to the growing use of Chinese-only business signs in that community.

City of Vancouver, CANADA
Clockwise from top: Downtown Vancouver as seen from the southern shore of False Creek, The University of British Columbia, Lions Gate Bridge, a view from the Granville Street Bridge, Burrard Bridge, The Millennium Gate (Chinatown), and totem poles in Stanley Park

It’s a familiar story to us now: a once-White, English-speaking community is gradually (or suddenly, as elsewhere) transformed into a polyglot, multiracial community with long-time, generational residents being increasingly brushed aside to make way for Diversity. The message from the powers-that-be is: adapt or else. Things have changed and will change, regardless of your wishes. Resistance — as the saying goes — is futile.

Kerry Starchuk and other such citizens are the target of these ‘events’, meant to try to re-educate the original community members, conform them to the agenda, get them to adopt the proper politically correct attitudes — and platitudes.

Platitudes are the lingua franca of these kinds of officially-sponsored ‘symposia’ or ‘community dialogues’ as they are often euphemistically called in this country.  A dialogue, however, is usually defined as a two-way exchange, and these PC-fests are never two-way exchanges. They are one-way only, with those in charge, plus their minority ‘clients’…  talking down to the dissenting White English-speakers.

So the story here is not a novel one, but it’s something that happens all over this country (U.S.A.)  … as well as in proudly multicultural Canada. But one thing I can’t help noticing as I read the article … is the language, the verbiage, used by the PC commissars who put these things together.

“There is an “artistic rendition of workshop discussion,” which is even more revealing in capturing all the central tenets, feelings, and cliches of the diversity regimen. This work of “art” is the front image for this article, which can be found here.  According to this artist, “community harmony” was agreed upon by the participants, and by this they meant “multiple sounds”, “empathy”, “inclusive”, “capacity for difference”, “understanding before judgment”, “addressing racism”, “multiculturalism”. These values are inherently inclusive and everyone agrees that they are good; capacity for difference does mean a capacity to think whether diversity may be entailing the radical dissolution of Eurocanadian communities, whether Richmond was already harmonious and democratic before the Asian invasion. ”

The tone of all of this reeks of sociological/psychological jargon, and it also has a scent of School of Education pablum, of the condescending way many elementary grade teachers are taught to talk to their classes. I have always found this ‘talking-down’ to actual children distasteful; even actual children can be spoken to in a less dumbed-down way, and minus all the whiny ‘feel-good’ cant about “getting along”, “being good neighbors”… and so on.

What I see more and more in our politically correct Western regimes — with their scolding PC ‘schoolmarm’ leaders — is that the whole thing is redolent of the feminist/feminine influence that has been on the ascendant since the 1960s.

Teaching and educational administration have been dominated by women for some decades now, and as such they are increasingly concerned with fostering ”cooperation” as opposed to healthy competitiveness, and on emphasizing “getting along” at the expense of open discussion, and on ”fairness” at the expense of justice. People’s subjective feelings and emotions are valued over objectivity and truth.

And it’s not just in the educational system, but the society at large is steeped in this kind of thing. The media, both our so-called ‘entertainment’ and our ‘news’ media are rife with pop psychology and sociology, with all the vacuous platitudes about ‘self-esteem’ and ‘loving ourselves’, ‘teaching peace’, ‘reaching out’ … and all the rest of it.

Look (if you can stand it) at the ”social media”, at the memes coming from FB, Tumblr, and the others: every smarmy left-wing cliche is represented there. It’s all characterized by the ”social science” platitudes, plus every trite New Age trope.

The influence of women is very obvious here. Women, specifically feminist schoolmarms, seem to be in charge. And even in the political world, look at many of the women ”leading” European countries. Dowdy, scolding schoolmarms … most of them.

Even the liberal men who are part of this crazy Reign of Lies are feminized and … continue reading HERE.

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THE reality!

18 yr. old Swedish RAPE Victim (Unknown)



Elin Krantz
AFTER:   Elin Krantz crime scene image. Warning: GRAPHIC
Ephrem Tadele Yohannes  (AFRICAN “refugee”)   Source:

“It is not as wrong raping a Swedish girl as raping an Arab girl,” says Hamid, in an interview about a gang rape involving a Swedish girl and (Non-white) foreign immigrants . “The Swedish girl gets a lot of help afterwards, and she had probably f**ked before, anyway.  But the Arab girl will get problems with her family. For her … being raped is a source of shame. It is important that she (Arab girl) retain her virginity. It is far too easy to get a Swedish whore … errr, girl, I mean” says Hamid, and laughs over his own choice of words. “I don’t have too much respect for Swedish girls. I guess you can say they get f**ked to pieces.”

GERMANY (Deutschland)


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GERMANY!  (Deutschland)



WHITE South Africans Need Help

Use own discretion when donating funds

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Over half a million desperately poor White South Africans are forced to live in makeshift shantytowns similar to this one pictured above. Sanitation is deplorable because there are  no indoor toilets, no running water and no electricity. Health/dental care is negligible. White citizens are DENIED jobs and welfare benefits due to their race.  The 8% White-minority population is LESS than 5 million in this Black-governed, Black-majority nation of 55 million people.

Western newspapers are quick in promoting the plights of NON-white “refugees” flowing into our nations, yet they completely ignore the known facts of White genocide being waged against Euro-White South Africans. A collective form of suicidal madness seems to have gripped White Western nations when welcoming hordes of incompatible migrant invaders onto our soil when the real deserving refugees are left behind and completely ignored.

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Did You Know?

White Women GET IT!

Smart Women – WE ARE AWAKE, and NOT Taking It Anymore!

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Feminist Dupes

“Racism” – A Talmudic Invention

Feminisim’s Negative Consequences


What Feminism has done:

1. It has made men less likely to get a job as a cop or fireman. Despite being bigger, stronger and more capable of dealing with physical threats, employment-equity (affirmative action) requires that less capable women are hired before men. I am especially comforted by the ones who are 5’ 2’’, 130 lbs with painted nails and mascara. I’ve seen several of them. They make me feel so safe.

(Also see: Toronto Police Losing “Face”)

2. It has given teenage girls reproductive freedom and sexual equality to males. As a result, our society is rampant with single baby-mothers, my children’s school is full of troubled children who grow up deprived of a father’s guidance, and our jails are full of angry, fatherless young criminal men.

3. It has made me appreciate my stay-at-home mom-wife 1000% more. I see my buddies rush to make breakfast and deliver the kids to daycare everyday. I hear about how their working wives are too tired to have sex. I watch their kids dine on take-out food and get fat as they live their lives deprived of wholesome home-cooked meals because mommy has to stay at work late to write a report.

4. It has allowed me to wait longer for medical care. There are only so many places available in medical school and over 50% of all doctors graduating these days are female. Female doctors work considerably fewer hours than their male counterparts. And unlike men, they take time off when having children. Therefore, they see fewer patients. I cannot count the number of people who have mentioned to me how little their female doctors work.

5. It has picked my pocket dry with its endless demands for more tax dollars to fund government programs like state-funded daycare that would not be necessary if they just took motherhood more seriously than their own selfish feminist ambitions.

6. It has deprived the world of millions of intelligent children. Intelligence is largely genetic. Many of today’s brightest women are not having children, choosing instead to pursue careers. This has deprived humanity and future generations of their DNA.

Don’t roll your eyes at me. I am not saying that everyone — men and women alike — should not be able to pursue their own private ambitions. And sure … some women cops could take on a man in a physical confrontation, some women doctors work as much as male doctors, and some women do have careers with no negative impact on their motherly duties. But most do not.

Books, magazines, TV, and radio are constantly awash with stories of exhausted, conflicted women trying to do it all. Childless career women are apparently the most conflicted of all. In fact, an entire psychiatric industry has grown up around these feminist-caused problems.

What I am simply trying to do here is point out the unintended negative consequences of feminism on men in particular, and society as a whole. With every action there is an equal and opposite…well, you know. […]  Source


Feminist Dupes

Radical Feminists Are Useful Idiots

Commie Plan For American Women


Feminism Has COMMUNIST Roots