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Free For All – U.S./ Canada Border


TORONTO News & Views

The United States used to be the gold standard for refugees setting out for a better life.

But ever since President Trump took office, and started cracking down on immigration, fearful refugees and asylum seekers have started illegally crossing into Canada in hopes of trading their American dreams for maple leaves.

This has had a profound effect on the small Canadian towns situated near the U.S. border, which have seen refugees from Sudan, Turkey, Syria and other corners of the world show up cold and hungry from difficult border crossings in the dead of winter.

Since the start of the New Year, 69 people have applied for refugee status in Canada after illegally crossing into the country from the U.S.

Dozens of refugees have been crossing from America into Canada over concerns about Trump's travel ban and stricter immigration policies. Above, a family from Yemen are taken into custody by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police after walking across the border into Hemmingford, Quebec on Tuesday 

Dozens of refugees have been crossing from America into Canada over concerns about Trump’s travel ban and stricter immigration policies. Above, a family from Yemen are taken into custody…

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Oh Britain! What Have You Done To Yourself!?

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From The Irish Savant


[…]   Her (Amber Rudd’s) replacement was quickly named. He’s Sajid Javid, a Pakistani Muslim. He promised that his “first priority” would be to right the wrongs of the Windrush Scandal, that which drove Rudd from office.

Maybe someone will suggest to  him that addressing the epidemic of BLACK murders convulsing London might be more urgent. In any event, this is the guy with responsibility for enforcing the control of Britains borders, and the overall administration of justice. Don’t you feel better already?

  And what a support team he’s got. Idi Amin look-alike, Mike Fuller is now Chief Inspector of the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS). His main claim to fame — apart from being the first black to hold this position — is to have used a personal chauffeur to clock up more than 150,000 miles in six years travelling from his home in London to his office in Kent.
I think every parent in Britain can rest easily with their children under the care of such a team, dedicated 24×7 to the welfare of British citizens.
  Meanwhile, yet another Pakistani Muslim rules over the kuffars of the nation’s capital (as Londons Mayor!).
Sadiq Khan (above left), a terrorist-sympathising dwarf who can’t speak proper English has become the self-appointed spokesman for the British people by declaring President Trump to be unwelcome in his country. Sorry, I mean in Britain. Khans country … is, of course, Pakistan.

  Maybe a change of Government will see brain-box Diane Abbot as Treasury Secretary. After all, if Compton ghetto trash can marry into the Royal Family … anything is possible.

Isn’t it amazing…the British people who built an Empire that ruled a quarter of the world, and inter alia ran the whole Indian sub-continent, from Afghanistan to Burma, with about 200,000 of their own people… now need their former subjects to run their own country?   >to FULL ARTICLE

Meanwhile … on the streets of TORONTO, Canada in 2018.
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Multi-Culti Has Killed London

One Woman’s Crusade Against Foreigners’ Illegal Border Crossings

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Canada’s Faith Goldy Reporting

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meanwhile, “our Great Leader” Mr. Dress-Up from Ottawa is too preoccupied to manage Canada’s border crisis while he dresses for success.

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This is a great book! It is choc-a-block full of quotes, images, and information that shows clearly what the agenda is and who is behind it. This is not guess-work. This book is a fabulous resource for anyone who wishes to know the truth, or who wishes to share the truth with others. I highly recommend this book.” ~ Monika Schaefer.

meme monika

A ‘EUROPE ARISE’ purchaser writes: “The book is very concise and describes how alarming the situation has become in Europe. Governmental policy is aimed at destroying the homes of European peoples and their way of finding their own happiness.

This is to be supplanted by a cosmopolitan fantasyland of eternal international…

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Canadian Border Guards “Muzzled” To Say Nothing About ILLEGAL Aliens

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Unknown FOREIGN travellers with no passports posing as “refugees fleeing for their lives from the U.S.and now looking to find that illegal crossing point into Canada, expecting free meals, free accommodation, free medical care and free unearned money from the land of pandering fools.

Uninvited foreigners … here they come, Canada!
50 Thousand foreigners illegally entered Canada last year, and an expected 70,000 unwanted foreigners breaking into your country this year!

NIGERIANS acquire U.S. visas for the purpose of gaining illegal access across Canada‘s defenseless border> HERE.

African Nations I.Q. Test Scores
ALL AFRICAN nations fall BELOW 83 I.Q. — except for five African nations in the 83-91 I.Q. range!
(Canada’s average I.Q. is 100)


Simple SOLUTION to the illegal Roxham Rd. fiasco.


Candice Malcolm (TORONTO SUN)

 BORDER GUARDS assigned to keep Canada safe are blowing the whistle on the Trudeau government.

  CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency) officials are being “muzzled” and the Trudeau government is not properly enforcing the law, according to a CBSA official who reached out to the Toronto Sun for an exclusive interview.

This  (Trudeau) government is making it up as they go along,” said the irritated CBSA officer, who asked to remain anonymous because, in his words, “we are muzzled.”

But, I can tell you that the rank and file cadre has had it ‘up to here’ as with the rest of the growing number of frustrated Canadians out there,” he said.

As reported exclusively in the Sun, a CBSA vehicle was parked at the popular illegal border entry along Roxham Rd. in rural Quebec. This raises serious questions about why CBSA is stationed at an unofficial crossing, and why they’re not enforcing Canada’s immigration laws.

According to a media briefing attended by the Sun last month, it is the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) — and not CBSA — who is “responsible for enforcement between official Ports of Entry.”

RCMP arrest (the foreign) migrants who enter Canada illegally, and then “transfer to CBSA for (immigration) processing,” according to a government backgrounder on the process for illegal entry and asylum claims.

   If, however, the CBSA is stationed at the illegal border crossing on Roxham Rd. — as proven by the Sun report — CBSA should be enforcing border and immigration laws. Specifically, they should be applying the Safe Third Country Agreement that prohibits asylum seekers coming from safe countries like the United States.


If (CBSA) powers only apply in custom controlled areas, and CBSA is stationed (at Roxham Rd.),” it means one of two things, he explained.

Either Roxham Rd. is now “a customs-controlled area and an official crossing where the safe third country (law) is now as applicable as anywhere else,” or, “it is not an official crossing and all actions taken by CBSA officers are null and void,” he said.

Meaning all illegal migrants should be made to proceed to an official port of entry immediately, where the (safe third country laws) will now apply to all of them.”  >to full article   (Italics and Bold type, photo/video inserts by ELN editor)
LEGAL Border Crossing


Faith Goldy Reports>  https://www.pscp.tv/w/1vOxwAqywPmGB

Twitter Account>  https://twitter.com/FaithGoldy

Canada Eagerly Welcomes FAKE “Refugees”

Canada, Crime, Illegal Migration, Quebec

LAST Year!

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Lauren Southern Reporting

THIS Year! >
Canadians Faith Goldy & Alex reporting from the same ILLEGAL border crossing.

Nigeria Population:  196,000,000 … and MANY to be YOUR new “diverse” neighbours.

Canada Population:  37,000,000

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Cult of White Guilt & Ethnomasochism


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Europe is Dying

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