White Slavery DENIAL

By Jim Goad The currently approved conceptual framework for American race relations dictates that Whites — all of them, simply by dint of being White — are oppressors. Any deviation from this rigid script, no matter how deeply rooted in fact, must be immediately annihilated like a blood-engorged tick. We are taught that black academic and financial under-performance—as well as black over-performance in crime—are the … Continue reading White Slavery DENIAL

DO NOT DONATE To 3rd-World Nations

“Evalion” is a young, intelligent 18 yr. old Canadian researcher having the capacity for thought and reasoning abilities usually demonstrated by those much older than herself. She boldly speaks her mind on a variety of political-incorrect topics which may inspire other young people to break away from destructive patterns that lead to nowhere. “Happiness is not the goal of existence, but the byproduct of a … Continue reading DO NOT DONATE To 3rd-World Nations

Embracing Your New Diversity

As “privileged” defenders of White European-established nations … think of all that wonderful “DIVERSITY” and CULTURAL “ENRICHMENT” you are denying yourselves. Boring, clean, stable and crime-free cities are just “too White” for your own good!   Instead … you could have this! So … STOP being a White-privileged RACIST and just embrace our enlivened new future by introducing “enriching” masses of 3rd-World foreigners to your … Continue reading Embracing Your New Diversity

ILLEGAL Foreign Migrants Royally Treated

FREE hotels for the Calais stowaways in soft touch Britain: Outrage as immigrants illegally entering UK get cooked meals and £35 cash a week within days of arrival Migrants given hotel room, three cooked meals a day and £35 cash a week Migrant get a double ensuite room, usually priced at £70 a night (for paying guests).  The Home Office rushed out plans to strip failed … Continue reading ILLEGAL Foreign Migrants Royally Treated

Fred On Everything

Are White Men Gods? (II): Getting the Facts Straight by Fred Reed I find Cornel West, a black professor, complaining of White Supremacy, which he believes our black President needs to remedy.  Obama, he says, is “n*ggerized.” “A n*ggerized black person is a black person who is afraid and scared and intimidated when it comes to putting a spotlight on white supremacy and fighting against … Continue reading Fred On Everything

“White Guilt” Is NOT Necessary

 By Sarah, Maid of Albion One of the many weapons our opponents use against us, and also against others of European ancestry, is often termed historical “white guilt”. Those who hate us often point accusingly to our Empire, and to our involvement in the transatlantic slave trade with the implication that we, particularly the British and European Americans, are uniquely guilty of crimes against other … Continue reading “White Guilt” Is NOT Necessary

A Lesson From HAITI

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “Feel good” competitive altruism?? A CANADIAN couple having returned home and seen at the Saskatoon International Airport with an adopted Negro boy from HAITI. Photo: (Emily Elias/CBC) Post-Modern Haiti Today …another example of White-guilt altruism gone wrong … HERE. …and to think, “they could have had Lil ole` ME … as their very own“.  Also read: Africa – Not OUR Problem Canada’s Black Population Importation of Black … Continue reading A Lesson From HAITI

TOO MANY White Employees – South Africa

By LimeLite There is an old Latin saying: “In the land of the blind … the one-eyed man is King“ Meaning that, even someone without much talent or ability is considered special by those with no talent or ability at all. In this case … in the land of South Africa the blind are the Black voters and the King is the ANC (ruling political party). … Continue reading TOO MANY White Employees – South Africa

VIDEO: Young Woman Tells Angry Black Man He Has a Slave Complex

Good grief, another Emma West scenario where we have police chasing down another “dangerous word-utterer” on a transit system. The neutered White guy sitting beside her remains conspicuously silent while the black African foreigner wails away in his accented-English because the female passenger equated “slavery” to his African origins. Her “crime” was having noticed the man was actually BLACK, while the White hypocrites surrounding her … Continue reading VIDEO: Young Woman Tells Angry Black Man He Has a Slave Complex

Did YOU Know?

A BLACK family born in a White-ruled nation is forced to live in poverty-stricken conditions because: 1) … the unemployed father is DENIED his sovereign right to lawfully seek employment in the nation’s job market because of his swarthy complexion. “Employment-equity/affirmative action” exists to serve only the White majority population … not the Black minority. 2)… the Black family is DENIED access to social welfare benefits and forced to … Continue reading Did YOU Know?