No Time To Lose!

by Frederick Dixon   […] In recent years a little under 700,000 [babies] have been born in England and Wales each year. Of those, 436,000 (63%) were classified as White British in 2014 … 432,000 (62%) in 2015 … (and) 422,000 (60.6%) in 2016. (Now reduced to 59% White babies in 2017 – Editor) Let me say that last one again in case you missed … Continue reading No Time To Lose!

Abe Lincoln Wanted Blacks To Self-Deport Themselves

This is the Abraham Lincoln they did NOT tell you about in school.    The U.S. President, Abraham Lincoln met with a small delegation of free Black men on August 14, 1862 to encourage them to lead their people out of the United States. “You and we are different races. We have between us a broader difference than exists between almost any other two races. … Continue reading Abe Lincoln Wanted Blacks To Self-Deport Themselves

Philadelphia – 30 Blocks of Squalor

From The Burning Platform It’s now been almost three weeks since Donald Trump’s shocking (to mainstream propaganda media outlets) victory over Hillary Clinton and her establishment cronies in the presidential election. Despite an overwhelming electoral victory, the furious liberals and their captured media outlets have been conducting a full court press to somehow overturn the verdict of the American people through intimidation of electors, recounts … Continue reading Philadelphia – 30 Blocks of Squalor

Whites Too Afraid of the “Dark”

By Fred Reed Just another day at the Exceptional Nation. Racial attacks, racial threats, looting, burning. When I am politically upset, I loot stores. Don’t you? It is worth understanding what we deal with. The video makes it clear. The  rioters grow in imagination. This time they tried to throw a photographer into a fire. There was stealing, of course. They steal in response to … Continue reading Whites Too Afraid of the “Dark”

White Teacher “Teaching” Black Students

By Christopher Jackson Until recently I taught at a predominantly black high school in a southeastern state. I took the job because I wasn’t knowledgeable about race at the time, and black schools aren’t picky. The school offered me a job and suddenly I was in darkest Africa. Except, I wasn’t in Africa; I was in America. Blacks outnumbered whites about five to one at … Continue reading White Teacher “Teaching” Black Students

Two Ex-Cops Respond To “It’s A Black World”

Profanity WARNING! Also read: [Canada related] “First, They Came To Remove Old White Guy” Tribal Politics – Choosing Toronto’s Police Chief Police Surrender To “Diversity” Toronto Police “Losing Face” ANTI-White Police Hiring Affirmative-Action Police ***** Racial DIVERSITY – A CON Game Continue reading Two Ex-Cops Respond To “It’s A Black World”