“Paper Canadian” Foreigners

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Vancouver’s Canadian Homeless People – Beggers Belief
(In the video) $23 Million of OUR tax dollars could help our OWN People, yes?

YET … your Canadian tax dollars are easily available to unknown, unwelcome, illegal lying, cheating FOREIGNERS falsely claiming fake “refugee” status. Oh, Canada!

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CANADA belongs to CANADIANS … NOT to Trudeau.

Canadians are dumb driven cattle, obediently following their leaders while casting a wistful glance over their shoulder at what they might have been.”
Historian A.R.M Lower (1889-1988)


Don’t Worry CANADA, It’s Only YOUR Money

Perils of Racial Diversity for White Nations

The Betrayal of CANADA

Canadian Nationalist Party

One Woman’s Crusade Against Foreigners’ Illegal Border Crossings

REAL Leaders Discussing Canada’s Border Crisis

Jill Colton & Faith Goldy discuss the important topic of TENS of thousands of Unknown Foreigners ILLEGALLY Abusing Canada’s Border protocols.


One Woman’s Crusade Against Foreigners’ Illegal Border Crossings


Canada Eagerly Welcomes FAKE “Refugees”


Canadian Border Guards “Muzzled” To Say Nothing About ILLEGAL Aliens


Don’t Worry CANADA, It’s Only Your Money

The CBC Is Not Your Friend

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One Woman’s Crusade Against Foreigners’ Illegal Border Crossings

Canada’s Faith Goldy Reporting
22 minutes

January, 2019
8 minutes

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“The truly disgusting thing about these people as they are often the same people who will point to those that stand in welfare lines and imagine that they are better than them. They will sneer and pontificate, they will say to each other in superior tones ‘look at them, not working for the masters, that is why I have far better trinkets’. Yes, they take their alpha slave trophies very seriously.”   …see What Is Your Price?


…meanwhile, “our Great Leader” Mr. Dress-Up from Ottawa is much too preoccupied in his socks, other than managing Canada’s border crisis that he provoked.
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Canada Eagerly Welcomes FAKE “Refugees”

Canadian Border Guards “Muzzled” To Say Nothing About ILLEGAL Aliens


Unprotected Canadian Border

Alerting Canadians of our OPEN borders to accommodate the world’s lying, cheating FAKErefugeeFOREIGNERS. Thanks for nothing, TruDope!

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World Population:  7,500,000,000
92% are BLACK, BROWN & YELLOW People
8% are MINORITY WHITE People

Formerly “Failed States Index” and all Western nations soon to follow!

3rd World Foreigners NOT Likely To Start A Real Business

by Ricardo Duchesne


  Robin V. Sears (photo) — an NDP strategist for 20 years — says in an article pasted in Century Initiative, without offering any evidence, that

newcomers (Foreigners) arrive with ambition, creativity, and a hunger to succeed, that far outstrips most of the rest of us.

Sears is supposed to be a friend of Canadian workers. Some might say he is a cuckolded White male who wallows in false claims to the point of self-deception. He is not alone: the entire Canadian establishment enjoys mocking their own workers while praising foreign workers.

You can be sure no elite member in the non-Western world, in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, you name it — would trash their own citizens this way.

This backstabbing claim is inscribed into Century Initiative as a statement of beliefs intended to persuade Indigenous Eurocanadians that they should be glad immigrants with superior skills and higher racial qualities are taking charge of their nation.

Entry-level jobs once reserved for Canadian teenagers — not for imported Foreigners!

According to Century Initiative:

Immigrants to Canada are more likely to start and own businesses than those born in Canada.

CI does not offer any evidence, nor any study validating this claim. As a fair-minded person, however, I will bring up the most recent and most lauded study by StatsCan making this claim. This study, Immigration, Business Ownership and Employment in Canada, was released in 2016, authored by David Green, Huju Liu, Yuri Ostrovsky and Garnett Picot (Statistics Canada: Analytical Studies Branch Research Paper Series, March 2016).

This study was celebrated by our lying press with gusto. Global News thus announced on March 2016:

Immigrants more likely to start businesses than the Canadian-born: study.

CBC News:

At creating new businesses, immigrants outpace Canadian-born people, StatsCan finds

What The Data REALLY Says About Immigrant “Businesses”

I will demonstrate below that the data in this study actually says something substantially different from what the media want us to believe, and what the authors of this study would have liked the data to say.  >>con’t to FULL ARTICLE