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By Bob Wilson

A report by the Center for Immigration Studies (www.cis.org) reveals some startling figures about welfare use by families headed by immigrants.

State of Maine – Somali community organizers: We want our welfare money! Photo: Bangor Daily News

In 2010, 36% of immigrant-headed households used at least one major welfare program (primarily food assistance and Medicaid) compared to 23 percent of native households,” summarizes the document which was published by the Center for Immigration Studies and examines a wide variety of topics relating to immigration. Click HERE to read the full report.

The document breaks down the immigrant families by country of origin and gives specific types of welfare and percentages of the families that used it in 2010. An average fewer than 23% of native households use some type of “welfare” which is specifically defined in the study.  [Also See: Black Population Welfare Bomb]

In contrast, 36% of households headed by immigrants use some type of welfare. Families headed by immigrants from specific countries or areas of the world range from just over 6% for those immigrants from Great Britain to more than 57% of those from Mexico using some type of welfare.

Immigrant rights march for amnesty in downtown...

Illegal Alien “rights” … march for amnesty in downtown Los Angeles, California on May Day, 2006.

This comprehensive study suggests there are approximately 40 million immigrants in the United States of which more than a 25% of that number — and the largest overall group — originate from Mexico. The study estimates that approximately 28% of immigrants — or just over 11 million — are within the United States illegally.

The study also suggests that nearly 50% of those immigrants originating from Mexico and Central America are here illegally.

This report is very comprehensive and examines various statistics of immigrants currently residing in the United States. Overall, state and federal aid use by immigrant families is much higher than that used by families headed by citizens of the United States.

The large population of immigrants, both legal and illegal in Eastern Washington —and even Spokane– dramatically affects the state’s budget.

The approaching fiscal cliff is forcing congress and the current administration to contemplate cuts to services. Welfare use by immigrants, (plus REFUGEES) both illegally and legally within the United States, should be thoroughly examined and considered while making cuts. >Source

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Visible Minorities of CanadaThe above pie-chart is outdated. As of October, 2014 consider Canada’s White proportion to be much reduced to about 77% … or slightly above 3/4 of this chart.

Immigration Watch Canada presents two news stories.

One story is from Canada’s Macleans magazine. It states that the United Nations has criticized Canada for using the term “visible minority”. According to the U.N. (whose members vastly over-represent NON-whites), that term implies that White people (84% of Canadians) are the standard. (Obviously, eh?!  -Editor)

The U.N. has ordered Canada to appear in Geneva in 2012 before its Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

This is one more absurd example of how organizations like the U.N., including Canadian” groups who support high immigration and multiculturalism…… have conspired to undermine Canada’s sovereignty and ignore Canadian historical facts.


France and Britain invented modern Canada….. and Canada’s European-based majority population has the right to set Canada’s national policy on immigration, and all other matters.  It is also clear that this is an effort to have Canada bend to the demands of Canada’s immigration industry, and to some recent immigrants and their politically-correct supporters.

In addition, this example again, shows how diversity programs all across Canada, and the visible minority section of the Employment Equity Act, (Affirmative Action) allow visible minorities to jump to the front of the employment queue.

As has been demonstrated, there was never justification for including “visible minorities” in Employment Equity legislation. In fact, many of the people referred to as “visible minorities” should never have been brought to Canada. Bringing them into Canada was a very serious mistake. Giving them preference for (Canadian) jobs only compounded the mistake. Diversity hiring and the Employment Equity section for visible minorities should be terminated.

European Youths Fighting Back To Save THEIR Heritage

The other news story is from the Center for Immigration Studies in the United States. It describes how some immigrants have abused affirmative action legislation to acquire highly profitable government contracts and have become very wealthy. (“Affirmative Action” was intended to protect American blacks and aboriginals, and is similar to Canada’s Employment Equity Act.)

Immigrants have also used the same affirmative action laws to secure entry to post-secondary institutions, “particularly in a time of high unemployment, shrinking government spending, and cutthroat competition for entrance to elite colleges and universities”. –continued HERE.

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