UK’s Muslim Rape Gangs

By Rufus A nation is not just a geographical area.  A nation is the union of the people with the land. To the Internationalists, there is nothing sacred about land or people; both are seen as commodities to be used and ultimately to be destroyed.  Whether it is the ‘free market’ capitalists, or the communist world revolutionaries, those who advocate a world without borders have … Continue reading UK’s Muslim Rape Gangs

Swedes Surrender To Muslim Invaders

***** ***** SOMALIAN “Refugees” Attack Swedish Teen and Set Him On FIRE! Also Read: Has SWEDEN Gone Insane? Can Sweden Survive Multi-Racialism? Sweden’s Ordered Society In Trouble ***************************************** Muslims In Stockholm SWEDEN Tops In Rapes Sweden’s Racial Suicide Mission ********************************** Swedish Media Soft On Immigrants ************************************* Continue reading Swedes Surrender To Muslim Invaders

MSM News OMITS Vital Facts

Dorbor Nyonee, Leroy Kear, Abdul Kabia and Abdulai Barrie Local media in NEW HAMPSHIRE is censoring facts that these alleged GANG RAPISTS may be AFRICAN “refugees“. Large numbers of “refugees” from AFRICA have been resettled in the American cities at taxpayer’s expense. Currently the Obama administration is giving grants to churches and charities to BRING AFRICANS to the USA.  (Daily Updates: ) Often these people are brought from the most … Continue reading MSM News OMITS Vital Facts

Sweden Tops In Rapes

Fjordman SWEDEN has the highest incidence of reported rapes in Europe — twice as many as “runner up” the UK, … a new study shows. Researchers behind the EU study, which will be presented on Tuesday, conclude that rape appears to be a more common occurrence in Sweden than in continental European countries. Updated to 2015 and NOTHING HAS CHANGED!! In Sweden, 46 incidents of … Continue reading Sweden Tops In Rapes

Diversity Disaster: Racial Gang-Rapes

By Sam Francis [After more than a DOZEN years later, this story is still valid as ever] No doubt because of the influence of xenophobia and nativism in this country, America has not yet had an opportunity to welcome a new sport that the glorious multiracial diversity of the new millennium has already created. But in more cosmopolitan centers like Paris and Australia, the game … Continue reading Diversity Disaster: Racial Gang-Rapes