Canadians Fooled Again


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Pierre Trudeau

Kathleen Moore

Former Canadian prime minister, Pierre Trudeau was conveniently “placed” in office by Lester B. Pearson, whose Soviet activities are mentioned in this link:

I also recently put online a 1971 piece by Alan Stang, and which I feel is extremely credible:

Paul Hellyer, who founded the Canadian Action Party (CAP), was Pearson’s right-hand man, and was also close to Trudeau. It would be naive to think that two Communists like Pearson and Trudeau would entrust Canada’s national security to a man who was not also on their Communist team.

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Paul Hellyer is now chasing “aliens” and demanding that we earth people “partner” with aliens to advance technologically. His political party, the CAP, was led for many years by Connie Fogal Rankin who was hand-picked by Hellyer, and a Communist. Together with her husband, devout Stalinist Harry Rankin — who lied under oath to become a lawyer — ran Vancouver’s only Communist municipal party.

When Harry died in 2002, Connie hired a choir to sing at his funeral. The choir sang the Communist anthem, the “International”, not our national anthem of “O Canada”. Of course, the International is a reference to Communist globalism also known as world government.

Connie’s work leading Hellyer’s party has been chiefly directed towards deflecting Canadians away from any viable opposition to North American Union — the annexation of Canada to the USA and Mexico in a Communist regional union, and a step towards a Communist world government.

Security and Prosperity Partnership of North A... 
The annexation of Canada is unconstitutional and fundamentally illegal, but Connie and Hellyer’s party are leading Canadians to demand a “vote” on it, thus introducing the fake option of a “yes” into a situation that is totally illegally, and, which there is no such option.

They appear to be copying the successful scam of Commissar Trudeau, who:

[a] worked underground to stir up “radical” Quebec separatism;

[b] worked with one of the two FLQ terrorist leaders, Pierre Vallieres, who was a Director of Trudeau’s magazine, CITE LIBRE (Free City);

[c] worked underground with other Quebec Cabinet ministers in Soviet Pearson’s federal government to devise a plan requiring the creation of a “separatist” party, so it could be “fought” in a battle to “save” Canada.

That party was indeed created and led by Trudeau’s friend Rene Levesque — who was raised a Communist by his father.

The party is the PARTI QUEBECOIS, and Rene Levesque followed Trudeau’s lead and command every step of the way to the 1980 referendum… a communist ploy to destroy Canada by imposing on all of Canada the system then unfolding in Europe, which was then the European Economic Community, and today has become the European Union.

A number of credible individuals are warning us that the EU is the new Soviet Union. See Vladimir Bukovsky, Charlotte Iserbyt and the late Vilius Brazenas, to name just three.

The North American Union is modeled on the European Union and is thus to be the North American Soviet Union, which explains why Hellyer’s fake party to “save” Canada is trying to get a “referendum” on it to introduce a “yes” option which the constitution forbids as treason.

Meanwhile, Hellyer’s best pal is a former U.S. military man who psychically channels aliens; and the executive team behind Hellyer’s party is led by a president who teaches the URANTIA Book religion — a faith based on a book written in the 30s by an infamous member of the Kellogg family — which teaches that earth requires world government and must be federated into a galactic society composed of planets full of aliens who also each have world government. I’ve made fun of Hellyer and his Communist crowd of numb-nuts here:

Communists and Theocratic Globalists want to “save Canada”: (best viewed in Internet Explorer for the animated aliens).

“Soviet” supporting documents for that spoof site are here:, including a link to the newspaper article on the “International” being sung at Rankin’s funeral.

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