London Then, London Now

London, 1967 ***** Some 50 Years Later London, TODAY “London‘s (MUSLIM) mayor has suggested that the crime wave overtaking England and Wales — and Britain’s multicultural capital, in particular — is a consequence of falling police numbers, in an opinion piece published by the left-liberal Guardian.” BRITISH Parliamentarian Enoch Powell — Born 1912, Died 1998 ***** “In fact, with (56% NON-white) London alone boasting over 900 police … Continue reading London Then, London Now

WHITE British Births In Steep Decline

The homogeneous ENGLAND that was once was! (early 1960s) By Frederick Dixon If you were lucky – because it received little (media) coverage – you will have caught a news item the other day; that the percentage of White British births in England and Wales fell in 2014 to its lowest level ever of 65.3%. Well, of course it was the lowest level ever (so … Continue reading WHITE British Births In Steep Decline

Media Suppress Facts on Crime

By Mister Fox Changing Reality Two surprising articles about race and the First World recently appeared in the world’s media: the first in Britain and the other in Russia. Both revealed startling truths which are worth considering in detail. In Britain, Rod Liddle wrote the wrong thing on his Spectator blog about two black youths who conspired to push a pregnant woman into a canal … Continue reading Media Suppress Facts on Crime

“White Guilt” Is NOT Necessary

 By Sarah, Maid of Albion One of the many weapons our opponents use against us, and also against others of European ancestry, is often termed historical “white guilt”. Those who hate us often point accusingly to our Empire, and to our involvement in the transatlantic slave trade with the implication that we, particularly the British and European Americans, are uniquely guilty of crimes against other … Continue reading “White Guilt” Is NOT Necessary

Ban the Protests, But NOT Child-Rape

By Enza Ferreri Rotherham to Ban Muslim Child-Rape Protests In late May, the local Council of Rotherham in Northern England, has asked the Government for special powers to have protest marches by “extremist groups” in the city outlawed. Rotherham has been one of the places in England hit by Muslim paedophile gangs. For 20 years, Muslim rings have been grooming White girls for sexual exploitation, totally … Continue reading Ban the Protests, But NOT Child-Rape

HELLSTORM – Allied Slaughter of German Innocents

[Click center arrow … then to FULL Screen – Click box in right-bottom corner] Germanic women and their children were the most common victims of these murderous British/American bombing raids, and who were subsequently burnt to death in the following fire storms deliberately set by incendiary bombs. Highly Progressive Berlin 1927 More information on the book “HELLSTORM” and where to order: Also read: … Continue reading HELLSTORM – Allied Slaughter of German Innocents

Invaders Now Dictating the Narrative

By Enza Ferreri If this is not the essence of colonialism … I don’t know what is. A bunch of NON-British pontificating on what the core values of Britain are … or should be. We have here — on a BBC programme —  one of the endless series of debates on “what is Britishness“ that have been part of the UK public discourse only since the arrival … Continue reading Invaders Now Dictating the Narrative

Preventing WHITE Genocide

Source: United Nations, World Population Prospects: The 2006 Revision (2007). ********************************************************** Also read: A White Racial Crisis Embolden Minorities Eye Canada Australia’s Declining WHITE Population New Zealanders Against Asian Invasion ******************************************* Full WHITE Genocide – The End Game Continue reading Preventing WHITE Genocide

Save Our National Heritage Proportion of Visible Minorities (NON-whites) in CANADA, 1981 to 2001 –Stats Canada  (Update 2015:  NON-whites have now quadrupled to 20% since 1981. An astounding 7,000,000 new foreigners — the vast majority from 3rd world countries — have landed on OUR sovereign soil since 1981.  It took only 3 decades for our White European proportional population to plummet from 95% to about 75% today.) Lessons of WHITE Babylonians – 3,800 … Continue reading Save Our National Heritage

VIDEO: Young Woman Tells Angry Black Man He Has a Slave Complex

Good grief, another Emma West scenario where we have police chasing down another “dangerous word-utterer” on a transit system. The neutered White guy sitting beside her remains conspicuously silent while the black African foreigner wails away in his accented-English because the female passenger equated “slavery” to his African origins. Her “crime” was having noticed the man was actually BLACK, while the White hypocrites surrounding her … Continue reading VIDEO: Young Woman Tells Angry Black Man He Has a Slave Complex