What is Freedom to YOU?

By Pat

[Many] people today … know “something” is wrong with this society.

They see the “changes” that are really overt signs of decay. Most people are unhappy. Most people are fat. Most people don’t have fulfilling relationships. Most people are under financial pressure. Most people recognize that society at large is becoming more of a reflection of the 3rd world.

But they don’t know why.

Most people seem to find the concepts of freedom, knowledge, and the meaning of life to be perplexing in definition.

What is freedom to you? If you don’t have the option of doing the opposite – then you’re not free. How much freedom do you really have?

What is knowledge? If you can’t objectively and empirically justify your “belief” about something – then you merely hold a tentative idea … and it’s not knowledge.

What is the meaning of life to you? Is it control of your environment, and the subjugation of others by any means necessary, or is it the pursuit of truth – no matter where that leads?

What we are seeing is the advance of a certain group who hold that the meaning of life is to control the environment, and the subjugation of everyone else, by any means necessary. They are using certain tools to leverage this. The most pervasive is usury. Usury and the private issuance of monetary instruments at practically no cost to the issuer ensures that the private entity will own everything that the issued-money can buy. Adolf Hitler circumvented that by having Germany engage in straight barter with other countries – using no monetary instruments at all for international trade. They just “traded” finished goods for raw materials. That practice completely f*cked the jews.

[Read: Economic Plan of Germany’s NSDAP]

Another major tool “they” use against us … is the application of various forms or brainwashing. The science of mind manipulation is very advanced now. Watching them do this is is really quite interesting. In the past they primarily used Pavlovian methods of behavior and thought control … today electronic media uses a combination of hypnosis, NLP and a few other key techniques to induce reflexive responses in the target audiences.

Anyone with a lot of experience in martial arts will understand the concept of “setting up” the opponent by inducing a reflexive response – that is then taken advantage of in the form of another maneuver. The uninitiated won’t even understand what he’s seeing as the master engages an opponent to induce a reflex. Once that reflex happens, the master fluidly executes his real plan.

That is the real “Art” in fighting.

The Globalist Communists have been hard at work developing what I refer to as “Mental Martial Arts”. They apply these methods primarily through the TV, but they are also used in universities.

Without question, the TV is the most influential medium of mass communication ever. It has joined the toilet as a nearly ubiquitous feature of the modern human dwelling.

The “averageAmerican watches 5 hours and 11 minutes of television every single day. That’s 36 hours of TV every week. That translates into 1,872 hours. Let’s say … they averaged 8 hours of sleep each day and were awake for 16. That means they spend the equivalent of 117 entire waking days watching TV. If watching TV was limited to only 8 hours a day they’d be sitting there watching for 234 days straight. Obviously, TV watching is a massive issue.

Much of that “programming” has been devoted, either directly or indirectly at maligning the German National Socialists. To say that they “failed” and their ideas invalid does not reflect the facts.

They did not “fail”. They were bombed. They were subjected to mass murder. They were occupied and will continue to be occupied until at least 2099.

I submit that they succeeded and posed such an utter threat to the Globalist Communists, that even today NS ideas are feared by the Globalist Communists.

As for the Internet, it’s just a tool – but it is HEAVILY infiltrated. However, it can be used to a limited degree. The real action is in the real world with real people … and that is where much focus should be placed.

The conflict playing out before us is really very basic. I would prefer to see those whose view the meaning of life to be the pursuit of TRUTH – regardless of where that may lead — win. Source


Feds Want Your Local Police

[…] Obama is now set to do another takeover – local and state policing. Yesterday, Obama unveiled his plan for the takeover, which the Daily Caller has dubbed “Obamalaw.”

The Daily Caller points out the possible intent of this move by Obama:

Those best practices likely will eventually include rules that restrict police investigations of groups that are part of the Democratic coalition, and rule that try to level convictions and penalties among various sub-groups of the United States, regardless of actual conviction rates.

“I think communities [with police forces] across the board are going to need to consider … recommendations around prohibiting racial profiling [and] that’s a step that we’ve already taken at the federal level,” Obama said.


Per Obama, “We need more information to find out how to take to scale best practices when it comes to training so that police officers are able to work in a way that reduces the possibilities of bias.”

Translation: All law enforcement officers are “racists” and need to be “retrained.”

Obama suggested that “state and local policing may need to be subordinated to federal social policy.” By changing “law enforcement” to “policing,” it suggests that only certain facets of police business will be addressed instead of the takeover of the state and local law enforcement agencies. Whenever Obama gets his finger in the pie, you can guarantee he’s going for the whole pie, not [just] a sample. The political goals of “Obamalaw” are presented in two simple statements in the report.

Law enforcement agencies should acknowledge the role of policing in the past and present injustice and discrimination and how it is a hurdle to the promotion of community trust …. The Federal Government, as well as state and local agencies, should encourage and incentivize higher education for law enforcement officers.”

[…]  Obama knows that his plan to bring state and local law enforcement under federal control will face heated opposition among the citizenry. He has planned for that and is eliciting the media to assist him — aka the federal government — in this takeover. […]

There will be many who say, “If you aren’t doing anything wrong, you don’t have anything to worry about.” Well, Skippy, there are many millions of Americans who have done nothing wrong except exercise their rights and their government has declared them as “terrorists.” Let’s not forget all the information the government collects on its citizens through unconstitutional NSA spying activities. Does anyone really believe the government wouldn’t “slice and dice” information in order to make someone appear guilty in order to get them into a FEMA camp? The government already forged a birth certificate for Obama. Obama uses a stolen Social Security number. […] To Full Report

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Police Brutality Out of Control

WARNING: Difficult-to-Watch Video of several “cops” brutalizing one unarmed man laying on the ground, while trying to force compliance to their demands.

Does this police response not constitute excessive use-of-force as determined by rules of human dignity and “common sense”? An injured dog laying on its back would would not even be subjected to such brutality by NORMAL human beings.

Some of these “officers of the law” (and, I use that term sparingly) are “walking-talking wrecking balls” capable of tarnishing that profession’s reputation for years to come, and should be fired from their jobs — if not held criminally responsible for their actions.

OR … is this police behavior just the accepted standard operating procedure in America, today? View this next video.

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To Kill The Beast

By Steed

There is a beast whose tentacles envelope almost every area of society.

I would argue that almost every injustice – particularly those injustices specific to the English (and peoples indigenous to their country the World over) –  is ultimately a result of this tentacled beast. It has a mostly unseen strangle-hold upon everything. It is responsible for over-taxation, immigration, political correctness, widespread drug abuse, poor health, corruption, war, abuse of the legal system and everything down to littering. And if anyone sincerely wants to know how it causes these things I think I could offer a reasonable explanation.

The head of the beast is unseen by most people, but many do observe its tentacles. Problem is, they do not recognise that those tentacles belong to the same body and so they campaign against immigration, or against pollution, or against war, or against taxation… or any other small issue which is important to them.

By doing this they are metaphorically stabbing at single tentacles, and on the rare occasion that they achieve a small victory they turn their backs in triumph only to find that the tentacle has regrown later on, but perhaps with a different texture and colour – sliming its way back into position slowly, so as not to be noticed.

So personally, I’m done with campaigning for those smaller issues because it feels futile to me. I do, of course, care about all of those things, and where I’m able to contribute without sacrificing too much time and money, I will, if only to maintain the spirit of rebellion. But I wholeheartedly believe that we must begin turning our attention to the head of the beast – to kill it.

To do that we must first be aware that it is one beast and that it has a central nervous system to be slain. This is what I attempt to do with my online presence, and my blog  – to show people that these are pieces of a larger puzzle.

But how to kill it? We could identify the head (easily done), then arm ourselves and march upon the City of London. But in the unlikely event of a successful storming and roundup of those crooks involved, we would then find that the head of the beast is actually a mind shared by a beast in almost every country of the World. Those other beasts then turn on us in vengeance … and we have achieved nothing.

So I propose starving the beast.

Rather than go on the offensive and meet certain failure against a well-armed state, we build a formidable defence against their demands on us. We simply withdraw consent and cease to feed the beast that has demanded so much from us for so long.

We turn our backs on the material-consumer lifestyle and avoid bank loans. We avoid taxes without risking our livelihood where possible, we buy local and boycott supermarkets, withdraw our names from the electoral register, grow our own food, turn off the TV, stop buying newspapers, affect the energy companies by using less of their supply, homeschool, withhold the BBC Licence Fee, fight every unlawful parking and speeding fine… and so on.

The beast not only requires our money to survive, but our consent and allegiance. Their power is based on a self-created illusion, presented to us via television and popular media. Without that we wouldn’t even know about the thousands of new laws they apply every year. We wouldn’t know who the Queen is, and that she supposedly has a divine right to rule. We would begin focusing our attention on the real world around us and the people of our neighbourhood. Our community would be the new recipient of the ‘food’ we have withheld from the anonymous beast that overshadows our entire World.  Source> Eye of Woden (No longer active)

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“Racism” – A Talmudic Invention

By Rufus

The word “racism” is a weapon which works on an emotional level to keep the peoples of the world focused on an illusion. Until the last century, the word “racism” didn’t even exist. The word has become another tool of our oppressors, but what does it really mean?

No political correctness

To the non-thinking liberal, the word “racism” provokes feelings of anger at perceived oppression, resulting due to skin colour. This, of course, is exactly what the International Enemy wishes to convey. The powers-that-be have so crafted their politically-correct words of warfare, that the brain-washed liberals who populate much of the West, have come to believe that only NON-Europeans (“NON-whites”) can be oppressed — and thus — that Europeans can be the only people capable of mistreating others due to racial identity. This — like all aspects of “Political Correctness” — is absolute nonsense.

When liberals use the word “racism”, they unconsciously think of hostile actions founded on a belief in “racial supremacy”.

They conjure up, in their own minds, images of hooded (White) Europeans in the USA wearing the robes of the Ku Klux Klan, burning crosses and lynching Africans. This imagery leads to anger, and is focused entirely upon any Europeans who dare question the “wisdom” of multiculturalism. Leftists don’t even consider the fact that many non-Europeans also have no desire to see their people destroyed in the multi-culti ‘melting pot.’

For liberals, the plight of the people of Tibet is a tragedy. Indeed it is.

However, the people who chant “Free Tibet“, and who campaign to have the Chinese withdraw from that occupied nation, recoil in horror at the suggestion that all colonisation should be ended wherever it occurs. The occupied territories in Europe are of absolutely no interest to the wilfully blind liberal bigots, who can only perceive tyranny when the victims have non-White skin.

If Tibet was a European land, the liberals would be shrieking hatred for the indigenous population who wish to hold on to their identity. Those who rejoiced at the end of the British Empire in India idolise those who fought to make the British quit India and restore that land to its people; but they would happily lynch those who argue that the colonists from Pakistan who have swamped many English cities should quit Europe!

Liberals have been poisoned by the ideology of the International enemy, to the point where they have become consumed by self-hatred; which, to use their own term, is nothing but ‘racism’ – racial hatred of their own kind. [ … ]

However, there is one people which stands out from the rest of humanity; a people led by lunatics who not only believe in Racial Supremacy, but who believe in an all-powerful invisible entity which hates everybody except them, and which will deliver all humanity into slavery to serve these megalomaniacs. That one people — does not come from Europe!  >continue to Full Article


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B.B.C. On Race Mixing

This video clip demonstrates how the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) subtly approves of  miscegenation, thus leaving the impression that race-mixing is a perfectly “natural” phenomenon, when in fact , most people — if they’re being honest, find it thoroughly unnatural.

[See: What Is Miscegenation]

I questioned homosexuality and miscegenation, ...

During the interview phase of the White woman who spawned several racially-mixed children from 3 different absentee sperm-donors, there was no mention how she financially supported her mixed-race brood.  The question was carefully avoided by the BBC, so it’s safe to assume that the British tax slave has the “honour” of keeping her brood afloat.

The BBC is a brainwashing tool of the “New World Order”, and one task is persuading gullible White people to commit racial suicide through uncontrolled mass 3rd-world immigration, and thus to race mix their genes.

[See: Diminishing WHITE Britain]


Do YOU get it, yet?


Muhammad Ali Vs. BBC White Hypocrite (1971)

European Whites account for only 8% of the 7,000,000,000 (BILLION) people on earth. Also 2% of the world’s inhabitants are WHITE women of child-bearing age. Yet, the hidden ANTI-white agenda of breeding the White race out of existence continues unabated.

English: Enoch Powell
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Sovietizing Western Nations

By Sarah, Maid of Albion

Bernard Hogan-Howe, the newly appointed state apparatchik in charge of the London Metropolitan

Labour Conference Police Protection
Labour Conference Police Protection

police assures us, that “racists” will be “driven out of the police” whilst revealing that 10 officers are currently under investigation of suspicion of the most “heinous” thought crime of our age.

Last week, writing in the London Evening Standard, former deputy editor of the Independent and sometime speech writer for Prime Minister David CameronIan Birrell snarled that “racist” policemen should be “rooted out”, “prosecuted” and “lose their precious pensions”.
Indeed, Mr Birrell addressed his subject which such furious, staring-eyed zealotry, that one suspects only fear of exposure prevented him from adding that they be transported to some gulag in a remote part of Wales, or the Scottish highlands for forced re-education and recreational rock-breaking.
Meanwhile, a young man still languishes in prison for the offence ofsending an ideologically-incorrect tweet, whilst the one-time captain of the England soccer team, John Terry awaits prosecution for allegedly calling a black footballer “black”, and Terry has already been stripped of his captaincy, showing when it comes to “racism”, an accusation alone is deemed grounds for punishment, whether guilty or not.
Elsewhere, a young mother (Emma West) is out on bail after some informer turned her in via the internet when she expressed an objection to the forced invasion of her homeland.
We are regaled with shocking accounts of racially “insensitive” words, thoughts and deeds. Nightly, earnest young reporters appear on our televisions, and usually standing outside courts, police stations or football fields reporting on some politically incorrect quip as if it were equivalent to the napalm bombing of a hospice.   (Which they probably think of its equivalency.)
Across the Atlantic Ocean in America, news channels such as CNN, or “we are Treyvon” as they have probably re-branded themselves by now, have taken to reporting an almost Lewis Carroll-style alternative reality where a man’s colour and ethnicity can be changed at the will of a metanarrative (For example Hispanics and Cherokee Indians can suddenly morph into “evil” White men just to suit an agenda).
Meanwhile alleged “victims” are transformed into angelic twelve year old versions of themselves. All this parallel universe chicanery is performed in an effort to “root out” the very same legendary (White) “racists” who are being hunted down by Commissioner Hogan-Howe and Ian Birrell here (in England).
At the same time hugely popular writers and commentators such Pat Buchananor John Derbyshire, who dare to speak truths which must not be spoken, are summarily dismissed, pilloried and have their livelihoods destroyed.
Of course, we have seen this all before in other times and in other places (U.S.S.R.) where ideological offenders and “thought criminals” were subjected to show trials and highly publicised prosecutions, and then called “enemies of the state“.
Now they are held up as evil, hate-fuelled “enemies of the multicultural fantasy” which has become the obsession of the state.
Now, as then, “thought criminals” must be purged from our institutions and positions of trust, then broken, punished and forced to confess and beg a forgiveness, which is seldom, if ever granted.
Now, as then, victims are judged to be offenders and punished for the crimes committed against them.
Now, just like then, fake realities are created to act both as parables of the new (state) religion, and as truncheons, with which the state can batter its terrorised population into acquiescence.

Just as then, we are required to pay lip service to an orthodoxy which we do not agree with, which frightens us, and which we know to be flawed, and only dare speak our true thoughts to our most trusted friends in hushed tones and in private.
As happened then, abject failures held together only by state terrorism are presented by an obedient and craven state media as glorious “successes”, which fool only those who wish to be fooled, but which few, if any, dare challenge.
What we are seeing, in effect is the Sovietisation of the West.

The Sovietisation of the United Kingdom was the subject with Dr Frank Ellis, then a lecturer at Leeds University, before the university attempted, but failed to purge him for expressing his disobedient views addressed in 2001 following the release of that most Stalinist and Orwellian of documents, The Macpherson report into the murder of Stephen Lawrence.
In his outstanding analysis of the report, Frank Ellis exposed the agenda driven fanaticism and false reality which influenced the Macpherson inquiry and its recommendations. and detailed how its purported attempts to combat racism, were in reality an outright, and so far, successful attack on the existing British society, its native people and our culture.
As Frank Ellis says:
“The near unanimous acceptance of its [the report’s] assumptions and conclusions by the Labour government represents a major victory for those who are striving to undermine long-established British institutions and accomplish the final destruction of the United Kingdom “
When explaining the process of Sovietisation, of which the Macpherson report is part, Dr Ellis describes the fate of the Kulaksthe middle-class Russian peasants who Stalin sought to exterminate, and who, as a result, died in their millions.
On reading this, I then suggested that we, the White race, were being set up as the Kulaks of the 21st Century, and Frank told me that Jared Taylor of American Renaissance had also reached that exact same conclusion.
I leave it to you… to make your own assessment.
Now eleven years on, it is quite striking how relevant Frank’s analysis of the Macpherson report remains today, and how many of Frank’s predictions have come to pass.

Frank’s review of this poisonous document is a very important and valuable resource, which I urge you all to re-read and which I hope Nationalist bloggers will link to.
Because of this, I have given it pride of place, as the first article I have added to a new site which I have set up for Frank’s writings, linked below: