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Christina Blizzard
Toronto Sun Newspaper

Ontario Government Wants to Help “Refugees” — But Not Young (Canadian-born) Girl

TORONTO – Little Madi Vanstone is one beautiful child — with a major health problem.

The 12-year-old has a rare form of Cystic Fibrosis (CF) and requires a life-saving drug, Kalydeco, to keep her breathing. The big problem is the drug costs $348,000 a year — and it’s not covered by OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan).

Madi’s mom, Beth, gave up work when her daughter was diagnosed with CF at eight months of age. “You can’t hold down a job and have a baby in Sick Kids,” Beth told me recently. “We made some lifestyle changes.”

Madi’s dad, Glen, a pipefitter, has insurance benefits that pay for 50% of her drug bill. The drug manufacturer picks up 30% — but that leaves the family paying $5,770 a month to keep their daughter alive. Folks in their small community near Bradford have rallied around Madi.

Local kids walked dogs all summer to raise money. A fund raising gala made $21,000. Celtic tenor John McDermott put on a concert. The local church held a soup kitchen. They did what Canadians have done for generations — pulled together to help a child in need.

[Read: Oldsters Making Me Sick]

That’s what makes Monday’s announcement by the provincial health ministry so galling. This province (Ontario) is trying to shame the feds (Federal Government) into reinstating care for refugee claimants.


We can’t even afford life-saving drugs for a child who has lived in this province all her life. Whose family has paid taxes for generations. But in a foot-stamping, blame-the-feds act of cynicism, apparently we have enough money to pay for health care for refugee claimants.

View of Toronto skyline from Toronto Harbour. ...
TORONTO, Ontario

When I came here (from England), I was just glad to be accepted into a country that is full of so much hope and promise. This is the land that was built on the sweat of can-do people who came looking for work — not handouts.

At a time when our health-care system is failing children like Madi … there’s no way we should be expanding coverage for refugee claimants.

Madi is battling a deadly disease. Within 30 days of going on the drug, she was negative for symptoms and her lung capacity had improved 100%. Without the drug, Madi’s lung function was declining. She’d probably need a lung transplant by her mid-teens — and that would only give her another five years. “The thought of having to take her off it … you don’t know how terrifying that is,” Beth said, her voice trailing off. “It’s saving her life — saving her lungs.”

Madi made remarkable progress with the drug. Within 30 days, diagnostic tests for CF were negative as the drug corrects the defect in her body. Her lung function increased from 78% of expected value to 111% of expected value. But the province adamantly won’t pay.

But we do have enough money to pay the very generous Ontario Drug Benefit Plan (O.D.B.P.) for people here as refugee claimants, and those awaiting deportation.

Are we nuts?

In her news release, Health Minister Deb Matthews said she will send the bill to the feds (Canada’s Federal Government in Ottawa). That’s nervy, but out of line. If the feds decide to cut spending, then the province shouldn’t shame them into changing their mind.

Let refugee claimants hold bake sales for their (own) health care… as Madi’s family has done.

In that release, Dr. Phillip Berger, of St. Michael’s Hospital and a member of Canadian Doctors for Refugee Care, said sick children and pregnant women can’t get care, and cancer patients are denied chemotherapy.

If doctors care that much, they can treat refugees for free.

Madi and other patients needing coverage for their care will be at Queen’s Park (in Ontario’s capital city of Toronto) (on) Tuesday making their case.

The argument that “we can’t afford it” no longer holds water — not as long as our government is throwing money at refugee claimants. We can pay for refugee health care when our $13-Billion deficit is erased — and when our $250-Billion accumulated debt has disappeared.

Until then, let them bake cakes.  >Source

(For added emphasis, links and all bolded, underlined, and italicized words by ELN Editor)

[ELN Editor’s Note: As reported in the above story, apparently no money is available to help save a young Canadian-born girl in her “hour of need”.  However, a Canadian-funded organization is able to come to the immediate rescue of a Toronto-born Somaliananchor baby” wounded in Africa at a Kenyan shopping mall, and have her transported several thousands of miles to a bed in a Toronto hospital … AFTER being absent from Canada for 4 years! Try calculating the enormous cost of air-lifting an injured patient out of the dark continent and flying her to Canada for hospital treatment at our expense!

Furthermore, racially-reverse the roles of these two young girls, and be assured the outcome in our new “politically-correct” nation would be entirely different.

In yet another scenario from a few years ago, Canadian taxpayers came to the rescue of some 15,000 “passport Canadians” trapped in war-torn Lebanon — that cost Canadians almost $100,000,000 — (that’s $100 MILLION) yet the authorities balk at paying a tiny fraction of that amount to save a real Canadian girl … by the name of Madi Vanstone.]

P.S. The once proud, United States of America, seem to have their own brewing problems.

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Grim Job Prospects for Canada’s Youth

By PaxCanadiana

Français : icône pour articles sur le cananda

If Canada’s Youth Want A Future, They Need To Be ‘Red Pilled’* On IMMIGRATION.

From the “when a better life for you means a worse life for usfiles.

The Huffington Post reports:

 “Hovering around 16.9 per cent in 2012, Ontario’s youth jobless rate ‘rivaled that of Michigan’s, and was higher than Indiana, Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin,’ said the CCPA.

Supposedly, economically-weaker Quebec had a far lower youth jobless rate in 2012 — 13.7 per cent, the report found. {…}

The difference in unemployment rates between youth and adults in the province is the largest it’s ever been, the report found. {…} Perhaps surprisingly, Toronto comes off particularly badly in the report. The percentage of youth with a job in Canada’s largest city is 43.5% … the lowest of any region in the province. Toronto also has the largest gap between youth and adult employment rates, at 21.8 per cent, the report found.

View of Toronto skyline from Toronto Harbour. ...
Toronto, Canada.

“Toronto’s low employment rate comes from the withdrawal of 15–24 year olds from the labour force,” the report concludes.

The CCPA offers two possible reasons for why Ontario now has the worst youth job climate of any province outside the Maritimes: The “national economic shift away from manufacturing towards resource extraction,” and post-recession government austerity measures.”

A third reason needs to be added:  Mass Immigration.

It’s astounding the report didn’t take this into account, but the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives is a left-of-center think-tank and are willfully ignorant to the adverse effects of Canada’s mass immigration policy. In any case here’s the CCPA report.

So here we are. Three decades (30 years!) of unrestrained mass immigration that was allegedly needed to … “keep the economy going, businesses running and Canadians employed” … has (only) helped contribute to an alarmingly high youth unemployment rate in the nation’s most populace province, as well as it’s largest city.

[What item costs Canadian taxpayers $23,000,000,000 (Billion) every year?  ANSWER]

Guess we didn’t see that coming did we? 

How could have we, when we (Canadians) are constantly blinded by the assumed benefits of shoveling hordes of the world’s masses into the labour supply. And the fact, that Ontario and it’s capital city, Toronto – the largest city in Canada, and fourth largest in North America – receives the lion’s share of immigrants … probably has nothing to do with it.

But just think of all the great ethnic restaurants they open. Too bad you don’t have a job, or one with a future that pays a living wage, otherwise you might be able to afford to eat at one once in a while.

This report brings into sharp relief the need to abandon all faith in the purported prophetic powers of labour-market analysts and economists when setting immigration targets; the self proclaimed “experts.”

When they were foretelling the decline in labour-market supply due to Canada’s low birth rate and retiring baby-boomer cohort, the remedy prescribed was increased immigration-quotas to stave off the crash and keep the economy going. If we didn’t do it the sky was going to fall.

Now, it’s 2013 and those jobs either disappeared or moved overseas to the (same 3rd world) countries we are importing immigrants from, and the baby-boomers (born from 1946 to 1964) aren’t retiring as quickly as expected. So … have immigration targets declined to reflect this unforeseen reality? Not in the least. They have, in fact, increased.

Immigrants are not a source of job growth. They grow labour supply. Investment from the public and private sectors are sources of job growth, and when activity from both do not keep up to satisfy the growth in immigrant driven labour supply, don’t act shocked when you get high youth unemployment. And, the decline in investment by Canadian businesses in their workforce by some 40% since 1993 … doesn’t help much either.

The levels of irony here are rich. A major reason immigrants move to Canada is not necessarily for a better life for themselves – many having to toil just over the poverty line in jobs below their skills-set – but for their kids, and to provide for them a future their homeland couldn’t deliver.

It’s not far-fetched to assume that many of those youth affected by the high youth unemployment numbers are the “first generation” Canadian born children of immigrants. The system their immigrant parents sought to benefit from … is now working to the disadvantage of their children.

(Something for our American readers to ponder on … read HERE.)

While the importation of their immigrant parents may have displaced Canadians from the workforce, now immigrants are displacing the Canadian-born children of immigrants. In karmic fashion it’s the system feeding on itself and illustrating why immigrants have a vested interest in seeing immigration quotas reduced.

Another level of irony is that the age bracket of the unemployment figures – ages 15 to 24 – tend to be the most supportive of Canada’s immigration system.

No surprises here as these are the years one is most indoctrinated to the imposed “feel good“, multicult propaganda taught in the public education system. They are rarely exposed to contrarian views, but hopefully to finding a job, choosing a place to live, and living in the real world will wake them up.

Of course, immigration isn’t solely to blame. There are other factors at work that collectively contribute to unemployment figures. But immigration isn’t helping things. It’s making things difficult, if not worse, for Canada’s rising generation, and we need to see to it that they have an inheritance in the land of their birth.

We don’t work and save so that our neighbour’s children have a future at the expense of our own. That’s dysfunctional. On their part, Canada’s youth need to take the red pill* on immigration matters. It’s not “racist” to demand decreases in immigration quotas. A better life for immigrants should not be built on a worse life for us.   >

(Bolded, underlined words and video links are added for emphasis by ELN Editor.)

*Editor’s Note: The term “red pill” and its opposite the “blue pill” are pop culture terms that became common symbols for the choice of remaining in the blissful ignorance of illusion (blue), or acknowledging the sometimes, painful truth of reality (red).

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Importing Black Violence

BLACK shooter kills two (2) in crowded TORONTO shopping mall.

By Jeff Goodall

Well … how reassuring it is to know, that although the shooting last weekend in a crowded (Toronto) public area in broad daylight was not “gang-motivated”, though it was definitely “gang-related”.  I am sure that vital differentiation will be of great comfort to those who were close by.  As Peter Worthington says in his (Toronto Sun) column today (June 6th), “Safe Toronto doesn’t matter if you’re the one shot”.

It would seem that the dead man, was considered by the shooter, to have been responsible for his recently ended incarceration for “sexual assault”, (“rape” – for anyone outside Canada), and that the likelihood of such a “hit” was well-known on the street.  One, therefore, wonders how much did the police know, and when.  And if they didn’t know anything, then why not?

Toronto viewed south from Bloor

And, trusting such a person to stay at home while under house arrest is a dubious proposition at best, although the police do not have the final say in such matters.  Why was this person not required by the courts to wear an electronic monitoring device to keep track of his whereabouts?

Once again, we have a Black gang-member opening fire in a crowded public place in order to settle a score.  To his credit, the shooter did manage to kill his target, but he also shot several innocents, including a 13 year-old White boy (from Port Hope, Ontario to see the big city) who was shot in the head.

Jane Creba Jane Creba (15 yr. old Canadian teenager) Shot to death in another Downtown Toronto cross-fire shooting by rival Blackgangstas”.

All the usual suspects are now whining for more gun control in order to counter criminals who never, ever, register their guns.  Yes, Liberals are that stupid.

In my opinion, we don’t have a “gun” problem — we have a BLACK problem — overwhelmingly involving Jamaicans.

[UPDATE: Again, just to re-confirm that Toronto does NOT have a “gun” problem, nor a “gang” problem … but a “BLACK” problem!

Mass Shooting Spree – 23 Wounded, 2 Dead

The answer lies in selective immigration, and the removal of anyone committing a serious crime, regardless of race or birthplace.  That includes both legal and illegal immigrants, family re-unification immigrants, and “refugees”.

[UPDATE: December, 2018 >

Toronto’s Police Chief:  “I wish I had time to discuss the OPP but I am the chief here in Toronto and I have gun violence and young BLACK boys killing other young BLACK boys.”  >Source]

American Police Chief States the Obvious
3 minutes



I’m sick and tired of “refugees” from war zones being able to commit crimes without any fear of deportation.  Perhaps we should set up a massive prison way above the tree-line (Baffin Island?), and put those who cannot be deported, up there so that they cannot harm us.

If a criminal’s parents are from another country, that person should be subject to deportation to that country … regardless of whether they were born here.  Legislation to that effect would go a long way towards solving the problem of  unvetted imports.

Whenever I express such opinions in conversations with others — most agree with me — but all are afraid of being called “racist”.   I see that as being the result of decades of “conditioning” by the media, churches etc., to prevent our interfering with their social-engineering projects.

WHITE people must learn to put themselves first.  We owe nothing to those who have not contributed to our civilisation … but seem determined to drag it down.

To me, it is very simple.  When I arrived here in 1966, Blacks were few and far between (an extremely tiny .0016 (tenth of 1%) percent of Canada’s total population), and (some) were born in Canada … descendants of those who escaped from U.S. slavery by way of the “Underground Railroad”.

American readers might be interested to know that “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” was real, and located in Ontario.  While some areas of Toronto had no shortage of crime, gun-related crime was minimal (in fact, extremely rare).  Since the (immigration) floodgates were opened, crimes involving guns are frequent, and can occur anywhere.  Nobody is safe anymore.

Few Blacks, little gun crime … lots of Blacks, lots of gun crime.  It’s just as simple as that … in my view.   [Editor’s Note: Same problem as in the United States … read HERE.]

The answer to our problem is obvious, and I will work to support any political candidate who is prepared to take tough, realistic action to protect us from Black crime, and to restore our once-high quality of life. >Source

Black Violence Narrative Summed Up in 6 minutes, 19 seconds!

Updated Daily BLACK Crime by Colin Flaherty >
Lots of Blacks, Lots of violent crime … PERIOD!
Mass Denial – The Media, The people.  What’s wrong with you people??
[Facts and stats on historical BLACK CRIME rates >> see HERE.]

Washington, DCReduced Black population = Diminished Crime Rates

Professor Andrew Fraser WARNED us all in 2005 about these dangers, when he said:

“Experience — practically everywhere in the world — tells us that an expanding BLACK population is a sure-fire recipe for increases in crime, violence and a wide range of other social problems.”

BLACK I.Q. 85 (U.S. Only)

black with gun2
BLACK males (14 to 49 yrs.) = only 4% of total U.S. population, BUT commit 52% of ALL MURDERS. (FBI source).

Updated to April, 2018


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Immigrants – Zero Affect on Economy

A Canadian Customs and Immigration service sign
NOT a viable solution!

By Patrick Grady


This paper reviews some of the key facts about productivity. And it notes that immigration is never mentioned as a factor tending to depress productivity. It then goes on to apply the methodology of growth accounting to calculate an estimate of the impact of recent immigration on productivity. This in turn calls into question the “wisdom” of the Government’s immigration policies as part of any evidenced-based strategy to improve the living standards of Canadians.

[ The costs of foreign immigrants to our nation is more likely over $35,000,000,000 (BILLION) PER YEAR!


Productivity growth in Canada has increasingly been falling behind that in the United States. While GDP per worker in current US dollars is not the best measure of productivity as it incorporates inflation as well as real increase in output, it is often used for purposes of comparison. By this measure, the productivity gap between Canada and the United States, after remaining relatively stable for decades up to 1983 (when mass immigration from 3-rd world countries opened up – Editor) began to rise significantly thereafter with the increase accelerating after 2000.

Chart 1


Immigrants No Help To Us

Canada’s “Poverty-Import” Business

Immigration REDUCES Your Income

[Proportion of Visible Minorities for ALL of CANADA, 1981-2001Stats Canada  White Canadians DECLINE in population numbers in direct proportion to INCREASING influxes of NON-white immigrants. The additional 8,000,000 (eight MILLION additional immigrants!) who’ve entered our country during the past 35 years, is one of the greatest immigration deceptions ever perpetrated on Canadians.
8 minutes

Update: Nov. 2018
(UPDATE to 2018: NON-white residents now account for over 23% and rapidly increasing in numbers. White Canadians have plummeted to 72% of our nation’s population … from 95% in 1981. To further understand this unnecessary and unwarranted transformation of Canada’s majority population, please read this post.]


In spite of all the recent attention on Canada’s relatively slow productivity growth, the important issue of the implications of the poor labour market performance of recent cohorts of immigrants for productivity growth has yet to be analyzed and quantified as a possible factor.


The 2006 census data revealing the poor labour market performance of recent cohorts of immigrants are cause for concern, especially when combined with the continued high level of immigration after 2005, which is planned to persist indefinitely in the future. Growth accounting suggests that immigration will continue to have a large and growing negative impact on labour productivity, which will only cease when the immigrants that are selected and admitted are able to earn at least as much as non-immigrants.

Given that the largest proportion of immigrants are NOT selected based on their skills, but rather are dependents of economic class immigrants, family class immigrants or refugees, it doesn’t appear likely that new immigrants will earn as much on average as non-immigrants in the foreseeable future. Thus immigration can be expected to exert a continued depressing effect on productivity.

As an aside, it will unfortunately no longer be possible to monitor the impact of immigration on productivity using the census as the data on the earnings of immigrants utilized in this paper comes from the census long form which is being eliminated in the 2011 census.

But, at least for the present, the data from the 2006 census provides a clear indication that from an economic point of view Canada’s immigration program has lowered productivity growth and has contributed significantly to the growing productivity gap with the United States.


The fly in the ointment is that only 17% of immigrants are actually selected under the skilled worker program, and that they bring with them or sponsor family members who do not have the same level of skills, and who usually perform worse in the labour market.

To actually increase productivity, immigrants have to be more productive than existing workers in Canada, which, given that earnings reflect productivity, means that they must earn more than existing workers. If the Government were to only admit such immigrants, it could justifiably claim that immigration policy was productivity enhancing.

However, since there is no indication that the Government only intends to admit immigrants likely to achieve a higher than average level of earnings, there is no way that the government’s proposed immigration policy can conceivably be portrayed as helping to lower the Canada-U.S. labour productivity gap.

A Final Word

Don’t believe anyone when they tell you that immigration is raising productivity, or that it is likely to reduce the Canada-U.S. productivity gap. A careful analysis of the data using the standard analytical tool of growth accounting in the most simple and straightforward way possible, shows that this just is not true. As the American humorist who called himself Artemus Ward said, “It ain’t so much the things we don’t know that get us in trouble. It’s the things we know that ain’t so”. >to Full Article

Highly recommended website for Canadians

March, 2017

…and the Canadian border is STILL open for abuse by uninvited FOREIGNERS from 3rd world countries around the world!

November, 2018


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Score Card: Immigrants 1, Canadians 0

JAPAN Simply Rejects Mass Immigration

Score Card: Immigrants 1 Canadians 0

View of Toronto skyline from Toronto Harbour. ...

By PaxCanadiana

When discussing mass immigration, proponents will tell you that immigration increases a nation’s economic activity. The implication is that the national standard of living increases with it. Therefore it is absurd to be opposed to mass immigration, because who is opposed to increasing one’s standard of living?

It may be true that mass immigration does bring an increase in a nation’s economic activity but this does not necessarily translate into an increase in the national standard of living.

To take a simple, but not unrealistic example.

Imagine an immigrant from South Korea who settles in Toronto and opens a neighbourhood corner store. He has already contributed to Canada’s economic activity simply by traveling here because he would have employed the services of others to get here. He will also use the services of others to help him navigate Canada’s immigration laws. He contributes further to Canada’s economic activity by buying basic goods and services.

To earn a living, he opens a corner store. This too, contributes to economic activity. Despite all of this (activity), he has thus far, done nothing to increase the standard of living of Canadians and…. most likely never will. The fact that he is in Canada and opened a small business, has almost no effect on increasing Canadian’s standard of living. The only ones benefiting in this arrangement…. are immigrants, not Canadians!


Toronto could be the “canary in the mine“. According to a recent survey, Toronto ranked as the “most miserable city” in Canada.

I don’t know if I care to give this study much credence because, how do you measure something like happiness? I will say that immigration has not made Toronto a more desirable place to live. Indeed, I say it is ruining [the city].

What good has it brought to those who live there? A diversity of dishes in the guise of ethnic restaurants that are predominantly frequented by the city’s childless cultural elites? Okay, what else? Take your time, I know it’s hard to think of something else. Cultural festivals that most Torontonians don’t go to? Anything else? That’s it? Can’t think of anything else?

[Ummm … how about more JOB CREATION for TORONTO POLICE to help in arresting imported ethnic gang violence?] ELN Editor

[Related: Canada’s Black PopulationImporting Jamaican “Culture”Importing Black Violence]

What mass immigration has given Toronto is the worst gridlock in North America, and as a result, adding stress to the daily lives of Torontonians through increased commute times and more polluted air. It has contributed to escalating hydro rates through increased demand, has increased wait times in the city’s (hospital) emergency rooms, and is adding strain to the city’s public services (welfare?). Toronto now has a garbage problem it does not know how to solve.

Immigration has created a scarcity of affordable housing and maintains upward pressure on the prices of single family dwellings thus negatively affecting both the poor and young families alike. Since housing in Toronto has become unaffordable for many, immigration is what is fueling urban sprawl [and] threatening some of the most fertile soil in all of Canada while bringing Toronto’s urban problems to the suburbs and beyond.

The city is being divided up into ethnic ghettos (including white ones) creating social tensions while becoming a place many a Canadian would find alien (and cause many a tourist to stop and make sure that …they are, in fact, in Canada?!).

And, this is saying nothing of the jobs that will be denied to many Canadians in Toronto for the sake of “diversifying the workforce“.

Torontonians, and possibly all of Ontario, can expect higher taxes just to address the problems mass immigration has brought to the city. Talk of toll roads is just the start. So, if Toronto has become the “most miserable city” in Canada, then it should be obvious why. These are things that determine one’s quality of life and standard of living, and immigration has attacked it negatively while contributing to the economic activity of the city. Oh yeah, staged car accidents are on the rise, but I’m sure it’s unrelated.  >continue to Full Article.


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Canadian City Abhors “White Privilege”

[Editor’s Note: In addition to PaxCanadiana’s example of the immigrant store owner, here’s another one that’s been circling around cyberspace which may help the reader in gaining a better perspective of how our credit system works, for a town, or country, or business.

It is a slow day in the small town of Smallville, and streets are deserted. Times are tough, everybody is in debt, and everybody is living on credit.

A rich tourist visiting the area drives through town, stops at the motel, and lays a $100 bill on the desk, saying he wants to inspect the rooms upstairs to pick one for the night.

As soon as he walks upstairs, the motel owner grabs the bill and runs next door to pay his debt to the butcher.

The butcher takes the $100 and runs down the street to retire his debt to the pig farmer.

The pig farmer takes the $100 and heads off to pay his bill to his supplier, the Farmer’s Co-op.

The guy at the Farmer’s Co-op takes the $100 and runs to pay his debt to the local prostitute, who has also been facing hard times and has had to offer her “services” on credit.

The prostitute rushes to the motel and pays off her room bill with the motel owner.

The motel proprietor then places the $100 back on the counter so the rich traveler will not suspect anything.

At that moment the traveler comes down the stairs, states that the rooms are not satisfactory, picks up the $100 bill and leaves town.

No one produced anything. No one earned anything. However, the whole town is now out of debt and now looks to the future with a lot more optimism.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how governments conduct business today.

Canada Open To Immigrant Abuse


By PaxCanadiana

This article appeared in the Winnipeg Sun.

Though it is an argument as to why English (and French) should be mandatory for all potential immigrants, the piece does highlight how family reunification has been abused to sidestep such trivialities as language proficiency and pertinent job skills to import, what are — dare I say? — 2nd or 3rd-rate immigrants into the country.

Over the years, Canada’s liberal multicultural policy has encouraged family re-unifications, letting in members and spouses (within just six months) without demanding any language proficiency or educational qualifications.

The intent of this policy may have been benign, but the consequences have not been so benign. People have taken advantage of this policy to import into Canada their whole clans.

By waiving linguistic proficiency for family members, Canada has indeed helped spawn a scandalous spousal industry in its immigrant communities.

Imported spouses

Since they have grown so big, do most immigrant communities need wholesale imports of off-shore spouses? Not really. It is their greed that guides them to seek off-shore spouses from whose families they take huge amounts of money — called dowry.

Because people in India, Pakistan and elsewhere are so desperate to get their children — and later themselves — into Canada, they become willing victims of these sharks from Canada. In fact, there have been some morally shocking cases where Toronto-area immigrant men arranged fake marriages with their sisters in their native countries to bring them to Canada as their “wives.”


But the worst case of exploitation of this linguistic-requirement waiver has been its sinister use by immigrant families to bring in their elderly parents or relatives on the grounds of taking care of them.

In vast numbers of cases, these elderly people have been brought here to (Canada) serve as cash cows since they fetch old-age pensions for these families. Go to any mall in Mississauga or Brampton, Ont., and you will invariably find many of these (foreign) elderly people wandering around aimlessly and feeling lost.

The Springdale neighbourhood of Brampton, Ontario has a heavy Sikh population. So ubiquitous are elderly Indian immigrants in the area that you’d think it was a retirement community. After reading the above it makes sense now.

It’s apparent that they have been imported to take advantage of (OUR) old age security benefits, and to being a burden on Canadian tax payers with their (free) health care needs.

Indeed, waiting lists have increased in Brampton-Springdale, and a scarcity of patient beds has arisen because of the flood of aged East Indian immigrants. I don’t see how this benefits Canadians, or the economy.

[See: Canadian Generosity Vs. Stupidity

Foreign Seniors Displacing Canadians]

MP Ruby Dhalla
Former Member of Parliament Ruby Dhalla

This explains why the Brampton-Springdale Liberal MP (Member of Parliament], who is a Canadian born Sikh to Punjabi immigrants, had tabled a private member’s bill, Bill C-428, that would grant old age security benefits to immigrants after a mere three year (Canadian residency) period. It was due to community pressure and a desperate need to hold onto her (Ruby Dhalla) seat which she almost lost at the last election.

It’s not just the importation of elderly immigrants that is a problem. The importation of unskilled family members of working age is burdensome as well. We introduce these people into Canadian society, and (our) labour market…. only to dole out more millions of dollars just to teach them to speak English or French, as well as job skills training. Does this make sense?

Family reunification, along with the refugee system, has been the means by which otherwise INADMISSIBLE immigrants were able to get into Canada.

[See: Fed-Up Canadians]

Needing neither language skills, nor any pertinent job skills, the Canadian labour market has been flooded with unskilled immigrant labour.

Toronto is home to so many “new Canadians” that it leaves one scratching their head wondering how they even got into (our) country…if, we are to assume that the Canadian immigration system is geared to favour the “best and brightest” with a focus on job growth.

The writer of the article points out why this has been allowed to continue.  Since a pathetic three year residency is all that’s needed to turn one into an instant “Canadian”, these family class immigrants will become eligible to vote, and that’s what really matters now, doesn’t it?  —Canadian Immigration Reform— (All highlighted words by ELN Editor)


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Report ILLEGAL Immigrants*

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(TORONTO’S ludicrous policy of a “sanctuary city” for illegal foreigners – read HERE.)

Elliot Lake News is not affiliated with the C.B.S.A., however real Canadians are encouraged to apply for a public service career with the Canada Border Services Agency which are seeking to hire 100 Canadians. The C.B.S.A. website for employment opportunities is HERE. Processing Phases:

Salary range for a CBSA officer trainee (FB-02) is currently between $58,078 and $64,859.




Trabelsi, Belhassen

Trabelsi, Belhassen  (TUNISIAN)


Wray, Casmour Rallin  (JAMAICAN)

Ngola Litsika, Lucien

Ngola Litsika, Lucien   (CONGOLESE)

Ocampo Arizmendi, Jose Guadalupe

Ocampo Arizmendi, Jose Guadalupe    (MEXICAN)

Okie, Abdirahman Moumin

Okie, Abdirahman Moumin  (ETHIOPIAN)

Ratni, Mohamed

Ratni, Mohamed   (ALGERIAN)

Don’t forget about fake Immigration “con$ultant$” — see HERE.

Now, for your information, courtesy of  IMMIGRATION WATCH CANADA]


We urge Canadians to report any type of IMMIGRANT/REFUGEE FRAUD.

It’s important to realize that immigration fraud affects all Canadians in our country.

English: another example of what Canadians cal...It’s the responsibility of Canadians to report FOREIGNERS who are in Canada illegally, and who take jobs away from Canadians — who collect social assistance (welfare)who fraudulently receive our health care benefitswho illegally collect (E.I.) Employment Insurance benefits, and who violate other immigration laws, etc.

Law Enforcement authorities and 33 million Canadians need your help. YOU may be the only person who knows about the criminal fraud or their location. 

Just ONE illegal alien – Story HERE

 You can remain ANONYMOUS in making your report. We are providing below some instructions on how to do that. However, we urge you to make the report in person—if possible.





…..(Also) you can report fraud by telephone ANONYMOUSLY to the CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency). Here are some directions to follow:

(1) Phone (Toll Free) 1-888-502-9060, the phone number for the Canada Border Services Agency. The office is located in Ottawa. It is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s the main federal agency that enforces Canada’s Immigration Act

(2) You will hear a voice message system. Press “1” for service in English. You will hear another voice message which will give you a number of choices. If you press “1”, you will get to speak to an agent. Please tell the agent what you want to report. If you prefer to leave a voice message, press “3”. If you want to FAX information to CBSA, use the following number : 1-613-948-4848.

(3) Give the agent as much specific information as possible on the individual or group. You do NOT have to identify yourself. All information you give will be held confidential. According to the CBSA, the following are minimum requirements in the information you should give them:

(a) the complete name(s) of the suspected illegal or people committing the fraud; (b) the age or date of birth of the person. Please try to provide other important information such as the country of birth, home address, work location, etc.

(4) If persons are working illegally in Canada, it is almost certain that they are not reporting their income. This means they can also be reported to Revenue Canada.

If CBSA is slow in getting to the task then Revenue Canada may provide the pressure that is needed to produce results. Check for the Revenue Canada reporting number in your area.

(Toll Free 1-866-809-6841 (Toronto), and (Toll Free 1-866-846-3535 (Vancouver). When you speak to Revenue Canada, please provide as many details as possible regarding the person and the employer.

(5) When you speak to the CBSA, tell the agent the kind of fraud you believe has been committed. There’s a long list of types of fraud:

Document/passport fraud; passing documents to others for their use; crime; working illegally in Canada; visa overstaying; illegal collecting of employment insurance or social welfare/hospital assistance; foreign “students” working; foreign “students” not attending school; foreigners engaged in any threat to national security; foreign spouses deserting (soon after arrival) their (duped) Canadian spouses; smuggling. These are just a few examples.

(6) The CBSA have told us they do have priorities. Foreigners involved in terrorism and organized crime are at the top of their list. People Smugglers and the illegal foreigners smuggled into Canada are next. Foreigners issued with deportation orders who don’t leave our country, Illegal foreign workers, people involved in Marriages of Convenience, Illegal Students, etc. complete their list.

(7) It is very important that you ask for a Log or Case NUMBER. If you get more information and need to call again, you will need to give this number to the person you speak to. Getting a Log or case number will avoid the problem of repeating your information.

(8) Canada Border Services Agency web site address:

(9) The Canada Border Services Agency will begin an investigation A.S.A.P.

Canada Border Services Agency
Canada Border Services Agency

The length of an investigation varies. They will not tell you the results of the investigation. (However, if you find out that the reported person has left the country, you can probably conclude that the person has been deported. If you think something should have been done, but has not been done, let us know. We will try to assist you.) Click here: IMMIGRATION WATCH CANADA


If you want to report WELFARE FRAUD, we will take you very seriously. Every case will be investigated and, where appropriate, action will be taken. If you suspect WELFARE FRAUD, you can report it to the Welfare Fraud Hotline.

•Phone: 1-800-394-7867
•Fax: 1-866-681-3154
•Mail: Ministry of Community & Social Services
Welfare Fraud Hotline
Box B30
Toronto ON M7A 1E9

Ministry staff are bound by the privacy and confidentiality requirements of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and cannot discuss the details of a fraud investigation with the person who filed the complaint.

English: RCMP and CBSA officers in Vancouver, ...
R.C.M.P. Mounties and Canada Border Officers working together in British Columbia


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OTHER Sites of Interest:

White Woman Faces Job Discrimination

English: Kemptville (North Grenville township)...
Kemptville, Ontario, Canada


OTTAWA (Canada) –

A stay-at-home mother trying to re-enter the workforce after nine years away says she can’t understand why the federal government would stop her from applying for a job simply because she is WHITE.

Sara Landriault, a sometime family activist, says that with her kids in school full time she decided to start looking for work outside of the home.

While surfing on the federal government job website, Landriault says she found a position at Citizenship and Immigration Canada she felt she was qualified for but was blocked from submitting her resume because she was not an aboriginal or visible minority.

“I was flabbergasted,” Landriault said in a telephone interview from her home in Kemptville, Ontario just south of Ottawa. It was insane. I’m WHITE, so I can’t do [the job]?

[Editor’s Note: In the Cultural Marxist’s pecking order, White women (and their children) fail to understand that although they may be one notch above their own White men — they still remain near the bottom when compared to NON-white minorities who are often recent foreigners to Canada.]

Landriault says she has seen job postings in the past that encourage certain groups to apply.

Which is fine, it’s an equal opportunity position,” Landriault said. “But an equal opportunity employer does not stop one race from applying.”  […]  –Source

[NO, it’s NOT “fine”. The game is already rigged against White Canadians when code words such as –“equal opportunity position” — are placed in job ads.

That should be self-evident in today’s peecee Canada when double standards are often applied in this unequal playing field.  For example “Employment-Equity” programs do NOT mean “equal opportunities“. On the contrary … qualified White Canadian job applicants are repeatedly being discriminated against under this RACIST colour-coded quota system.

Affirmative action” or “employment equity” are code words used to discourage WHITE Canadians from even applying for government jobs. Instead, these coveted work opportunities are offered to NON-white foreigners who just recently landed on OUR soil. So “equal opportunity” becomes the BIG LIE placed out in front for all to see.  Learn to read the Cultural Marxist’s terminology before naïvely accepting their terms of references that are used against you.  > ELN Editor]



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Is Burlington TOO White?

A mid-sized CANADIAN city received a complaint from a foreign-born BLACK woman, and her committee of other meddling foreigners, that one of Canada’s five top-rated cities to reside in…. is (gasp) apparently much “TOO WHITE” for her satisfaction!

The City of Burlington, Ontario was 99% White in the 1970s — today, the city is LESS than 90% White due to incoming NON-white foreigners and their progeny

English: The photo is of Brant Street in downt...
BURLINGTON, Ontario, Canada.

However, it seems the “joys of diversity” are just not happening fast enough for this BLACK IMMIGRANT interloper who notes this hideous Whiteness is a problem for her … and the other foolish committee members.

[See: Canada’s Black Population]

Imagine for a brief moment (I did say “brief”) as a White Canadian having emigrated to Kingston, Jamaica and noting that city as being “TOO BLACK“.

Kingston, Jamaica

Now, further imagine the responses you’d receive from the local, less-than-polite inhabitants if you had uttered that complaint to them …aside from being incredulous to what they’re hearing from you.

[Another “TOO White” story in Kelowna, B.C. … see HERE plus, HUNGARIAN town deemed “too White and there is not enough (foreign) migrants” for European capital of culture contest]

If this race-related complaint had involved a question of having “too many blacks” in ANY given situation… that news item would have erupted like a gushing oil well all over the MSM media and then spread across the country like a raging tsunami containing the usual innuendos, references and cries of “RACISM” attributed to White people … of which, the interpretation still befuddles me. Instead, we have complete silence on the national scene.

This racially-charged story will remain a localized issue that won’t gain much national publicity because the racial component points in the opposite direction. (If you live in Canada, feel free to email a link to your friends and family members. (Scroll to bottom.)

The White lib/leftist mind can be described as an impenetrable fog of naiveté, sentimentality, moral self-righteousness and “virtue signalling” when critical viewpoints are directed towards Blacks and other NON-whites.

It’s almost impossible for Lib-Leftists to override their own indoctrinated minds filled with liberal white-guilt to formulate a thought process that conflicts with other members of their hand-wringing, leftist herd.

The satirical photo below tells all.


 Bathe in your fake virtuous purity. Backstroke through your overflowing river of moral superiority. Cliff dive into your own sparkling pool of self-affirmation. So morally upstanding for you!

  This SATIRE is how a fawning White couple present their false masks in the presence of Black people. The White couple’s hypocrisy shines forth when trying to satisfy the demands of a situation not representing their true inner personalities.

They proudly demonstrate the pathetic “See, we’re not racist” reaction in the above scene. Their “badge of honour” is disingenuously earned by grovelling before the alter of political correctness, and haughtily awarding themselves a false sense of “moral superiority” over those other “less noble” White people.

Sadly, this example is not too far-removed from most White people’s contrived behaviour patterns due to the mainstream media’s (MSM) gallant efforts in achieving one of their most desired goals of successfully embedding a white-guilt complex into the psyche of ethnic White Europeans.

But, some Europeans are resisting this un-welcomed, nation-destroying multi-racialist phenomenon from taking root in their own backyards :

“If You’re Black, Go BACK!”

Italian Town Ejects All Black Africans

Switzerland’s “STAY HOME” Advertisement

New Zealanders Against the ASIAN Invasion


Japan Prefers Racial Homogeneity


Update for 2019: (5% Native Indians not included) NONwhites exceed 23% of Canada’s total population of 37 Million. CANADA plummeted from 95% White majority in 1981 … to under 72% TODAY!   …read more:  A WHITE RACIAL Crisis

White Canadians are being rapidly displaced by the INCREASING influx of NON-white  3rd-world foreigners. This unnatural phenomena will not cease until home-grown, “old stock” White Canadians (who didn’t asked to become displaced in their own hard-fought nation) DEMAND that it stop immediately!

Burlington, Ontario

The 9,000,000+ (NINE Million!) recent immigrants (87% third-world, NON-white) who’ve landed on OUR Canadian soil since 1981 is the greatest immigration deception ever perpetrated on Canadians.

Highly recommended website: (click>>)  Council of European Canadians

It’s a guaranteed certainty the above illustrated graphic blue bars will show vast increases in 2021 > 2026, and so forth, and it’s your WHITE CANADIAN children/ grandchildren who will suffer the consequences due to the wilful INACTION of White Canadians today. >ELN Editor]

“Any country which does not protect its majority population through limitations on immigration, invites the CONTEMPT of the immigrants who have entered its territory and who have become a majority in a part or the whole of its territory.

As Thomas Friedman observed in The Lexus and the Olive Tree, Few things are more enraging to people than to have their identity or ethnic sense of home stripped away.”

[What’s the percentage (%) of minority WHITE PEOPLE on Earth? ANSWER. Yeah, just 8%.]

To sum-up this “tail wagging the dog” story, we have an emboldened uninvited Black FOREIGNER from a 1% visible-minority group who implants herself into this peaceful, White Canadian community.

Then has the audacity to brazenly attempt to stampede long-standing Canadian-born residents into taking an undeserving White “guilt-trip” by announcing her displeasure of Whites of being  … “too many” in their own Canadian city!  What unmitigated arrogance (or utter stupidity) … in playing the “race card“!

City of BURLINGTON, Ontario

Seeking to force “diversity” down the throats of an un-receptive segment of society, is the religious mission of rabid, agenda-driven ideologues. NONE of this apparent concern for “social justice” has ever been about virtue.  It’s about power.Elizabeth Wright

Another example of playing the race card:

Before proceeding, see this short video to hear how the “rules” of engagement are applied in this game. It’s from an American perspective but the theme remains the same wherever you live.

[….And slightly off-topic) but relevant to the brainwashing techniques used by gov’t bureaucracies of giving greater importance to NON-whites at the expense of White Canadians … are these disingenuous gov’t photos. Note the lone White woman receiving “prior approval” from the dusky “doctor”. Five (5) out of 6 faces in these photos represent visibleminorities (NON-whites) in OUR 84% White country?! (Update: Now 71% for 2019)]

P.S. One man’s opinion:  Importing BLACK Violence Into Canada

oops … NORWAY is “too White”!

Portland, Oregon is “too White”.

…and to enlighten you further, a short video from “down under”:

17 minutes

13 minutes

The newspaper story seen below … sparked the above post. ELN Editor

By Ken Peters

The problem is … Burlington is too White. Burlington, ONTARIO  2015

It’s also too white on city council. And it’s too white on virtually every single city citizen committee and board.

The 12-member Burlington Inclusivity Advisory Committee, which identified the PROBLEM, hopes to change that.

The “committee” presented six recommendations to the community service committee Wednesday that aim to make Burlington’s movers and shakers more diverse.

Burlington is a White community. Very White. Snow White,” said committee chairperson Ancilla Ho-Young. <Photo<  (Email:

That is not to say we don’t have people of all kinds of nationalities living in Burlington but they are invisible. They are not in the forefront, we do not hear from them. Our city council is not representative of the community it serves.”

Burlington’s seven-member (city) council is comprised of six men and one woman. None are a visible minority. Advisory committee vice-chair Brian Heagle noted the irony.

But veteran Burlington Councillor Jack Dennison wonders what all the fuss is about.

I don’t see it as broken. Anyone is free to put their $100 down and run for council,” he said. Dennison said in the past, the various city boards and commissions have virtually accepted anyone who has applied. “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink,” he said.

Ho-Young, president of the Burlington Caribbean Connection (email her:, said the city’s ethnic numbers are growing. But that ethnic population is not reflected on city boards, committees and commissions, she says.

Ho-Young said her committee wants to encourage those bodies to actively seek out potential members from ethnic backgrounds.. (Translation: NO White Canadian people required!)   –Original Source


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