Political Correctness Controls Your Mind

POLITICAL CORRECTNESS is communist propaganda writ small. In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, nor to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality … the better (it is).

When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse, when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all, their sense of probity.

To assent to obvious lies is to cooperate with evil, and in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control.

I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect, and is intended to.
Theodore Dalrymple

The Challenge of Living In a Blue-Pill World

ELN Editor’s Note: Red pill” and blue pill are pop-culture terms that became common symbols for the choice of remaining in the blissful ignorance of illusion (blue), or acknowledging the sometimes painful truth of reality (red).

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We live in a blue-pill world.

For the vast majority of folk this doesn’t even register as an issue, for they have consented to take part — knowingly or unknowingly — in the grand game of apparent reality.

The problem is, the consensual world is one that’s simultaneously upside-down, back-to-front and inside-out. It’s a world in which divergence from the prescribed paradigm is curtailed by mass media brainwashing, subjecting the masses to endless repetitions of official narratives and agendas.

A growing minority of people, however, have awoken from their blue-pill slumber.

These courageous souls have sought out or stumbled upon the truth, and as a result, have chosen to take the red pill. And where there might still be gaps in awareness and understanding of particularities, the fundamental truth gleaned from such enquiries — that the blue-pill world is contrived, deceptive and illusory — can never be forgotten.

When you lift the veil … reality cannot return to the realm of the un-seeable.

When you disengage from the apparent … you unshackle yourself from restrictions of enquiry and thought, enabling you to think the previously unthinkable and discover truths in places you once had no idea existed.

Yet, despite the freedom one gains from opening one’s eyes and mind to that which is beneath or behind the apparent, living in this blue-pill world will always be challenging for red-pill dissidents who see the fakery everywhere.

What were once simple conversations — with friends, family or acquaintances, almost invariably revolving around the apparent — suddenly become dilemmas: whether or not to reveal what and how much you know, or whether to restrict yourself to the apparent and engage in another empty encounter.

Whenever a person or group of people step outside the ostensible world, there are innumerable apparent individuals who voluntarily police their fellow human beings, denouncing them as anti-this and anti-that, this-phobic and that-phobic, haters and bigots, and, of course, conspiracy theorists. Anything to disparage the critical thinker, the true individual.

Such ad hominen attacks on those who seek and speak the truth are designed to both divert and intimidate: both the listener, viewer or reader from the message, and, more importantly, the truth seeker from continuing to speak out. While such tactics might silence some, the powers-that-be — the creators of this blue-pill world — have something much more Orwellian in their arsenal for those who are not silenced so easily.

TRUTH has been re-branded as hate speech; and “hate speech” is being criminalised.

The powers-that-be rely on a variety of informers, exactly as East Germany’s DDR relied on their extensive network of Stasi spies — both paid and voluntary — to identify those critical of the oppressive regime. Today, social media and online communication increase the opportunity for spying, as well as the number of ways for propagandised folk to report even the slightest offence under the guise of combating “hate speech”.

Our present-day world of smoke and mirrors is now infested with snitches and shills, trolls and traitors, presstitutes and purveyors of perversion — all of whom are willing to betray their fellow human being for a paycheck or a “good-citizen” gold star.

Thus, not only can real-world relationships be tricky to navigate when the other party operates firmly within the blue-pill boundaries of understanding, the online world of communication can be a minefield of menace. Steering a course through these tricky and often treacherous waters requires courage, integrity and flexibility. Exactly the same qualities as one needed to swallow the red pill in the first place.  >Source   (For added emphases, bolded, underlined, italicized words and links by ELN Editor)

“First They Came To Remove Old, White Guy”

 By , Toronto Sun

Peel Police board shakeup ripped

  Laurie Williamson

“First they came to remove old, White guy”  says Laurie Williamson as (now former) chair of the Peel Police Services Board because of his support for police checks.

Now they have “fired” the board’s executive director and his assistant … without cause.

 (Photo) Mississauga News

 Who’s next?

“I am worried they could be coming next for the chief,”  said Williamson. “God knows because so much of what the board does now is done in secret.”  (Updated to June 17, 2016 — It appears the “long knives” have begun: read HERE.  )


 Jennifer Evans, Chief of Police

While Williamson still has an appointment on the board, he was not chosen again to be its chair in a vote in January. And he says he was “stunned” with the dismissal of board executive director Fred Biro over a number of things, including disagreements over street checks.Williamson says he would like to have the reasons, and costs, addressed publicly in the next meeting on June 24.

The problem: Williamson’s appointment expires June 12 (2016).
(UPDATE: Williamson was NOT reappointed.)

“It has all been timed very well,” the Mississauga car dealer said Tuesday. “If I don’t get reappointed by the province, I may not be able to raise this. But when it comes to taxpayers’ money, I don’t need to do it in a meeting.”

Instead, he addressed it with me. ()

“We are talking way more than $500,000 spent to let go of two very good people without cause, who have served Peel (Regional) Police for a long time,” Williamson said.



  Peel Region is a large governing-body adjacent to the City of Toronto – ELN Editor)

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada - The Atmospheric Fund
City of Mississauga, Ontario (Peel Region)

“I was told I was not supported for chair because of my position to keep street checks and because I am an ‘old, white businessman’ and they need more visible minorities (NON-white foreigners) on the board.” […]

(FOREIGN-born) new-CHAIR Amrik (Singh) Ahluwalia has yet to respond, but he told other media that changes are required to move the board into a new direction (my emphasis).   …continue to FULL REPORT (all emphases and added links by – ELN Editor)

 IMMIGRANT Amrik Singh Ahluwalia — BORN in INDIA — is now in charge of a Police Board overseeing Canadas 3rd largest police force.  Local boy makes good in Canada.

Amrik Singh Ahluwalia is the new chair of the Peel Police Services Board.

Photo by Carlos Osorio / Toronto Star

 Ahluwalia’s intended “new direction” for us??

Changing Canada


(Editor’s Note:   FULL STOP … right here.

Newspaper columnists are restricted to what they can or cannot categorically state in Canada’s stifling “politically-correct” environment. Any reader with an ounce of cognitive discernment can easily see this issue as a tribal power-play by Anti-White forces attempting to usurp control over our Canadian political structures.

“WE are fast gaining ground now … just more pull and CANADA is all ours!”

NONwhites possess the learned impulse to browbeat White Canadians with their always-available “race card” that force us to capitulate in a most cowardly fashion because WHITES just abhor being slandered with the well-versed “racist” label. 

“Yeah Yeah, take my JOB, take my NATION, or even take my LIFE .. but please, please, I beg you – just don’t call me a ‘racist’, eh?”

This same scenario is played over and over again, yet “nice” Canadians are too stupid, too gullible, too politically-correct, or too naively “progressive” to notice how back-room deals are designed to DISPLACE traditional “old stock” White Canadians with a newer model that will surely appeal to newly-arrived foreigners who see Canada as “ripe for the taking”.  And — “take it” they will — when given that opportunity.

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WHY do White Canadians genuflect before foreign-born arrivals while ignoring our own people in these important leadership roles??  How did White Canadians manage our own affairs BEFORE imposing “affirmative action” policies into our work-places about 30 years ago ??  Whose country is this?!  [Read:  Wake Up, Canada]

TORONTO appointed its first Black police chief who is also foreign-born. He was one of 2 Black immigrant, high-ranking deputy-chiefs vying for the same top-job in Canada’s largest city, and BLACKS are just 2% or 3% of Canada’s population. Another foreigner, Alok Mukherjee (Chairman of the Toronto Police Services Board 2005-2015) was also born in INDIA. That post can be read HERE.

…and while on topic, let’s look at “internationalist” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s choice of Canada’s newest (foreign-born) Defence Minister Harjit Singh Sajjan … now appointed to lead CANADAs entire Military Defence Forces!

Justin Trudeau: Canada is a postnational state

I suppose that qualified Canadianborn citizens are not good enough for these prestigious jobs in OUR OWN government!?  Imagine the government of INDIA appointing a foreign-born, White European as its Defence Minister (Raksha Mantri) or its Immigration Minister in that nation!  Just won’t happen! (foreign-born) Defence Minister, Harjit Singh Sajjan

How about a Black SOMALI-born, Muslim REFUGEE named Ahmed Hussen as …  CANADA’s Immigration Minister!?

Some 35 years ago … a trickle of  unnecessary, NON-white foreigners from 3rd-world countries began landing on our soil. Since 1990 — that has turned into a relentless “flood” of 5,000 incompatible, mostly NON-white foreigners PER WEEK and every week!

[Proportion of (NON-whites) for ALL of CANADA, 1981-2001Stats Canada]

Update for 2019NON-whites (Native Indians not included) are now OVER 23% of Canada’s population of 37 Million. Add 5% for Native Indians, and voila`, Canada’s traditional European Founder/Settler population is now LESS than 72%, vastly decreased from our 95% majority in 1981.
The pattern is clear! Euro-White Canadians are being DISPLACED at a rapid pace.

1+ minute

  Faith J Goldy (Subscribe)


Being “nice Canadians”, we did our utmost to accommodate these foreign strangers in our readymade societal and physical infrastructure of which THEY played NO part in building … yet we generously provide them with our free welfare benefits, free education, free hospital services, subsidized housing, etc. etc. all paid with our earned tax-dollars to help establish these newly-arrived FOREIGNERS from 3rd world nations.

Foolishly … we Canadians followed-up with generous “employment equity” programs that pushed aside our own qualified White Canadian workers so to accommodate unqualified NON-white foreigners with Canadian government jobs and job promotions based strictly on their race.

(See:  WHITE Men Need Not Apply

No Punjabi? No Job For Canadian Nurse!

White Canadians Becoming 2nd Class Citizens


Any country which does not protect its majority population through limitations on immigration, invites the contempt of the immigrants who have entered its territory and who have become a majority in a part, or the whole of its territory.”

 “Canadian” High School in Markham, Ontario (adjacent to Toronto.)
SPOT the White Students below!

With each passing year as more and more NON-white foreigners arrived in Canada, ( 8 million++) have vastly eroded our once majority 95% White population of 1981.

Today (2019), Canada’s White majority population is less than 71% … and plummeting every year as Euro-White Canadians quickly become a minority race on our own soil.


The world population has 7,500,000,000 (BILLION) people … 8% are of White European heritage, so WHY are “old stock” White Canadians — whose previous generations stretch back to the very beginning of our nation in 1867, NOW relinquishing title to OUR real estate to the world’s 92% NON-white population??  Here’s … WHY!
Population by Race

South Asians, Chinese, Filipinos, Blacks now have a large presence in our formerly White cities and towns.

How Brampton, a town in suburban Ontario, was dubbed a ghetto ...   The cities of Brampton and Mississauga in Peel Region are now reduced to only 40% White European, so the whole of Canada is destined to become a White-minority nation in only a few more decades … IF mass 3rd world immigration is not stopped immediately, and by NOT foolishly handing over our political power structures piece-by-piece to 3rd world foreigners and their progeny. Former Buffy's Corners — ELocalPost Downtown Brampton BRAMPTON, Ontario (Circa 1958)

To further understand this race-based power game, Elizabeth Wright (now deceased) offers an excellent synopsis in … this post.]

7 minutes, 45 seconds

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Black Population in Canada

Ruled By Women & Children

By Vanishing American II

At the Council of European Canadians blog … there is a piece by Ricardo Duchesne, describing efforts by something called the Canadian Race Relations Foundation to address troublesome dissent against the ‘diversity’ agenda in Vancouver (British Columbia). The dissenter is a Canadian woman named Kerry Starchuk, who has simply objected to the growing use of Chinese-only business signs in that community.

City of Vancouver, CANADA
Clockwise from top: Downtown Vancouver as seen from the southern shore of False Creek, The University of British Columbia, Lions Gate Bridge, a view from the Granville Street Bridge, Burrard Bridge, The Millennium Gate (Chinatown), and totem poles in Stanley Park

It’s a familiar story to us now: a once-White, English-speaking community is gradually (or suddenly, as elsewhere) transformed into a polyglot, multiracial community with long-time, generational residents being increasingly brushed aside to make way for Diversity. The message from the powers-that-be is: adapt or else. Things have changed and will change, regardless of your wishes. Resistance — as the saying goes — is futile.

Kerry Starchuk and other such citizens are the target of these ‘events’, meant to try to re-educate the original community members, conform them to the agenda, get them to adopt the proper politically correct attitudes — and platitudes.

Platitudes are the lingua franca of these kinds of officially-sponsored ‘symposia’ or ‘community dialogues’ as they are often euphemistically called in this country.  A dialogue, however, is usually defined as a two-way exchange, and these PC-fests are never two-way exchanges. They are one-way only, with those in charge, plus their minority ‘clients’…  talking down to the dissenting White English-speakers.

So the story here is not a novel one, but it’s something that happens all over this country (U.S.A.)  … as well as in proudly multicultural Canada. But one thing I can’t help noticing as I read the article … is the language, the verbiage, used by the PC commissars who put these things together.

“There is an “artistic rendition of workshop discussion,” which is even more revealing in capturing all the central tenets, feelings, and cliches of the diversity regimen. This work of “art” is the front image for this article, which can be found here.  According to this artist, “community harmony” was agreed upon by the participants, and by this they meant “multiple sounds”, “empathy”, “inclusive”, “capacity for difference”, “understanding before judgment”, “addressing racism”, “multiculturalism”. These values are inherently inclusive and everyone agrees that they are good; capacity for difference does mean a capacity to think whether diversity may be entailing the radical dissolution of Eurocanadian communities, whether Richmond was already harmonious and democratic before the Asian invasion. ”

The tone of all of this reeks of sociological/psychological jargon, and it also has a scent of School of Education pablum, of the condescending way many elementary grade teachers are taught to talk to their classes. I have always found this ‘talking-down’ to actual children distasteful; even actual children can be spoken to in a less dumbed-down way, and minus all the whiny ‘feel-good’ cant about “getting along”, “being good neighbors”… and so on.

What I see more and more in our politically correct Western regimes — with their scolding PC ‘schoolmarm’ leaders — is that the whole thing is redolent of the feminist/feminine influence that has been on the ascendant since the 1960s.

Teaching and educational administration have been dominated by women for some decades now, and as such they are increasingly concerned with fostering ”cooperation” as opposed to healthy competitiveness, and on emphasizing “getting along” at the expense of open discussion, and on ”fairness” at the expense of justice. People’s subjective feelings and emotions are valued over objectivity and truth.

And it’s not just in the educational system, but the society at large is steeped in this kind of thing. The media, both our so-called ‘entertainment’ and our ‘news’ media are rife with pop psychology and sociology, with all the vacuous platitudes about ‘self-esteem’ and ‘loving ourselves’, ‘teaching peace’, ‘reaching out’ … and all the rest of it.

Look (if you can stand it) at the ”social media”, at the memes coming from FB, Tumblr, and the others: every smarmy left-wing cliche is represented there. It’s all characterized by the ”social science” platitudes, plus every trite New Age trope.

The influence of women is very obvious here. Women, specifically feminist schoolmarms, seem to be in charge. And even in the political world, look at many of the women ”leading” European countries. Dowdy, scolding schoolmarms … most of them.

Even the liberal men who are part of this crazy Reign of Lies are feminized and … continue reading HERE.

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Social Engineering – Mind Control – Political Correctness

Cara St. Louis & Harald Kautz-Vella interviewed by Michael Friedrich Vogt.

How have we become willing participants in our own extinction, and why is it we don’t know how easy it is to stop it?

Dangerous Imagination, Silent Assimilation is a no-excuses conversation about the social engineering of the twentieth century and how it led to our planet being terraformed almost without our knowledge and what we can do about it.

The side effects of global medical experimentation are devastating and fatal – unless we act … Morgellon’s Syndrome and the use of Sentient Oil, both of which are being understood deeply and handled.

In this interview with Michael Friedrich Vogt, Harald Kautz-Vella and Cara St.Louis discuss their joint effort to discuss the science behind the blatant chemical poisoning of humanity and the social engineering that has been used to make us beings, who will willingly accept this.

They also discuss in detail, how we make it all stop. This collaboration is now available in English and currently in translation for the German-speaking audiences.

Cara St. Louis Farelly, The Sun Thief
Cara St. Louis Farelly & Harald Kautz-Vella, Die Sonnendiebe http://www.amazon.de/s/ref=a9_sc_1?rh…
Cara St.Louis & Harald Kautz-Vella, Dangerous Imagination, Silent Assimilation


White Women GET IT!

Smart Women – WE ARE AWAKE, and NOT Taking It Anymore!

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New Zealand’s Backward Protocol

Outspoken anti-immigration Danish People’s Party Member of Parliament Marie Krarup was unimpressed by a “native” welcome accorded her on a recent official trip to New Zealand which she described as a “grotesque” mark of multicultural worship.

Writing in Danish on her blog, Ms Krarup said that she had recently completed an official trip with the Danish parliament’s defence committee to various installations in New Zealand. “And I must say that civilization and its opposite exists there,” she added.

“At a (N.Z.) naval base, we were not greeted with (traditional) handshakes or salutes by uniformed men, which is the norm. No, we were greeted with a Maori dance ritual, by a half-naked man in a grass skirt, who shouted and screamed in Maori.

“He performed strange rituals and stuck his tongue out while we looked on. We were told by a local that we were not allowed to laugh, and that after his noisy performance we would go into a Maori Temple, where the naval officers were waiting for us.

“But even there, they were still not allowed to shake hands with us. We had to go through a long ritual in Maori, where the neat, white-robed and European maritime officers had to speak in broken Maori and sang a song that sounded like “The Ladybird is always happy”* in Maori—complete with guitar accompaniment.

“I tried to catch some of the officers’ eyes during this performance, but they just looked downwards. After this ritual was complete, we were finally allowed to greet the (White-Euro) officers—but only by touching noses … not with a handshake.

“I must tell you, you feel like an idiot when you are forced to rub noses with 10 European naval officers. I was grateful when one of them gave me a kiss on the cheek instead of a nose rub!

“After the ritual was complete, we could switch into English, and in general have a civilized visit. However, we were still in the Maori Temple, which was decorated with angry-faced deities and large erect penises. It is a mystery to me how the poor naval officers could endure both the ceremony and the surroundings.

“The temple is one of several designed to enhance ‘cultural awareness’ and even more are planned to receive official guests to defense installations in New Zealand. One might also call it cultural self-destruction, or grotesque multi-culti-worship. But it had obviously had its effect on the New Zealand naval officers!

“Later in the visit I was informed by a concerned conservative politician that between 50,000 and 80,000 New Zealanders leave the country every year. But the population does not fall. The outgoing—mostly of European descent—are replaced by Asian immigrants.

[Read: New Zealanders Against Asian Invasion]

“He told me that ‘it will not be long, and we will have a brown population.’

“How will the culture be in the future New Zealand? Hardly like it has been in the last 200 years.

Valdemar Rørdam wrote, as you know, ‘that never can a people perish, if they do not will it.’ It seems as if New Zealand is a nation that will not endure … either physically or culturally.

“Never let Denmark reach that stage,” she concluded.

[Read: Has Denmark Learned A Lesson?]

Ms Krarup told a Danish newspaper that she had received hate mail from New Zealanders calling her a “racist“, but insisted she did not look down upon the Maori culture, which she said was “very foreign” to her.” She did, however, question why European New Zealanders were not able to “defend their culture.”

[Read: I Am A WHITE Man!]

The Danish People’s Party is the third largest party in Denmark, and was previously a coalition partner in government until 2011.  >Source

* A Danish children’s song.

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Media Suppress Facts on Crime


By Mister Fox
Changing Reality

Two surprising articles about race and the First World recently appeared in the world’s media: the first in Britain and the other in Russia. Both revealed startling truths which are worth considering in detail.

In Britain, Rod Liddle wrote the wrong thing on his Spectator blog about two black youths who conspired to push a pregnant woman into a canal as part of a failed murder plot:

The overwhelming majority of street crime, knife crime, gun crime, robbery and crimes of sexual violence in London is carried out by young men from the African-Caribbean community. In return for all this crime, the black community has given Britain ‘rap music, goat curry and a far more vibrant and diverse understanding of cultures which were once alien to us’.
For which, many thanks

The Thought Police immediately stepped in to suppress this way of thinking. The Thought Police have been described as an “ideological caste” because they are an elite who hold power and grant patronage to people who say the right things, and destroy those who transgress. (Where is Ron Atkinson the former manager and TV football pundit?) To get into power say the right things; to stay in power, say the right things.

In response to Mr Liddle’s comments, Diane Abbott, MP for Hackney, retreated into history to try to denigrate his accurate comments by comparing him to fascist leader Oswald Mosley.

Yet on her blog, Ms Abbott once admitted: “Sadly, 80% of gun crime in London is ‘black-on-black,’ often involving boys in their teens. As a black woman and the mother of a teenage son, this is frightening and wholly unacceptable.”

So frightening and unacceptable that Ms Abbot sent her children to a fee-paying school rather than to a local state secondary. In her own words, “too many black boys were unsuccessful within inner-city state schools.”

Ministry of Justice figures for 2007/2008 claim that only 2.2 percent of Britons aged ten or above are black, yet 14% of criminal cases tried in a crown court involve black suspects. For some crimes, the figures are even more alarming. One controversial report conducted by Scotland Yard last year found that more than half (50%) of teen knife crime offences in the capital involve black suspects.

Two years ago the Commons home affairs committee warned of a “serious crisis” among Britain’s young black community.

The public are given a false view of reality so that they cannot make a mature decision on the important topics of the day. Democracy is only possible when adults make mature decisions based on the facts.

Yet the Western media deny the public the facts and thereby have corrupted the political process. How many Europeans have ever heard of the Knoxville murders when a gang of blacks brutally murdered an innocent White couple? The case contained horrific details and if the races of the perpetrators and victims had been reversed, the whole world would know about it.  (For emphasis, Underlined, Bold, Italicized words and links added by ELN Editor)   …con’t reading HERE.

Recent Black crime reports from the TORONTO area: HERE

AGE is no barrier, it seems!

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