FINLAND “You Can’t Fix Stupid”

Finland’s Flag By Lime Lite Well … thank goodness the government-controlled YTE media group in FINLAND has finally decided to “spill the beans” on how women CAN STOP BEING RAPED!  If only they’d released this video years ago, millions of women could have prevented these crimes from happening! You see … according to the video below, women only have to hold up their hands in … Continue reading FINLAND “You Can’t Fix Stupid”

Muslim Rape Violence in France

From: Gallia Watch The month of August — theoretically, a time for vacation and repose — was a time of intense activity for certain criminals residing in France. On August 7, a Muslim named Sofiane, under the influence of alcohol, savagely attacked two young women in two (2) separate incidents in the city of la Garenne-Colombes. Paris-Match (newspaper) relates the story of this ritualistic assault on French innocents, who … Continue reading Muslim Rape Violence in France

FRANCE Is Falling Fast

French Language (English Sub-titles) A real fighter ! **************************************************************** AFRICAN Foreigner… RAPES 19 French Women Russian news team reports on how FRANCE is being ruined by 3rd World MultiCulturalism. (Russian Language (English sub-titles) Source: ************* French Language Video ********************************** … and finally a French song called “the great replacement” Also Read: Racial Diversity – A CON Game Destroying FRANCE Through Hybridization Marseille, … Continue reading FRANCE Is Falling Fast

MSM News OMITS Vital Facts

Dorbor Nyonee, Leroy Kear, Abdul Kabia and Abdulai Barrie Local media in NEW HAMPSHIRE is censoring facts that these alleged GANG RAPISTS may be AFRICAN “refugees“. Large numbers of “refugees” from AFRICA have been resettled in the American cities at taxpayer’s expense. Currently the Obama administration is giving grants to churches and charities to BRING AFRICANS to the USA.  (Daily Updates: ) Often these people are brought from the most … Continue reading MSM News OMITS Vital Facts

Norwegian Rape Assaults By Foreigners

“In Oslo (Norway), ALL (repeat: ‘ALL’) sexual assaults involving RAPE in the past year have been committed by males of non-western (NON-white) background; this was the conclusion of a Police report published today. This means that every single rape assault in the last five years, where the rapist could be identified, he was a man of foreign origin.” [This political-correct Norwegian policewoman appears to mitigate … Continue reading Norwegian Rape Assaults By Foreigners

Feminist Laws Persecute Men

Stephen Baskerville Ph.D. […] The feminist dogma that “women never lie” goes largely unchallenged. “Any honest veteran sex assault investigator will tell you that rape is one of the most falsely reported crimes,” says Craig Silverman, a former Colorado prosecutor known for zealous prosecutions. Purdue University sociologist Eugene Kanin found that “41% of the total disposed rape cases were officially declared false” during a nine-year … Continue reading Feminist Laws Persecute Men

Gang Rapists Are Majority NON-Whites

A shocking report, ordered by the Metropolitan Police Authority (Britain), has revealed that 92% of ALL gang rapists in London are NON-white. Fifty percent of all the victims are White. The report, drawn up by a senior detective from the Yard’s Operation Sapphire team which investigates sex crimes, revealed that 8 percent of all gang-rape suspects in 2008/09 were White, 32% were Black, and 24% … Continue reading Gang Rapists Are Majority NON-Whites

Sweden Tops In Rapes

Fjordman SWEDEN has the highest incidence of reported rapes in Europe — twice as many as “runner up” the UK, … a new study shows. Researchers behind the EU study, which will be presented on Tuesday, conclude that rape appears to be a more common occurrence in Sweden than in continental European countries. Updated to 2015 and NOTHING HAS CHANGED!! In Sweden, 46 incidents of … Continue reading Sweden Tops In Rapes

Sudanese Refugee Turned Rapist

By Mindy Jacobs Edmonton Sun If it weren’t for eagle-eyed [Canadian] citizens, a [Black Sudanese] rapist who went on the lam while under a deportation order might still be missing.  The Immigration Refugee Board may be naive — an adjudicator released SUDAN-born “refugee” Samuel Martin Luin last week, presumably figuring he didn’t need to be detained. But everyone else in Canada knows better. The 23-year-old … Continue reading Sudanese Refugee Turned Rapist

Diversity Disaster: Racial Gang-Rapes

By Sam Francis [After more than a DOZEN years later, this story is still valid as ever] No doubt because of the influence of xenophobia and nativism in this country, America has not yet had an opportunity to welcome a new sport that the glorious multiracial diversity of the new millennium has already created. But in more cosmopolitan centers like Paris and Australia, the game … Continue reading Diversity Disaster: Racial Gang-Rapes