Only In Canada, Eh!

“At least 90% of Syrians pretending to be “refugees” in Canada are on WELFARE, which includes about $600 per month for shelter, an additional $275 per adult, and $133 per child each month, …..” > (Do the math) PLUS Free health care, Free education, E.S.L., Free time, etc. (Just the “bare bones” of FREE stuff for FOREIGNERS!)  >more HERE Multiculturalism Is A FRAUD ***** Hire … Continue reading Only In Canada, Eh!

Canada’s Misplaced Altruism Cost Billion$

Immigration Watch Canada CANADA’S “REFUGEE” SYSTEM HAS SHOVELLED BILLION$ TO ABUSERS From “Abusing Canada’s Generosity and Ignoring Genuine Refugees” Published By Frontier Centre for Public Policy By James Bissett It is estimated that roughly 800,000 asylum seekers entered Canada (between 1985 and 2010). [Those numbers of unknown foreigners who were foolishly allowed to enter OUR country without hardly a whimper, actually EXCEED the entire population of … Continue reading Canada’s Misplaced Altruism Cost Billion$

Canada’s Broken “Refugee” System

From: Immigration Watch Canada Canada’s Refugee System Remains in Disarray By James Bissett From “Abusing Canada’s Generosity and Ignoring Genuine Refugees” Published by Frontier Centre for Public Policy Unlike other countries, Canada allows almost unlimited access (to its refugee system). Canada is one of the few countries that permits anyone from any country to claim asylum, and apply for “refugee” status. (Editor’s Note 1 : Between … Continue reading Canada’s Broken “Refugee” System

SWEDEN Destroying Itself

SWEDEN, on Tuesday, became the first European Union country to announce it will give asylum to ALL Syrian “refugees” who apply. “All Syrian asylum seekers who apply for asylum in Sweden will get it,” Annie Hoernblad, the spokeswoman for Sweden’s migration agency, told AFP. “The agency made this decision now because it believes the violence in Syria will not end in the near future.” The … Continue reading SWEDEN Destroying Itself

Australia – “Refugees” Paradise

From Ozzie Saffa AUSTRALIA: The difference between an aged (Australian) pensioner and an illegal immigrant/refugee  The poor ‘refugees’ – “they are only fleeing for their lives“. Over and over the bleeding hearts here in Australia – especially Labor, the commie Greens and the “refugee” advocates and lawyers – all try and guilt the Australian public into just allowing these people to stream into the country … Continue reading Australia – “Refugees” Paradise

Weapons of Singular Destruction

The Players: One [1] butchered White British man (25 yr. old Lee Rigby) who was allegedly  run down by a car, then HACKED TO DEATH on a London street in full view of onlookers (Unconfirmed reports say he was be-headed). Two [2] Black Murderers One [1] nonchalant Black pedestrian casually strolling by hacked-to-death and bloodied body of “Lee Rigby” laying on the roadway, then continuing … Continue reading Weapons of Singular Destruction

Perils of Racial Diversity

Read: Declining Western Nations BRITAIN So, This is England? An Awakening Experience GANG RAPISTS Are Majority NON-whites IRELAND Ripe For “The Taking” Black Violence Comes To IRELAND Ireland’s Plummeting Literacy Rate CANADA Importing BLACK Crime Canadians DUPED On Multi-Culti Is Racial Diversity Good For Canada? UNITED STATES The Shelbyville, TN Experience U.S. State of Maine – Somali community organizers: We demand our welfare money! Photo: Bangor Daily … Continue reading Perils of Racial Diversity

Africans “Enriching” Australia

Ann Corcoran … from NineNews, Justice Betty King says there have been numerous examples of African refugees coming before the (Australian) courts for offences linked to excessive consumption of alcohol. She says many young Africans appear to be spending their days drinking (alcohol) because they have nothing to do, and are seemingly dispossessed. [ELN Editor’s Note: Of course, Black Africans are “seemingly dispossessed” because these 3rd-world illiterates are … Continue reading Africans “Enriching” Australia

The “UNlucky” Country – Australia

South Africa’s FOREIGN  refugees sent to Australia! From Refugee Resettlement WATCH By definition, refugees are people who claim persecution, leave their home country (where the “persecution” occurred) and seek asylum in a safe country.  They are not supposed to use “safe countries” as hopping off places for a better deal somewhere else, and that is what is happening with increased frequency worldwide.   (Search ‘Malta’ here … Continue reading The “UNlucky” Country – Australia

The “Refugee” Game

The emotive word of “refugee” conjures up false images of poor, bedraggled foreigners who’ve escaped from their 3rd-world nations in fear for their lives, and just “in the nick of time“.   However, nothing could be further from the truth. Most refugee scammers arrive in jumbo jets from any country in the world, or simply drive across our land border, or pay people smugglers to … Continue reading The “Refugee” Game